Virtual living corners in the 'paradise' of Four Seasons flower garden in Dong Nai

 Not only Da Lat, Sa Dec or Moc Chau, Four Seasons Flower Garden in Dong Nai is also a paradise of colorful flowers and fragrances that make everyone's heart tick.

Located in Hamlet 6, Xuan Bac Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province , Four Seasons Garden with a dreamlike space like a fairyland, since its opening on January 18, 2020, it has immediately become HOT in the virtual community.


The beauty of the Four Seasons Flower Garden in Dong Nai

Next to the overgrown fruit gardens, the appearance of Four Seasons flower field with an area of ​​up to 2.5 hectares resembles a dreamy dress of a fairy, illuminating a peaceful countryside.

It is known that the garden owner has spent 1.5 hectares of the total area to plant 20,000 different types of flowers such as non-swallow, oatmeal, pangê, star copy, sunflower, coin, yellow daisy, star chrysanthemum ice, chrysanthemum, heather, lavender, and confetti, roses, butterfly flowers ... with each color, sparkling in the sun, make everyone coming here overwhelmed.

In particular, the flowers in the Four Seasons Flower Garden in Dong Nai are also cleverly presented in rows to form unique shapes and arranged into flower gates or decorative flower arches everywhere, making us feel like walking lost in the land of thousands of flowers of Dalat full of dreams.

Moreover, thanks to the meticulous care and dedication of the craftsmen, the flowers in the garden are always fresh, full of vitality and compete to radiate, blooming, attracting colorful butterflies. hovering around like a fairytale place.

Great experiences at Four Seasons Garden in Dong Nai

Virtual life

Four Seasons Garden can be said to be a work of art without dead corners, so if you visit this place without making some virtual live photos, it is indeed a very flawed thing.


virtual life - exciting activities at Four Seasons Garden in Dong NaiVirtual life at the garden (Photo @ Four Seasons Garden)


In particular, not simply with the vibrant and bright colors of flowers, the garden owner also skillfully designed many beautiful and impressive miniatures such as red love bridge, cyclo cute, carrying dream flowers or a unique circular umbrella ... so that visitors can comfortably check in without getting bored.

In addition, the rustic dry straw, a canoe on land or a cottage decorated with yellow corn ... in the Four Seasons Garden in Dong Nai will also give you the feeling of returning home. My dear in the countryside.

And because of the dreamy scene here, not only the young but also the elderly or the married couples are also eager to come here to save memories "for life".

Revealing, if you wear dresses with flattering designs, flowing, easily fluttering in the wind or bright, bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, ... then surely surely the virtual live photos will become extremely attractive and "full of aura" for viewing.

Enjoy delicious food

Love the romance but do not forget Dong Nai's "specialties" are fruit orchards, so in the Four Seasons flower garden, the garden owner also uses 1 hectare to plant more than 1,000 agricultural crops such as jackfruit , papaya, dragon fruit radiate shade and gourds, green melon, soothe the sultry of hot summer days.

The interesting thing is that you can not only see where you are, but you can also pick them up and enjoy their sweet and fragrant taste right in the garden. Guaranteed to be a memorable experience in your Dong Nai trip .

In addition, today the Four Seasons Garden in Dong Nai is oriented to develop in the form of ecotourism, so visitors can also enjoy specialties such as Western pancakes or Chicken porridge in our garden ... extremely delicious and guaranteed.

Some notes when visiting Four Seasons Garden in Dong Nai

Opening hours : from 9 am to 5 pm daily, for Tet holidays, the time is subject to change.

Admission fee : 30,000 VND / person (including free drinking water).

How to get there : According to the travel experience of Four Seasons Garden , if departing from Ho Chi Minh City, tourists go along the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway (ie highway 01) to Doc Mom Bong Con / NH1A at Xuan Thanh, then turn left to Le A street, then turn right to provincial road No. 7, go through Nguyen Trung Truc street to Suoi Chon - Bau Co then go straight about 5.6 km then turn right, then go 1km more then turn left to arrive.

When to visit : True to its name, every season in the garden has blooming flowers, so at any time of the year you can visit here. However, you should go in the spring, because the weather is cool, pleasant, not too hot or cold, but there are many types of flowers that bloom most beautifully, allowing visitors to comfortably wear beautiful outfits to take a photo.

Besides Sun Flower Hill,  Four Seasons Flower Garden in Dong Nai is a wonderful virtual living corner that visitors must not miss when visiting this beautiful land. 

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