Troubleshooting Egypt travel is safe?

 Tourism Egypt, many people are concerned by the terrorism happening in this country. However, for those who love adventure, there are still many reasons to go. In any travel, safety is always an important factor, especially for women. So is Egyptian tourism safe? Should this be the next stop on your travel guide? Let's find out!

Security in Egypt like?

If you have not studied carefully, many of you may think that Egypt is a country quite dangerous because of terrorism and cultural practices. However, this country is not as dangerous as the press reports here. It doesn't mean this place will always be safe, either. Actually, everywhere will have its own problems, the concept of safety is only relative, if you are negligent, you may encounter bad luck. 

In fact, in Egypt there are frequent terrorist attacks, but only in certain areas, especially in remote and border areas. However, do not worry too much because there will be no tour leading visitors to these unstable war zones. 

If you are pondering whether Egypt tourism is safe or not , you should choose Egypt tours with reputable companies. This will help you to trust and get a lot of help when things go wrong. 


Experience to have a safe Egypt trip

Avoid harassment

Wherever it goes, harassment is a possibility. In Egypt, this situation happened quite often in the past, but now it is very well controlled. Beautiful, colored, blue-eyed, comfortably-dressed tourists will often be the targets. More than that, harassment can also take place against male tourists. You will be tempted to buy things or sit on a camel for a walk. In such cases, ignore it, ignore the offer and go straight. 


Answering questions about Egypt tourism is safeIn Egypt it is very easy to be tempted to sit on camels


Places to go and not to 

When night falls, it is also the time when the streets in Luxor and Cairo come on bright lights. Now looking for a safe haven is a must-have guide. For female tourists, especially traveling alone, getting to a place that is both safe and suitable for your needs is a priority number 1. This will help you to judge some issues. If you go to a place that you are not comfortable with, you should go to another place. In Egypt outside the hotel, there are also many cheap motels that are quite safe. Please learn and observe before choosing. 

The system of bars and restaurants is one of the number 1 safe destinations for international tourists. If you want to have fun and entertainment in the country of the pagoda, you can choose a bar or a restaurant. If you travel alone, do not go to small local bars. Because this is a regular drinking place of indigenous people, it is not suitable for you to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail. One thing to note is that when going to bars it's best to go in large groups. 

What to wear safe? 

Egypt tourism safe ? Dress is one of the factors to help you minimize the troubles when coming to Egypt. This can be a prerequisite but it will be very helpful to avoid unfortunate events. Egypt is a land of many Muslims and Orthodox Christians. So, the right clothes will have to cover your knees and arms. 

This is probably the second most important thing that you need to consider when choosing to travel to Egypt . This is not a prerequisite to minimizing harassment, but it can be very helpful in not leading to unexpected events. When going out, preparing a scarf to cover your neck and head will help you feel safer. When going to the beach, you should limit your bikini wear but wear a tank top and shorts. 


Is Egypt travel guide safe?You should choose long outfits


Are women traveling to Egypt really safe?

Regardless of the dangers of terrorism or natural disasters, when women come to Egypt, they should pay attention to a number of principles in order to ensure their safety:

  • Muslim countries in general or Egypt in particular, there are quite strict rules on clothing. Therefore, female tourists should limit the selection of revealing, tight and somewhat sexy outfits. 
  • Female visitors to Egypt will not be required to wrap their face and scarf while walking on the street. However, this is a must when you visit mosques. 
  • Absolutely not go alone, especially in the evening, not go to remote areas with few people. 

Wherever you go, security is the factor that gets a lot of attention. However, in Egypt is not as scary as everyone imagined, just note a few things is okay. 

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