If you want to know what gifts to buy when traveling to Qatar, here is a suggestion for you!

 What gifts to buy when traveling to Qatar is the concern of many tourists, this country has many attractive specialties, but that is also the reason why many people do not know which items to buy as gifts.

Qatar is one of the famous tourist destinations of Asia, this wonderful destination not only attracts visitors by beautiful landscapes, attractive cuisine, but also attracts visitors by its unique indigenous culture. Qatar is also a famous country with countless attractive specialties that everyone wants to buy a lot after each trip. However, because the attractive specialties of this Middle Eastern country are many, if you are wondering what to buy when traveling to Qatar , the following suggestion will help you get the perfect answer. 


What gifts to buy when traveling to QatarYou will have many options when you want to buy gifts in Qatar. Photo: asergeev.com


What gifts to buy when traveling to Qatar? Suggest Qatar-style souvenirs to buy most 


1. Jewelry 

The richest country in the world is famous for gold, amber and pearl jewelry, so this is also one of the great options if you do not know what to buy when traveling to Qatar. There are many jewelry options when you want to buy souvenirs in Qatar , you can choose small pieces of jewelry such as rings, rings or necklaces. Certainly, jewelry gifts from Qatar will be a meaningful choice for you to give to yourself or your loved ones. 


What to buy when traveling to Qatar jewelry is an optionJewelry in Qatar is very famous for its sophistication and beauty. Photo: Weinfashion.com


2. Arabic coffee set 

Arabic coffee kettles are also known by other names as Dallah coffee kettles. This is a popular tool used by the Qatar to make specialty spicy coffee. Not only is it used to make coffee exactly as it does, but this item also acts as a fine decoration, so no matter what purpose you buy, this is still a great choice when you do not know how to buy. What gifts when traveling to Qatar ? 

3. Fabrics and textiles 

Qatar is very famous for textiles, especially fabrics. Therefore, this is also one of the attractive gifts that you can choose to buy when traveling in Qatar. Fabrics in Qatar are very diverse, colorful, very good fabric quality and will not fade. The prices of fabrics in Qatar are also very chestnut, so you do not need to hesitate too much when choosing to buy. 

4. Dried fruit and nuts 

Dried fruits and nuts are extremely popular gifts when traveling to Qatar . This country is very famous for dried fruits such as grapes, dates, dried seeds ... Usually dried fruits or seeds are grown on the spot, then they will be processed and sold to tourists or residents. The dried fruits and seeds in Qatar are usually benign, less marinated, so the taste is very attractive. In the markets, people often classify them into many categories according to size, color and sweetness, so you can freely choose according to your preference. 

5. Spices 

Qatar or Middle Eastern countries in general are famous for spices, so this is also one of the attractive options when you do not know what to buy when traveling to Qatar . The colorful spices sold in traditional shops or markets always make visitors look.

Spices in Qatar have a strong and varied scent. You can taste or smell as you like and ask the seller to explain the use and origin of each type when choosing to buy. For those who love the kitchen, a gift of spices from the Middle East will make them extremely happy. 

After you know what gift you should buy when traveling to Qatar , choosing where to buy is also an issue you should pay attention to. Qatar has a lot of shopping and large markets where you can buy souvenirs as you like. With souvenirs of gold or pearls you should choose reputable places, large stores in the commercial centers. With spices, fabric or other souvenirs you can visit famous markets in Qatar such as Souq Waqif , Souq Al Asiri ... to shop.  

The above attractive suggestions should help you know what to  buy when traveling to Qatar  is the most suitable and easy to choose the right gifts after the trip to give to relatives and friends.

This mysterious and fascinating Middle East country still has many interesting things waiting for you to explore, so do not hesitate to immediately take a trip to enjoy the wonderful things and bring meaningful gifts for you. 

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