Visit to Doha to visit Aspire Tower - The symbolic architecture of Qatar

 300 meters high with a torch-like architecture, the Aspire Tower is one of the most prominent constructions in the Qatar capital, Doha. 

Qatar is not only famous for its wealth and luxury thanks to its large gas reserves and the highest GDP per capita in the world, but it is also the mecca of beautiful architecture. One of the favorite iconic buildings in Qatar is the Aspire Cathedral. This is a structure built to celebrate the 2006 Asian Games and is currently one of the most popular check-in points in the Qatar capital, Doha. 


Aspire tower is unique works in QatarAspire Tower is one of the most typical structures in Qatar. Photo: @ nasor3eid


Introducing the Aspire Tower - the 'burning torch' in Doha

Located in the Doha sports complex, close to the Khalifa International Stadium, the Aspire Tower is a familiar check-in spot for many travelers. This project was built in April 2005 and completed in 2006 to welcome the Asian Games 2006 event. 

This unique structure was designed by two famous architects, Hadi Simaan of Ove Arup. After being completed, the Aspire Tower has become one of Asia's key and famous sports facilities, thanks to its unique architecture with the stylized shape from a torch, the symbol of the Asian Games sporting event 2006. 

The unique architecture combines the impressive LED system of the Aspire Tower

The Aspire Tower has a total of 17 floors, designed with a main bearing reinforced concrete core, the rest is a system of rotating and protruding steel structures from the core to support the load. The largest diameter of the tower is 70 meters, the central area is 27 meters, the top area is 45 meters. 

The highlight of this project is LED technology designed and installed on the front of the tower, creating visual effects. The electronic LED lighting system creates a diverse array of colors, making it easy to apply advances from electronic technology to intelligent lighting control, energy saving and easy maintenance. 

The exterior of the Aspire tower is covered with a wire mesh DOGLA-TRIO 101 incorporating LED system with distance from 14mm to 44mm. A large LED display was also created, allowing anyone to see it from a great distance. This display system is installed at a height of 8 meters, just below the swimming pool, where people can watch news or matches. 

If observed from a distance, with the effect of LEDs, Aspire Tower is like a giant torch that is beautiful and extremely prominent, is a monumental and magnificent architectural highlight. 


Aspire Tower specials

Not simply a symbolic architecture for a sporting event, but after the Asian Games 2006 ended, Aspire Tower becomes a prominent work and an attractive destination for tourists and locals alike.. Coming to Aspire Tower,  visitors will have many impressive experiences.

 Inside the Aspire tower, there is a luxury 5-star hotel called The Torch - Doha, where visitors can stay and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Doha with extremely high quality views. This hotel has a system of high-class rooms with full amenities along with a gym, sports, spa, restaurant, cafe ...

In particular, the outdoor swimming pool at the hotel is a magic check-in spot that attracts visitors with its unique design. The oval swimming pool protrudes from the building 12 meters, is the perfect place for you to take a relaxing dip and enjoy the view of Doha from 80 meters above ground level. 


Check-in at the swimming pool of the Aspire Tower in famous QatarThe swimming pool jutted out of the 12-meter tower. Photo: FB / The Torch - Doha


The 300-seat rotating restaurant area with extremely luxurious, classy design with a rich menu in unique Asian-Asian style is also a great stopover. From this revolving restaurant, you can see Doha from many angles, the revolving restaurant is also a virtual living paradise for many visitors. This place fully converges ideal conditions for you to have the best holiday. 

In addition, at the Aspire tower, there is a sports museum, which displays artifacts related to the sporting history of Qatar and also hosts famous sporting events and exhibitions. The Aspire Tower Observatory is also an attractive destination, visitors can move directly to the observatory by elevator to comfortably admire the scenery. 

Exploring the Aspire Tower in Qatar is a wonderful experience as you explore unique architecture that is unique. This $ 150 million building deserves one of the hottest destinations, which you must definitely visit when coming to Qatar.

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