Have fun in the bustling Christmas markets in Germany

 For people in Germany, turning on Christmas lights to light up the city marks the beginning of the festive season. The streets are filled with shimmering colors, with Christmas trees, snowman images, gift boxes, and art performances, ... bringing the atmosphere more exciting, noisy than ever. .

Check out the most exciting Christmas markets in Germany


1. Dresden Christmas Market

Dresden market, also known as Striezelmarkt, is known as the oldest Christmas market in Germany . With a history of over 600 years, the market is a familiar destination for people here every Christmas season. Dresden Market is decorated with colors, electric lights are lit, creating a sparkling space than ever.


Dresden Market - The Christmas market in GermanyNoel atmosphere filled the Dresden market


Visitors to this market will have the opportunity to participate in many special events and activities here such as Stollen cake festival, pyramid festival, wooden horse rotation, giant Nutcracker guy,…. Along with that, you can also enjoy many specialties in Germany , typical dishes during the Christmas season. Around the market, there are more than 230 stalls selling various kinds of products, from fashion items, wooden furniture, ceramics, ... to souvenirs. You will easily find your favorite items.


2. Annaberg-Buchholz Christmas Market

If you are still struggling to find the Christmas markets in Germany , then take the time to visit the Annaberg-Buchholz market. Located in the old town area of ​​Annaberg-Buchholz, the market area is not too large, but enough to bring interesting experiences for customers. This market is usually open at the end of November to the end of Christmas and during the open market, you should take advantage of this market to explore the German culture of Christmas, as well as enjoy shopping and eating. Drink it.

3. Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Where to go to Germany for the Christmas season? Experiencing the Christmas markets in Germany is always a wonderful and enjoyable thing to do. And the next market that you should consider visiting is Dusseldorf. This place is not only known as the most beautiful Christmas market in Germany , but also a place that regularly hosts special activities.

Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the fanciful shimmering beauty, you will feel like living in fairy tales. The pictures of gingerbread houses, sparkling crystals, uniquely shaped dishes, stalls selling Christmas decorations ... all depict a beautiful picture.


4. Erfurt Christmas Market

Christmas in Germany without going to the Erfurt market will make you regret it. According to German tourism information , this is the busiest and most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. Coming here, visitors will be able to admire the giant tree decorated with sparkling lights, the scene of the Holy Feast, the Christmas pyramid of Erzgebirge 12m high, the giant Ferris wheel, ... After activities to explore the Erfurt Christmas Market, you can go to the stalls here to enjoy the fascinating dishes, with the typical taste of the Christmas season.

5. Leipzig Christmas Market

As a Christmas market in Germany has been active for a long time, since 1458, it still preserves a lot of interesting culture. Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere at Leipzig market, you will be able to visit and shop with more than 250 large and small stalls, along with many attractive food areas. In particular, this will be one of the few markets that can help you learn German history and culture . Therefore, for a complete travel trip, do not miss this unique market.


Leipzig Market - The Christmas market in GermanyLeipzig Christmas Market is the ideal entertainment spot in Germany


6. Nuremberg Christmas Market

Known as a fun place for Christmas in Germany that you should consider. This market is decorated with beautiful wooden stalls, classic wagons, white snowflakes, ... creating an impressive landscape. That is why many tourists come here, all to take pictures as a souvenir of the trip.

Besides, visitors to the Nuremberg Christmas market are also attracted by the aroma of hot dishes, sold everywhere. The sweet aroma of ginger bread, delicious grilled salmon, delicious grilled German sausages ... dispelled the cold of winter.


7. Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin is the beautiful capital of Germany, so there are many famous Christmas markets scattered throughout the city. Each market has its own style, with its own interesting experiences. But according to tourists, the funniest, largest organized Christmas market in Germany is probably located in Charlottenburg castle and near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Similar to other markets, which are splendidly decorated, but these two markets also regularly organize interesting activities and festivals, helping to bring many memorable experiences for visitors.


Berlin Christmas Market - The Christmas market in GermanyExperience the Christmas market in Berlin

Those are the most famous German Christmas market addresses . 

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