One day tour of West Lake: how to go, what to play, where to take pictures?

 The capital of our country has many outstanding sights. In particular, West Lake is a place you should not miss. On a trip to West Lake, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy, entertain and watch the beautiful landscape painting as painted by the talented hands of nature. 

About West Lake tourism 

West Lake is a poetic little corner in the colorful landscape of Hanoi. This is the largest freshwater lake in the Capital. The lake has a total area of ​​500 hectares. The road around the lake is 20km long. Many people think that this is a very dreamy road and always attracts a large number of visitors to walk around, enjoy the coolness and watch the sunset. 


About West Lake tourism(Photo: _24.8c)

Traveling to West Lake , you will feel incredible silence and peace. Not only is the lung purifying the air, West Lake is also the convergence of the spirit of heaven and earth, is an ideal destination for romantic souls and are looking for a sufficient silence between the chaos and worries. . 


Where is West Lake?

To have a full trip to West Lake we must first locate it. West Lake is located in the Northwest of the Capital. This place has long been considered a poetic beauty that no one can resist. If you are looking for a place for vi vu in Hanoi, this place is the perfect choice. 


Travel road to West Lake 

The road to West Lake is not too difficult and you can travel in many forms. If you are in the city, you can follow the private road. If you are far away, you can take a plane, bus, train to Hanoi and then hire a taxi or bus to get to West Lake. 


Means of travel to West Lake

According to Hanoi tourism experience , if you choose the right means to roam around the lake, the experience will be extremely interesting. There are many shops for renting motorbikes, double bikes, electric scooters, ... 

Travel to West Lake to feel the colorful landscape painting 

A trip to West Lake is to mention an extremely romantic nuance of the landscape. Indeed, West Lake is exactly like a colorful picture, giving people to enjoy many levels of interesting emotions. Sometimes it rings happily in the early sun, sometimes it is pure and fresh. At times, regal sorrowful nostalgia of sunset 

West Lake opens up a liberal and poetic space. Perhaps because of that, over a thousand generations, this place has always been an endless inspiration for the artists, ... Here they are free to interpret their feelings in their works. 

Today West Lake has made changes, but there is still a vast blue water surface, the purple color of a row of straight trees, the red color of the pink phoenix that blooms every summer, ... just like a dreamy heart that brings many indescribable emotions to those who come. 

Every morning, many people come to West Lake to breathe and exercise. When the sun rises, the streets around the lake begin to bustle and come alive. 


Feel the poetic beauty when traveling to West LakeWest Lake is so beautiful 


There are many people who come to West Lake to get cool, some come to enjoy a cup of coffee along the road, ... So the picture here is always colorful and full of life. 

What is attractive about West Lake tourism?

Couple cycling

Couple cycling with loved ones is probably the most exciting and romantic activity when traveling to West Lake . There is nothing better than the "bear" cycling around the lake for both physical training and poetic scenery. Don't forget to take your camera with you so you can capture all the beautiful moments. 

See the sunset 

At each angle, every time, whether it is dawn or sunset, West Lake still has a gentle and poetic beauty. On days of peaceful weather, the sunset scenery here always brings magical attraction. 


Watching sunset while traveling to West LakeBeautiful sunset in West Lake


As the red sun moved gradually towards the horizon, leaving the night behind, the whole water was covered with silvery red shimmering. 

West Lake at sunset is a legendary painting that makes many people admire. Occasionally in the midst of that glimmering sky, there are fluttering birds flying, bringing nostalgic emotions. 


Unleashed at the West Lake water park 

One of the unforgettable activities to try when traveling to West Lake is to do your best at West Lake water park. At this point, people will be able to participate in many modern games such as subway ride, cable car swing, continuous game, magnificent ferris wheel, giant wheel, ball house ... 

Cafe overlooking the West Lake

Having had the opportunity to travel to West Lake , do not miss an appointment with a cup of coffee. Around the lake there are many coffee shops scattered all over the place. You can choose a favorite view while enjoying a drink while watching the windswept West Lake. 

The sights can be combined when traveling to West Lake 

Van Nien Pagoda

Van Nien Pagoda is a landmark located near West Lake. The pagoda has bold architectural style of the Nguyen dynasty with the layout of the main pagoda, tam quan temple and model palace. Over thousands of years, Van Nien has become one of the oldest temples in the Capital. Today, this place is not only a spiritual tourist destination but also a place to keep the enduring values ​​of the nation. 


Visit Van Nien Pagoda while traveling to West Lake(Photo: crystal_huyen_trang)


Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho is considered one of the most sacred places in the pagodas and communal houses in Hanoi. This is the place to worship Princess Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortal saints in Vietnamese cultural and beliefs. Every year, tourists flock here to great peace and peace. 


Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda is a destination you can combine in your trip to West Lake . The pagoda is famous for its very special architecture and is located on an island in West Lake. This ancient temple is over 1500 years old. The UK's Daily mail newspaper also voted Tran Quoc as one of the 16 most beautiful temples in the world. 

Dubbed the "green lung" of the capital, West Lake has brought a cool breeze, making many souls relax. Traveling to West Lake will definitely help your journey to explore Hanoi become more complete. 

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