Dong Nai Bau Ngua Lake - a brand new virtual living spot right next to Saigon

 Not only Suoi Mo tourist area or Cat Tien national park, but Tan Phu land in Dong Nai also has a poetic Bau Ngua lake that makes visitors fall in love.

Located in Phu Dien commune, Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province , about 4km from Suoi Mo tourist area , Bau Ngua lake , though recently emerging, immediately became extremely HOT because of the romantic and charming scene.

How to move to Bau Ngua lake

Bau Ngua Lake is just 140km from Ho Chi Minh city, so visitors can completely come here by motorbike. Accordingly, if you depart from Saigon, go along the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway (ie Highway 01), then turn left onto National Highway 1A and merge onto Highway 20. .

Continue straight on Highway 20 then turn right onto Phu Loi Street. Going to the end of the road is Dong Hiep Dam, passing the dam will meet a vast rice field and while looking to the left, you will see a large lotus lake, this is the place you need to look for.


A romantic scene at Bau Ngua lake 

Although not too large, Bau Ngua Lake attracts visitors by the clear and calm water like a giant mirror illuminating every cloud and sky, making the space seem mirrored, becoming airy lame.

There are many green water hyacinths planted above the lake, when the flowers bloom again, paint some dreamy purple colors, combined with the leaning coconut trees, spreading wide canopy on the shore, creating a picture of peaceful and stored water strange love.

However, the highlight of the lake is the 5 Tai stone lying in the middle of the lake, looking like a giant elephant engulfed in drinking water, making anyone coming here can not help but watch.

Not only that, but the lotus pond by Bau Ngua lake also makes visitors fall in love. It is known that in Phu Dien, there are quite a lot of low-lying fields that are flooded, making it difficult for rice to develop, so people have turned to lotus planting to earn extra income. But because the scene was too dreamy, it suddenly became "hot," making everyone eagerly flock to admire.


Lotus lake - a poetic feature of Bau Ngua LakeImmense lotus field by the lake


Especially in the blooming lotus season, the white lotus petals are pale pink, pure and pure with morning dew like strong pearls rising up on the green foliage to catch the warm rays of sunshine and radiate a fragrant fragrance. Going from a distance is also attractive.

Interesting activities at Bau Ngua lake

Virtual life

Coming to Bau Ngua tourism , if you do not make some virtual live photos on a boat floating in the middle of the lake or in the middle of a vast lotus field, you will have to regret it.

Because besides the romantic scenery like Thap Muoi lotus field in the southwestern region, the countryside picture here also has immense rice fields and moss-covered rocks standing in the middle of the blue sky, forming a Unique beauty is nowhere to be found.

In particular, when the sunset falls, especially at 17:00, the space of Bau Ngua lake is immersed in the fanciful orange color, forming contrasting bright and dark colors, which will definitely make the photo you add turmeric and more quality to see.

Revealing, you should wear ethnic-oriented clothes such as bibs with sexy dresses, flowing dresses or brightly colored outfits when "slipping" to make the virtual live photos become stand out and be more attractive.



One of the quite interesting activities at Bau Ngua Lake Tan Phu is rowing a canoe or a canoe to the middle of the lake to enjoy the fresh air, cool and admire the beauty of the lotus, with the rent of a canoe or boat. Rowing and parking a motorbike only 10,000 VND / person / time only.

Or you can bring your own Stan Up Paddle Board (SUP) to walk along the lake and explore the beauty of the countryside of Phu Dien. Surely it will also be a not bad experience.


Other activities

In addition to sightseeing or virtual life, when visiting Bau Ngua Lake , visitors can also climb the 5 Tai rock area to fish and see the full poetic beauty of the lake, lotus pond and rice fields below, peace of mind. The rock is not too high and difficult to climb.

Besides, if you go to the lotus harvest season, you can join the people to cut each pristine lotus flower and enjoy delicious lotus dishes such as lotus leaf rice, lotus seed tea, lotus root or peeking fried lotus ... more.


Lotus harvest - attractive activity at Bau Ngua LakeGoing to harvest lotus on the lake (Photo: Bui Ngoc Bao)


Moreover, in addition to 5 Tai stone, there are many super beautiful rocks on the field to check in such as: Cross stone or Elephant stone ..., and at the Tan Phu area near the lake there are also many tourist attractions famous as: Cat Tien National Park , Da Ton Lake , Suoi Mo Tourist Area, Ta Lai Tourist Village and Hoa Binh Waterfall ... that if you have time you can also visit.


Ideal time to visit Bau Ngua Lake

At any time of the year, Dong Nai Bau Ngua lake has a charming beauty that captivates people, but the most beautiful is in the blooming lotus season around May, June, or the golden rice season around August September.

In particular, there are times when rice and lotus here emit a blooming fragrance at the same time, making one side of yellow rice on one side with pink lotuses looming on the green foliage, creating a beautiful picture unreal.

Despite not being invested too much in tourism, Bau Ngua lake is still an extremely popular tourist destination in Dong Nai that tourists must visit once in their life.

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