Explore tourist attractions in Cologne including beautiful, fun bags

 Possessing the most beautiful landscapes and entertainment areas, Cologne is a favorite destination for many people. And if you are 'struggling' looking for a stopover for your journey, do not miss these famous tourist attractions in Cologne.

The hottest tourist destinations in Cologne

1. Cologne Zoo

The first attraction that you should take the time to visit is the Cologne Zoo. It is known that this is the largest and most famous zoo of the city, built in 1860, which nurtures a lot of wildlife, with a number of up to 10,000 species, including more than 700 others together. Especially also the place where the largest elephant in Europe is raised. In addition, at this fascinating sights in Cologne , there is also a rich flora, with more than 10,000 tree stumps, providing a green space, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation for anyone who arrives here.


Cologne Department - Tourist destination in CologneSee the largest elephant in Europe at the Cologne Zoo


2. Rhein park

If you are wondering, do not know where to go when coming to Cologne , Rhein park is also a great suggestion for you. This is an ideal stopover for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find a space that brings a sense of peace. Because of its rich and diverse flora, Rhein park is the place where many people choose to organize picnics, camping, picnics with friends and relatives. Therefore, this is also a tourist destination in Cologne you should not miss.

3. The old town of Cologne

Many people who have experience traveling to Cologne share that coming to this beautiful city without coming to the old town of Cologne is a big mistake. Previously, the old town was heavily damaged by World War II, but soon after it has been restored and still retains its ancient beauty. Coming to this famous tourist destination in Cologne , visitors will be able to admire the ancient architectural works, learn interesting historical stories. All feel like they've just been back in time. Make sure you will have a very wonderful experience when coming to Cologne old town.

4. Cologne Botanical Garden

Where to go to Cologne? If you are a lover of nature, bonsai, do not miss the Cologne Botanical Garden. This place owns beautiful flower gardens, giant ancient trees, unique ornamental plants, ... bringing a new feeling. In particular, releasing the lake into the fresh nature, you will have a surprisingly relaxed feeling.

5. Ludwig Museum

Next interesting tourist destination in Cologne is the Ludwig Museum. This is the place to display many unique works of art by talented composers and painters, such as the works of: Picasso, Dali, Warhol,…. In addition, if you visit the museum in the evening, fortunately you also have the opportunity to see many art performances, exciting music events, extremely attractive.


6. Cologne Cathedral

Is a must-visit destination when coming to the beautiful city of Cologne. It is known that this is the most famous church, with a unique design, Gothic style, where you will discover sophisticated and impressive architecture. Besides, visiting Cologne church, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the interesting customs and beliefs here.

7. Hohenzollern Bridge

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Cologne , the Hohenzollern Bridge is a place that receives the attention of many people, especially couples. Visitors coming here, not only can see the unique architecture of this famous iron bridge, but also admire the beauty of the city and the churches around it from the bridge. Walking on the bridge, you will find many locks are hooked here and are the work of couples wishing to have eternal love. And that is also why the Hohenzollern Bridge is called the 'Love Lock Bridge in Cologne'.


Hohenzollern love lock bridge - Tourist destination in CologneCheck-in for photo taking at the Hohenzollern love lock bridge


8. Schokoladen Museum

Finally, the Schokoladen museum, and this is also a popular tourist attraction. Stepping inside the museum, you will be amazed at the surroundings here, when you own the art works made from Chocolate and Lindt's desserts. And yet, visitors to the museum are also able to personally explore the chocolate production process and steps to create impressive works of art by itself.

In addition to the tourist attractions in Cologne above, visitors coming to this city should also experience interesting activities such as boat cruise on the Rhine, taking a cable car to discover the full beauty of the city. City from above, visit the churches to learn cultural beliefs, have fun in the night markets,….

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