German eating habits and principles to remember

 Discover the quintessence of German cuisine is an indispensable thing in the trip. However, for the perfect experience, take the time to learn the German eating habits so that you can fully integrate into the party.

German food culture

For Eastern people, including Vietnam, often have the habit of eating and talking. However, Germans, on the other hand, never talk or make noise when eating and that is one of the German eating habits that you should learn. That shows courtesy and nobility to the people here. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have a meal with a German, please save your words and do everything gently.


Learn German principles and eating habitsGerman meals are always gentle and delicate


In addition, an interesting culture that you must know, if you intend to immigrate here, is the invitation to eat. When Germans invite you for a meal, it doesn't mean they'll pay for it in full. So be observant, send them money with your meal. Besides, Germans value time very much, so don't be late for any reason.

If you are invited home for a meal, you should not sit in the position that you like. Please wait for the host to arrange the seats for you, that is also a polite you must know when coming here.

German eating habits: a scientific menu

Regarding the dining menu, Germans are quite similar to Vietnam, there are also 3 main meals, but in Germany people will add breakfast. Specifically, the meals are calculated as follows:

Breakfast in Germany : It is known that the German eating habits are quite interesting. Usually for breakfast they will have a snack with butter bread, fruit jam, honey, sausage, ... and sip an extra cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. In particular, Musli is the favorite and most popular dish of the German people, this is a combination cereal that is both delicious and nutritious.

Mid-morning breakfast : It is a breakfast, but nutritious as it becomes the main meal to help replenish nutrients and provide energy for the whole working day. That is why the German breakfast is very focused. Part one is because Germans don't have enough time to have lunch, so they will try to make delicious snacks.

Lunch of the German : Usually starting from 12am - 14pm, quite late compared to the East. But they do have breakfast in the middle of the morning so they eat it later. German lunches are usually french fries, sausages, ... used as appetizers. Then there is the Spatzle vegetable noodle dish or the tuna fries - A delicious dish, a famous specialty in Germany .

Dinner in Germany : The time they start to eat is usually from 18 - 19:00. Whereas in other countries dinner is like the main meal, after a hard working day they usually eat delicious, a luxurious meal with full nutrition, the German dinner is very simple, just fish fillet, sausage, bread, cheese, mustard, pickles, ...

Hobby in German cuisine

The German eating habits are never short of meat, especially pork and chicken, which are very popular. You can easily see that meat is indispensable in every meal, from main meals to snacks. Especially the smoked meats, the most loved dish by the Germans.

Besides, potatoes are also popular foods in this country. You can easily see that the potato dishes are widely sold, from high-end restaurants to popular eateries, everywhere with potato dishes, especially french fries.


German eating habits and culinary preferences of the people hereFrench fries are the most popular dish in Germany


And in every meal, perhaps beer is an indispensable drink. This is not only the eating habits of the German people , but it is like the culinary culture of this country. Beers are made from fresh yeast and barley, so they taste delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

In addition, in the extra breakfast, Germans also love to eat snacks such as cakes. Typically: Bee sting, Black Forest cake, apple cake, Cheese Cake, ... and sipping beside hot coffee cups, watching the street.

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