Cam Pha tourism experience: how to go, what is the most interesting thing to eat?

 Besides Ha Long and Bai Chay, Cam Pha tourism also becomes an attractive destination for tourists in Quang Ninh with many beautiful landscapes. Along "pocket" the full Cam Pha travel experiences below for the upcoming trip to be most complete. 

Where is Cam Pha in Quang Ninh?

Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province is about 200km from the center of Hanoi and about 20km from Ha Long city. A special feature of the terrain here is mainly hills and mountains, creating a poetic and unspoiled natural landscape that captivates the hearts of people.

To reach this attractive tourist destination in Quang Ninh , you can travel by bus, private car, motorbike. In general, whether you are self-sufficient or traveling by bus, it is very convenient.

Cam Pha tourism - where is the address
Cam Pha is located about 200km from the center of Hanoi


Directions to Cam Pha Ha Long by private car, motorbike: from the center of Hanoi city, follow Road 5 then turn to Highway 1B. When coming to Bac Ninh will continue to move along Highway 18 will come to Ha Long city. Coming here, there will be signs to guide the way to Cam Pha city, this tourist destination is about 20km from the center of Ha Long city.

In case you are not familiar with the road, you can choose to travel by bus. You can go to My Dinh bus station or Giap Bat to catch a car with many cars running the Hanoi - Cam Pha route for everyone to choose from. Travel experience in Cam Pha you should choose a bed car so that your journey will not be tired due to long distance travel.

The most ideal time to travel to Cam Pha 

The most ideal time to travel to Cam Pha Quang Ninh  is in the summer, from April to August every year. When you travel at this time, you will not only immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery, visit many famous tourist spots but also participate in many special festivals. Enjoy a full vacation.

Cam Pha tourism - timing
The most ideal time to travel to Cam Pha 

Attractive destination when traveling to Cam Pha

Cam Pha tourism is famous for many beautiful landscapes, which must be mentioned. 

Cua Ong Temple

  • Address: Cua Ong Ward, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh

Cua Ong Temple is one of the tourist destinations that people should not miss when coming to Cam Pha. This tourist spot is ranked as a special national relic of Quang Ninh province and is an annual spiritual cultural tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists both at home and abroad.

Cua Ong Temple is a place of worship for Hung Nhuong Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tang. This is a very famous figure in the Tran dynasty and was a man who made great contributions in both the resistance wars against the Nguyen army.

Cam Pha tourism - Cua Ong temple
Cua Ong Temple is an attractive destination for tourists. Photo: @pphhanh


When visiting the tourist destination, you will be extremely impressed, Cua Ong Temple is located right on a hill with a height of about 100m, facing the temple gate overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay and is rated as " Son Hai Hoa ". About the scenery here, nature is extremely beautiful. Tourists coming can admire the scenery and visit the relic complex: Thuong temple, Trung temple, Ha temple and the majestic statue of Huong Nhuong Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tang.

Besides, if you travel to Cam Pha at the beginning of February of the lunar calendar, during the period of February 3 to 4 of the lunar calendar, visitors will be able to participate in the Cua ONg Temple Festival. This is a very special festival with many activities such as rituals, processions and many other interesting activities that visitors can join.

Bai Tu Long Bay

For those who love island tourism, they cannot miss the famous tourist destination, Bai Tu Long Bay, when coming to Cam Pha. This is a natural wonder of the world, a dream tourist destination that many people want to visit. Far from other hustle and bustle in Ha Long tourist sites, here you will find a peaceful and peaceful feeling with its inherent wilderness.

In terms of location, Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in the Northeast of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay includes the island district of Van Don, the city of Cam Pha and a sea area of ​​Ha Long city. There are many islands, large and small, and there are also people living there.

Cam Pha tourism - Bai Tu Long bay
Bai Tu Long Bay is famous for its beautiful scenery


When tourists come here, it will literally mean the name of marine ecotourism. Discover unspoiled islands, visit famous fishing villages and fishermen's lively activities. The most famous places that tourists must not miss are Hon Face Dem, Bai Tho Mountain, Turtle Islet, and Toad. Extremely beautiful beaches like Van Don, Minh Chau beach, Con Co beach ...

In addition to the bonuses, visitors can enjoy many convenient entertainment services such as mobile bars or with relatives and friends drop into the artificial pools and at the end do not forget to enjoy a variety of fresh food. Attractive specialties here.

Vung Đuc sightseeing area

When traveling to Cam Pha Quang Ninh will be a mistake if you do not visit Vung Duc. This tourist destination is located at the foot of Ban Co Mountain, by Bai Tu Long Bay. When you come here, visitors will have the opportunity to experience climbing services or choose to take the cable car to explore Long Van, Ngang Ngang, Kim Quy Hang, Hang Doi, Thien Dang.

Cam Pha tourism - Đuc valley
Beautiful virtual life in Vung Đuc. Photo: @itserlcredible


In addition, when coming to Cam Pha you should not miss other attractive attractions such as Reu Island, Yellow Card Island, ... 

What to eat when coming to Cam Pha?

Besides the beautiful scenery, Cam Pha also attracts tourists with many attractive specialties such as: 

Nha Tho shrimp noodle soup

Although this is a popular dish, it is very popular with tourists and is considered to be a must-enjoy dish when coming to Cam Pha. You can easily find a restaurant selling this dish, but the best one is Nha Tho shrimp vermicelli in Cua Ong ward, Cam Pha city. Shrimp processed in this dish are shrimp, crayfish or crayfish, this type of shrimp is very much in the waters of Quang Ninh. The finished product of a delicious Noodle Soup Nha Tho is to meet the requirements of evenly cooked, flavored and crunchy when eaten. Even when the bowl of shrimp vermicelli let the shrimp cool, it still ensures firmness as well as retains the sweet taste. In the bowl of shrimp vermicelli, you can add chicken, beef, surface or crab depending on the requirements of customers.

Tourism Cam Pha - specialties of shrimp vermicelli
Nha Tho shrimp noodle soup


Soup soup

What to eat in Cam Pha tourism ? Soup Soup is also a delicious dish and should not be missed when coming to Quang Ninh in general and Cam Pha in particular. Su Sung is classified as an expensive and rare food in Quang Ninh. It is no coincidence that this dish is whispered to each other as "all-encompassing the essence of a large sea". When traveling on a hot summer day to enjoy the peanut soup, there is nothing more wonderful.

Cam Pha Tourism - Sá Devot Soup
Famous sá peanut soup


Squid pies

When enjoying Cam Pha squid dish is definitely a memorable culinary experience for each visitor. Visitors can enjoy the famous dishes with squid pies such as squid sticky rice, squid rolls, or simply buy them to eat separately with fish sauce to enjoy them all.

Cam Pha tourism - squid pies
Enjoy the specialties of squid

Above is a summary of all tourist experiences in Quang Ninh Cam Pha .

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