Tell you how to apply for an Egyptian tourist visa the easiest way to pass

 As a tourist, you will always want to once come to Egypt, the birthplace of mankind's brilliant civilization, home to the legendary Nile and mysterious pyramids. However, to get to you must prepare a number of procedures, including the visa. 

Conditions for applying for an Egyptian visa

The first experience of applying for an Egyptian tourist visa that tourists should pay attention to is the condition to be able to get a visa. This information will help you simplify the application preparation process and the next steps. 


Conditions for Egypt tourist visa Egypt is the land many people dream of coming to (Photo: traveltogo)


Prerequisites for applying for an Egyptian visa: You must not have a blank passport when loading paint tanks. When applying for a visa, in your passport you need to have a few seals proving that you have gone out of the territory of Vietnam several times to travel. Specifically, some visa-free countries such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, or countries with more difficult visas such as Japan, Korea, ... The more stamps the passport has, the easier it is to apply for a visa. 

Eligibility to apply for an Egyptian visa: The preparation of the application must be very detailed and complete at the request of the Egyptian Embassy. You should check the website of the Embassy or ask directly. 

Procedures for Egypt tourist visa

To have the highest chance of holding an Egyptian tourist visa in hand, preparing a very complete dossier is a very important step. Specifically, you need to prepare the following documents and papers:

Egyptian visa application form

The first and also very important condition to get an Egyptian visa is to write a complete, clean and clear declaration. For Egyptian visa applications , you need to fill in English, Arabic or French. When writing on the declaration form, make sure that the information is 100% correct, including: name, address, gender, ... After writing, paste the photo on the upper right corner. 


Egyptian tourist visa application formEgyptian tourist visa application form


Proof of identity

Identification documents will include the following documents:

  • The original passport is valid for at least 6 months and must have 2 blank pages left. 
  • 2 ID card photos according to IACO standards, the size of international passport standards. 
  • Copy of household registration book has notarized all pages. 
  • The large copy of the identity card has been notarized. 
  • Certificate of marital status. 
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate (if accompanied by children). 

Proof of work

In order to easily apply for an Egyptian tourist visa , you need to prove to the Embassy that you have a good job, stable in the country and do not need to go to Egypt to work illegally. The papers you need to prepare are: 

Civil servant applicants: need to prepare labor contracts, papers to appoint positions including: name, position, official date of inauguration. Submit an additional statement, payroll for the last 3 months. Application for vacation to travel with certification stamp from the company. The business license is stamped for certification by the local authority. Tax receipts for the latest 3 months. 

Applicants are students and students: student cards are still valid. If you are in high school or below, you need to have a confirmation of your parents with your birth certificate and ID card. School leave to travel to Egypt confirmed by the school. 

Retired applicant:  a retirement decision issued by the competent authority. Salary book, salary statement for the latest 3 months. 


Experience applying for an Egyptian tourist visa In Egypt there are many monumental works


Proof of finance

To be able to prove that the applicant himself can afford to pay all the costs of the trip to Egypt , you need to submit documents such as: bank statements, as much money as possible, savings books send at least 3 months. You need to prepare more: papers with car names, bonds, stocks, stocks, real estate red books. 


Proof of trip schedule

In addition to the above documents, you should not forget to prepare documents proving your travel itinerary to verify and provide information about your itinerary. This will make you gain trust from the staff at the Embassy. Trip schedule includes: date of departure, return date, destination, attractions of each specific day. The more detailed this schedule is, the better.


How to apply for an Egyptian tourist visaYou must fully prepare the trip schedule 


Confirmed hotel reservation in Egypt 

In the application for an Egyptian visa you should provide documents confirming hotel reservations in Egypt. The last document is international travel insurance with the lowest limit of 30 Euro. 

When you have completed your application, you should compact it in a volume and take it to the Embassy of Egypt to submit it at No. 63, To Ngoc Van, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi. 


Application fee for Egypt tourist visa

The fee for each application for Egypt tourist visa will fall to about 25USD if you only enter once. If you enter many times, the fee is 60 USD. Fees will only be accepted at the Embassy in cash and Vietnamese currency. So bring cash to pay. 


Time, deadline for Egypt visa 

The time to complete an Egyptian visa application and the duration of the visa will have influencing factors such as: nationality, whether or not you are applying for a visa in the peak season. The time to approve Egypt tourist visa will take about 10 days, excluding holidays, Saturday, Sunday. 


Time to issue Egypt tourist visa Egypt Visa

Note applying for Egypt tourist visa 

  • Currently, your application for an Egyptian tourist visa can only be submitted at the Egyptian embassy located in Hanoi. 
  • If you go crowded, you can send a representative and then go to apply for many people 
  • The application for an Egyptian visa will be received from 9:00 - 12:00 from Monday to Friday (public holidays and New Year will not work). 
  • Egypt visa duration will be 90 days from the date of issue. You can enter multiple times as long as you are within the time limit.


Note when applying for an Egyptian tourist visa Applying for an Egyptian visa is not too difficult


Above are the entire tips of applying for the easiest Egypt tourist visa to pass. Hopefully you will find useful experiences to quickly complete the process. Do not worry too much, the process is not too difficult as you imagine.

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