Visit the Kazanlak valley filled with roses in Bulgaria

 Kazanlak Valley is the ideal stop in the beautiful country of Bulgaria to admire all kinds of blooming roses and enjoy the most vibrant rose festival in the world. 

Where is the Kazanlak Valley Bulgaria? 

The Kazanlak Valley is also known as the Rose Valley by the Bulgarians, about 200km east of the center of Sofia. The entire valley has a total area of ​​about 200km, with fields of flowers of Kazanlak, Karlovo and part of Nova Zagora. 

Traveling to Bulgaria to explore the valley of roses, you need to fly from Vietnam to Sofia of many airlines such as Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Bulgaria Air, Wizz Air ... Then take the train, taxi or bus to Kazanlak. Kazanlak is about 163km from Sofia airport. 

Kazanlak Valley - where the address is
The Kazanlak Valley is also known as the valley of roses by the Bulgarians


The best time to explore the Kazanlak valley

The climate in Kazanlak is humid and temperate, cold winds in the north from the Beagan Range and in the south with humid winds from the Mediterranean, suitable for growing roses. That is also the reason why the roses in Kazanlak always bloom more beautiful and fresher than other places. The most beautiful Kazanlak valley tourism is around early June, at this time is the time when roses are in bloom. Besides, at the same time, the Bulgarian rose festival is held in the valley from June 2 to June 4 with many interesting activities. 

Interesting experiences when visiting the valley of roses

Experience in the Kazanlak valley , visitors will discover many interesting experiences such as: Visiting the rose essential oil facility, watching flowers, taking pictures and participating in the rose festival. 

Visit the rose oil production facility 

Bulgarian roses are produced as a special essential oil in the world and most of the oil is sourced from the Kazanlak valley . Rose essential oil is associated with the story of the princess who likes the scent of flowers and when she baths her with flowers in the tub, at that moment, she suddenly sees rose droplets emitting a fragrant aroma. Since then, the Bulgarians have learned to take rose oil and grow to this day. 

To refine rose oil, the people here have taken from 4 out of thousands of different types of roses. To make 1kg of rose essential oil, it takes 50,000 kg of white or pink rose soup. The best time to harvest roses as essential oils is in the rainy season, at which time the rainfall is not great, but lasts for many days, allowing the most aromatic oils to be obtained. 

Kazanlak Valley - an attractive destination for tourists
Blooming rose fields


It can be said that the Kazanlak valley is the ideal place to develop the largest rose oil industry in Bulgaria. Visiting the rose valley, visitors will learn about the essential oil distillation that is Skobeleva village and buy as a gift. 

Bulgarian Rose Festival

The period from the end of May 20-25 to mid-June is the rose harvest season and also the time when the rose festival is held in Kazanlak, attracting many tourists to attend. The festival is held in early May with many interesting activities about roses.

On the days of the Bulgarian Rose Festival , girls here in beautiful costumes dance and hold a contest to choose the "Rose Queen". On the days of the festival, people and visitors sing, pick flowers and dance the traditional Bulgarian dances. 

In particular, attending the rose festival, visitors will admire the helicopters spraying fragrant rose oil on the parade and the square. Besides, visitors also learn about art exhibitions with traditional items and better understand the lives of people here associated with roses. At the festival, visitors can choose to buy many souvenir products made from roses or hand-crafted meaningful items. 

The hotel is close to the Kazanlak valley 

Explore the Kazanlak valley , if you want to stay here you can refer to the beautiful and famous hotels such as:

- Complex Lazur address at Kopirka dam, Kazanlak. The hotel is fully equipped with amenities such as a refrigerator, air conditioning, a work desk, a mini bar, and a swimming pool. The hotel space is decorated with pink tones to create a close and cozy space. Room rates range from 2,000,000 VND / night.

- Shipka IT Hotel address at Kolyo Adjara 12, Shipka 6150 Bulgaria. This resort is impressive with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, space close to nature. The rooms of the hotel have a view overlooking the green grass, ideal for sightseeing. There are many facilities that guests can experience at this hotel such as massage area, spa, gym and sightseeing bicycle rental service. Room rates range from 2,500,000 VND / night.

- Villa Breeze Guest House address at Temenuga Street 8, Kazanlak. If you have a slightly more limited budget, you can choose Villa Breeze Guest House for an affordable price. This villa is located very close to the rose valley just a few kilometers, you can rent a bicycle to move to the rose valley very conveniently. Room rates range from 1,200,000 VND / night.

To admire the most beautiful roses in Bulgaria you cannot miss the Kazanlak valley . Visiting this famous rose valley, visitors will discover many interesting things, buy essential oils as gifts and learn about thousands of roses here.

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