See enchanting tropical sunsets at impressive destinations in Brunei

 Famous beaches in the Brunei-Muara district are where you can relax with the whispering waves, fill your chest with fresh air and watch the brilliant sunset streaks in the vast sky. 

Borneo Island is known for its impressive sunsets , when vibrant colors blend into the sky, covering pristine forests and sea water. This wonderful tropical land all year round can witness the magical sunset, which takes place around 5:30 pm every day. Here are the most beautiful sunset spots in the Sultanate of Brunei that you need to grasp to plan your upcoming trip. 

List of the best sunset spots in Brunei

1. The Empire Hotel Brunei


Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Sunset view from hotel swimming pool. Photo: Flickr


Perfectly located on the beachfront of Jerudong, Muara, The Empire Brunei is one of the most convenient places to watch the sunset. If you choose to stay in this place, you can walk just a few steps to a nearby sunset viewing spot , admire the beautiful red - purple - orange band that is improvisedly blended by mother nature. You can also order a moctail to sip while watching the sunset from the Pantai restaurant in the hotel, or immerse yourself in the water in the infinity pool on the rooftop and let the sunset glow brightly in the lane. skin. 

2. Tanjong Batu Beach

Located in the Brunei-Muara district in the northeast of the country, Tanjong Batu beach is a famous sunset spot in Brunei . When the last day of the day sun covered the entire coast and gradually disappeared behind the horizon, many visitors waited to watch that magical moment. 


Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Idyllic sunset on the beach. Photo: Flickr


The beach is located at the end of the Muara-Tutong highway and along the road leading to Muara town, there are convenient signs along the way. In addition to watching the sunset, local people and tourists from Brunei also come here for jogging or cycling. The gentle breeze and the murmuring waves will immerse you in a peaceful atmosphere and feel light-hearted. 


3. Tungku Beach

You can also easily get to Tungku beach in Brunei-Muara by going along the Muara-Tutong highway. Known as the most beautiful beach in the area, Tungku is an impressive sunset spot in Brunei and a popular spot for surfers. You can also enjoy outdoor BBQ with friends while watching the sunset at Tungku beach. 


Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Purple sunset on the rocky rapids of Tungku. Photo: Flickr

4. Meragang Beach

Also in the Brunei-Muara district, Meragang is an extremely unspoiled beach, suitable for those who love the tranquility and want to stay away from the crowd. Not only a sunset spot in Brunei , Meragang is also located near the Center for Marine Diversity, where visitors can visit and learn about marine species, while raising awareness about Brunei government's efforts to preserve nature.


Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Meragang Beach has a wild beauty. Photo: Flickr


5. Seri Kenangan Beach

Also known as Tutong do beach in Tutong district, Seri Kenangan Beach is located about 45 minutes from Bandar Seri Begawan capital. This beach is quite quiet throughout the week but often gets crowded on weekends as families and groups often come to hold BBQ parties or camping to watch the sunset . You can arrange time to come here on weekdays if you want to enjoy peaceful moments. 

Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Seri Kenangan is the most beautiful sunset spot in Brunei. Photo: Flickr

6. Beach Belait

Located in the Belait district, Belait beach is about 2 hours away from the capital. With a sandy beach stretching for miles, this is the place to watch the sunset in Brunei that everyone wants to once. The probability for you to meet an enchanting sunset at this destination is very high.

In addition to the beach, you can go to the Masjid Kampong Pandan Mosque in Kaula Belait town to watch the sunset reflecting on the river, surprisingly beautiful. 


Sunset spots in Brunei everyone want to visit once Masjid Kampong Pandan Mosque is also a beautiful destination for architecture. Photo: Sunrise Sunset Times Lookup

Above are the sunset spots in Brunei that you can consider to schedule accordingly. Before going to any beach in Brunei, be sure to use full sunscreen, bring an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat, keep the beach clean and leave no trash in the places you pass by.

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