Checklist of delicious street food in Germany

 Not only specialties, but street food in Germany is also a plus point that many visitors appreciate when coming here. Let's explore German cuisine through these famous delicacies.

Top best German street food


1. German sausages

Not only a specialty in Germany , but this dish is also famous all over the world. Although the sausage you can enjoy in many places in Vietnam, if you have a chance to come here, do not miss this attractive dish. German sausage has many flavors to choose from, made from many different ingredients, but the most popular ones are: Veal sausage, chicken, pork,…. As a famous street food in Germany , it is not too difficult to enjoy this dish. Whether it is a sidewalk restaurant or a luxury restaurant, it also sells. For Germans, to enjoy the most delicious sausage dish, people often use it with pickled mustard greens, another glass of German draft beer will be great.


Sausage - The most famous street food in GermanyDelicious taste of German sausage, conquering the taste of all diners


2. Maultaschen

It is a street food in Germany and also a traditional dish of the people here. Therefore, not enjoying this Maultaschen dish will be a huge omission in the culinary journey. This dish is made from simple ingredients, the outer shell is made from flour, the inside is a mixture of minced meat, herbs, onions, seasoned with rich spices. After the dish is prepared, it will be stewed and enjoyed when hot. With Maultaschen, you can enjoy it on the streets of Germany, or you can go to the supermarket to buy frozen Maultaschen home from cooking.


Maultaschen - The most popular street food in GermanyEnjoy the Maultaschen


3. Doner Kebab

German tourism should eat? Doner Kebab burgers are a simple dish, not unfamiliar to Vietnamese people, but coming to Germany you should also enjoy the Doner Kebab flavor once. This dish originated in Turkey and entered Germany since the 70s of the last century. At first, it was just burgers, onions and a little salad inside, but later German people loved and processed many other ingredients, making Doner Kebab become more delicious and attractive. And it also quickly became the street food in Germany that every visitor here is looking for.


Doner Kebab - German street food should not be missedTraveling to Germany must definitely enjoy this Doner Kebab!


4. Apfelstrudel apple pie

In the list of delicious and famous dishes in Germany , it is impossible to ignore the Apfelstrudel apple roll. Although the dish is made from a very simple recipe, it is just sliced ​​apple, thinly sliced ​​and mixed with sugar, flour, then wrapped in a thin spread of butter leaves. Wait for the mixture to freeze for about 1 hour, then you can take the cake to enjoy. The aroma of apples, the sweetness of sugar, the fat of butter will make diners eat once and remember.


Apfelstrudel - Street food in GermanyThe eye-catching color and attractive flavor of Apfelstrudel apple pie make many diners fall in love


5. Meatballs Konigsberger Klopse

Konigsberger Klopse is indispensable in the quintessence of German cuisine. This is actually a meat ball dish, made from minced veal, mixed with onion ingredients, anchovies, pepper and many other spices. After the veal is cooked, it is served with cream sauce and capers, to create a richer taste and a more appealing aroma. This is also a German street food and you can enjoy it everywhere. However, it is preferred in cities like Berlin and Brandenburg.


Konigsberger Klopse - German street food is most interestedKonigsberger Klopse is always a great choice in German cuisine


6. Rinderrouladen

What is delicious in Germany? Continued delicacies famous street in Germany that is more Rinderrouladen dishes. Although its origins come from Belgium, when it was imported to Germany, it was enthusiastically supported by the people here and became a favorite dish for many people. With Rinderrouladen, people use the main ingredients from beef, wrapped around the bacon. Then cut into pieces and serve with mustard, vegetables, most popular cucumber to increase the delicious taste, not get bored. In particular, a glass of red wine will help the dish become more full.


Rinderrouladen - German street foodDiscovering German cuisine but forgetting about Rinderrouladen is a big shortcoming


7. Eisbein

Known as a favorite German dish , if you have a chance to come here, do not miss Eisbein. The ingredients for this dish are mainly made from cabbage and pork rolls. After being prepared and marinated with many other typical spices, will be stewed with beer and grilled with onions, garlic, ... to make the dish taste. Although the food is attractive, if you are going in a group of 3 or more, please order this Eisbein. Because of the large amount of meat, eating alone cannot do it all.


Eisbein - Delicious and attractive street food in GermanyThe appeal of Eisbein cannot be denied


8. Sauerbraten

The last choice of street food in Germany is Sauerbraten. This dish is literally translated as sour barbecue and according to the traditional recipe, Sauerbraten is made from horse meat. But nowadays they are processed from many different types of meat and the most popular being beef, venison,…. With this dish, processing is quite complicated, because the meat must be marinated with spices, wine and herbs for a few days. After that, they can be grilled and cooked. When enjoying, people often eat with beetroot sauce, black bread, potatoes, ... to refresh the taste.


Sauerbraten - German street foodEnjoy Sauerbraten in Germany

German cuisine is very rich, and these street food in Germany also has its own unique flavor and appeal.

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