Check in for a beautiful forestry college like taking a lookbook

 If you are too bored with the towering walls in the lecture hall in the inner city of Hanoi, immediately get on your dear "iron horse" and head out to the suburbs to check in at the forestry university with beautiful views. Let's go to the fairytale place.

Due to the phenomenon of crowded land in the city, most universities have a rather modest campus, just enough facilities to serve students' education, the Forestry University (main campus). Located at the intersection of National Highway 6A and Highway 21A of Xuan Mai town, Chuong My district, about 30km away from the center of Hanoi capital, it was built with an area of ​​more than 160ha, of which, experimental forest occupied up to 110 hectares. That is why it created a different scene that made the students "eagerly" to come together to take virtual live photos.

Check in forestry university - where there are many unique architectural works

Founded in 1964 on the basis of separating the Faculty of Forestry and the Department of Forestry Mechanics from the Academy of Agriculture , until now, Hanoi Forestry University has spent nearly 60 years, but the old houses at the school are still The existence is very solid, and often new clothes are changed, so if there is no ancient style architecture, we will not recognize traces of time imprinted at the school. So, this is also a super beautiful virtual living corner at the forestry university .


Ancient wall - check-in point of ancient forestry universityAn ancient corner (Photo @ trangpuss97)


In addition, the school's facilities are also extremely comfortable and modern, fully meeting the learning needs of students and the teaching of lecturers such as: lecture halls, libraries, dormitories, area sports complexes, swimming pools, gymnasiums, stadiums, experimental research areas of forest trees, biotechnology and greenhouses ...

The special thing is that no matter the area, it is also immersed in the immense green color of the trees and the squeaking sound of the birds like a cool ecological area, making everyone want to come here. Pick up the device and check in at the forestry college immediately.

In addition, the school also has a large lake located in the middle of the campus, planted with lotus, every summer, flowers will swing each other blooming bright yellow pistils in the sun, sometimes bringing the fragrance to fly. following the breeze going through the space, making everyone be disturbed when witnessing. 

Above the lake, a small hexagonal resort house with a bright red 2-storey tile roof was built, stacked like a moon floor of ancient noble families "off the table.

Well, revealing a brand new check-in corner at Hanoi Forestry University for you is a 7-color staircase leading to the main lecture hall. Instead of leaving the original color somewhat arid of concrete, the school decided to paint it according to the school's logo LOLO with blue, yellow, red, orange, pink ... eye-catching colors. Since then, it not only makes the campus stand out, but also is loved by many students to take virtual live photos to show off to their friends, making many people "jealous of red eyes".

From all the above, it is no exaggeration to say that this is the school with the most beautiful campus in Hanoi today.

The Forest University also has a dreamlike forest

The campus is already enchanting, but the most popular  "attractive" check-in at the forestry university is located in the 110-hectare forest that specializes in researching and learning the theory that goes hand in hand with students and lecturers school. At the same time also creates a "brand" for the Forestry University.

With countless tall, green floors, shading all year round, coming to the forest in this street, you will feel lost in a national park or some green ecological forest.

In the autumn and winter, you will admire the scenery of falling yellow leaves covering the whole road, sometimes the wind blowing will make them fly in space like a golden rain, check in the forestry university. In that moment, it's as romantic as Korean films.

When spring comes, the canopy of betel leaves blooms in white, or the wildflowers race each other, blooming yellow on the green background of the leaves, radiating a scent, sometimes seeing flowers butterflies flying in midair... beautiful like a fairytale dream, no one can resist before the fairy scene without taking out the "action" right away.

And when summer comes, where all the places are sunk in the sweltering sun, this school is still immersed in ecstatic green, combined with the fresh and quiet air, making anyone who step foot in will not want to return .

In addition, the zigzag concrete road in the middle of the forest was built to serve the exercise of students and lecturers, but never known since when it suddenly became a familiar virtual life corner at Lam University. career of many generations of students in the school as well as young people outside the school. Every picture on the picture is as beautiful as taking a lookbook, no wonder people are so enraptured.


Summer forest - verdant forest college check-inAs beautiful as a lookbook (Photo @q_omachii)


Disclose, besides taking photos, you can also go to the enchanting forest at this Hanoi Forestry University to have a picnic. Ensuring a peaceful space with only the sound of birds singing and the rustling of leaves here will definitely make your weekend extremely wonderful and energetic for the new week.

If you want to save the beautiful youthful moments or you want to find "thousand like" pictures, you must definitely not miss checking in the forestry university next to Hanoi.

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