Businesswoman cultivates rose garden of nearly 500 species

"For newly bought or weak plants, I have to cut all flowers, prune the branches and change the soil. For best results, I use rice husks, cow dung, coir and mix them in with the soil," Suong revealed.
Later, the rose bushes are watered every three days to stimulate root growth. When the plant sprouts new shoots, she follows up by incorporating some organic fertilizer, watering the roots once a week, spraying fungicides right after planting and others.
To treat mealybugs, the gardener mixes dishwashing liquid with cooking oil, rubbing solution onto the leaves with a toothbrush. If there are red spiders, she will use a spray to wash the leaves.
She designed the garden in European style. In order for the roses to have enough space to grow, she had to cut down many trees.
Currently, the garden has a total 450 species of roses, with total costs reaching more than VND300 million. But she said she will not stop here. Every time there is a new variety, she orders and adds it to her garden.

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