Check in Qatar Banana Island to see the beautiful Persian Gulf like paradise

 From Doha, with just 20 minutes by boat, you can check-in Banana Island, also known as Banana Island, one of the most famous tourist paradise in Qatar. This place is even compared to the Maldives of the Middle East country thanks to its beautiful beaches and luxury resort services. 

Traveling to Qatar, you will have many destinations to go, but one of the tourist destinations that you cannot ignore is Banana Island, one of the top tourist resorts here. Banana Island Qataris an artificial island like the Pearl that was invested and built to turn into a paradise to serve the needs of visitors. Banana Island tourismis one of the best experiences when coming to Qatar.

Overview of Banana Island Qatar 

Banana Island is one of the famous islands of Qatar, the area of ​​the island is not too large, only 13 hectares but it is one of the most luxurious resorts. The entire land on the island is shaped like a banana with a distinct head, body and tail, so it's called Banana Island or Banana Island. The island is located off the coast of Doha in the Persian Gulf. 


Banana island tour QatarThe island viewed from above looks like a large banana. Photo: @bananaislandresort

Banana Island Qatar owns a luxury tourism resort complex of international standards, this is also a stop for domestic and international tourists when wanting a short luxury vacation. 

The most beautiful travel time in Qatar banana island

The weather in Doha and Banana Qatar Island  has only two distinct seasons: winter and summer, winter will last from November to April next year and summer will start from May to the end of October. 

Summer in Qatar is quite hot with the highest temperature up to 42 degrees Celsius, while in winter, the average temperature is about 25 degrees C. With the weather in Qatar you can choose to travel in winter or at the beginning and in late summer when the temperature is not too high to not suffer from the strong sun. Specifically, the most ideal time to arrive at Banana Qatar is October, November or March, April every year. 

Experience moving and staying in Banana Island

From Vietnam to Qatar, the most convenient means of transportation is the plane. After arriving in Doha, you can spend time visiting and exploring in the city before coming to Banana Island. From Doha, you can take a boat straight to Banana Island, travel time is only about 20 minutes. The journey from Doha to Banana Island is also quite an interesting experience when you will be watching a flashy Doha from afar, admiring the beautiful sea scenery and the banana-shaped island gradually clear. 

Since it is only about 20 minutes from Doha, if you only need to visit you can visit the island and return to Doha to rest or explore. However, if you want to resort, admire and explore more deeply the beauty of this miraculous artificial island, you can spend one to two nights here at Banana Islandresor, the only resort on the island.

Banana Islandresor has a total of 141 rooms with extremely modern, luxurious amenities according to international standards. Especially, each room here has sea view and classy service. You can choose to stay in a hotel or Villa at the end of the island.


Staying at Banana Island QatarVilla design reminiscent of Maldives. Photo: @bananaislandresort


This villa is built right on the sea with wooden roads and roofs like the typical luxury villas in the Maldives, so many people often refer to this as the Little Maldives of Qatar. As a resort for the rich, the price here will be relatively high. 

Experience world-class fun and relaxation on Banana Island

Although the Banana Qatar island area is not too large, here you will enjoy and fully experience the best facilities for a vacation. The entire island area is a large resort called Banana Island Resort Doha with many categories and works to serve the needs of relaxation and sightseeing of visitors. 

 As soon as you set foot on the island, you will feel the wonderful atmosphere and paradise-like scenery on earth. Although the island is located between the sea and Qatar is famous as the desert, but the trees on the island are still very green, the architecture of resorts, restaurants ... is extremely unique. After checking-in at the room you can walk to visit the island, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the wonderful tranquil atmosphere. 

On Banana Island there is a large water park, this is a place for visitors to enjoy and relax with a water slide. On the island there is also a super Vip cinema, golf course, spa, private health care area and many other facilities for visitors to use during their vacation on the island. 

The most prominent place on Banana Island is the beach area with emerald green water and beautiful white sand. The beach is 800m long with extremely impressive space, the waves here are not too big for you to comfortably swim in the sea and participate in activities such as windsurfing, surfing, water motorbikes ... 

Banana Island Qatar is also famous for its luxurious marina which is the gathering place of the rich Dubai, this area is full of the most luxurious yachts with impressive and luxurious architecture. 

In particular, Banana Island also has a private coral viewing area with a beautiful ecosystem, a diving experience that is loved by many people when visiting this place. 

All the fun, entertainment and entertainment on Banana Island Qatar is wrapped in the Banana Island Resort area, which has everything you need for a luxury trip from the quality service to the attractions attractive and beautiful scenery like paradise.

What is attractive about Banana Island cuisine? 

Banana Island Qatar is famous for its variety of fresh seafood, so when you come here you can enjoy extremely attractive seafood parties. Seafood at Banana Island is very plentiful and often cooked according to 5-star standards, you can enjoy quality sushi meals, delicious grilled lobster cheese or international standard meals at the resort.


Banana island cuisine from QatarYou will have a wonderful culinary experience on the island. Photo: @bananaislandresort

Especially, right at Banana Island you can also enjoy the traditional dishes of this country such as Machboos, Liquimat ... The place to enjoy the delicious dishes on Banana Island is International Buffet at Banana Islandresor.

Discover e virtual Qatar Banana is wonderful journey and also is one of the most exciting experiences in the country to try this rich. The splendor of this artificial island will definitely make you fascinated and want to stay for a long time to see and enjoy. 

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