Explore Cambodia's vibrant Pub Street Siem Reap

 Siem Reap Pub Street is a bustling West street that many people love and visit. There are many bustling restaurants and bars for visitors to experience and explore. Therefore, traveling to Cambodia without visiting this famous western street is regrettable. 

Where is Pub Street?

West Street Pub Street is located in the center of Siem Reap city in Cambodia. This is a famous street that many foreign tourists visit. If you compare this place with Tay Bui Vien street in Vietnam , Pub Street is also bustling, crowded and happy. Because when you come here, you will discover a lot of new and interesting things. 


Siem Reap Pub StreetPub Street is a Western neighborhood that many tourists visit when traveling to Cambodia

This street starts to bustle from 5pm until 12pm or maybe even later. Therefore, if you travel to Siem Reap and you do not know where to go at night, Pub Street will be a great suggestion for you to have a meaningful evening experience.


Explore the street Pub Street Siem Reap

Pub Street is home to a lot of bars, restaurants and food shops. Therefore, if you want to enjoy traditional Cambodian dishes or eye-catching Western dishes, just visit Pub Street. Here, there will be a diverse and rich culinary world for you to explore. 

This neighborhood began to become bustling, bustling with many bright lights and a jubilant, bustling atmosphere when the sun started to completely go out. This is probably the place with the busiest evenings in Siem Reap. Therefore, when visiting Pub Street in Siem Reap , visitors will never feel sad. Whether or not the sadness here is that you will feel regretful because you do not have much time to explore this place more.

Both sides of the road are elegant, historic eateries, bars, and most of the restaurants are open all day. However, the most active activity is around 5pm onwards. This is when a lot of people visit this Pub Street. 

At Pub Street Siem Reap , around 7am, vehicles will be banned from traveling to give way to walking, shopping and eating activities. On the sidewalks, the shops will begin to set up tables and chairs and turn on bright lights for visitors to visit and enter the bar to sip tea, coffee or enjoy the famous street food of Cambodia. Compared to other Cambodian night markets , Pub Street is a very well-planned and spacious neighborhood. Therefore, you can explore the regions one by one.

Enjoy food at Siem Reap West Pub Street

This epic night town is a world of food for you to enjoy and enjoy. Because here, every dish is available from traditional Khmer dishes to Western European, Chinese, Thai, Indian or Vietnamese dishes. Therefore, foreign visitors who want to enjoy the dishes from home can visit Pub Street to enjoy.

The restaurants here are beautifully decorated, so when you come here to enjoy the food, you will have the best resting and dining space for your trip to Siem Reap Pub Street . All dishes here are clearly and specifically priced, so whether you are a tourist or a local, you will not worry about being caught in the price. 

Among the many restaurants here, the Khmer Family Restaurant is the most famous. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit, come here to enjoy the delicious and delicious chicken Amok or Khmer Thai dishes, French, Indian and Vietnamese dishes ...


Enjoy shopping at Pub Street night market

The area outside Pub Street is a night market with a variety of items for visitors to choose and shop for. From clothes, shoes to towels, fabrics and jewelry, gold and silver. Therefore, if you plan to shop when traveling to Cambodia, immediately visit Pub Street Siem Reap . This will be an ideal shopping place for you to choose the right items and buy as gifts for your friends and relatives. 

The souvenir items in this Western Quarter are as diverse as Buddha statues, silverware or bayon, Apsara statues. In addition, there are towels and clothes which are also the items that receive a lot of love from buyers. You can freely pick up the pawn to look and ask for information and prices of items. Because the shippers here are very comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, buying and selling at the market is very convenient and easy. However, buying and selling still need to pay a little price so that visitors can buy the item like that at the cheapest price.

Especially in this Siem Reap Pub Street night market , you can buy things with riel or USD and Vietnamese money. Therefore, Vietnamese tourists visiting this Siem Reasightseeing  place will enjoy shopping and choosing items with their own Vietnamese currency.


'Pop the roof' at the fun bars at Pub Street 

The bars on Pub Street are very crowded and bustling, so when coming here, in addition to enjoying delicious, attractive food and shopping for free, visitors can also visit the bars here for fun. play, dance. The bars in this West Street are crowded with visitors and everyone can come together, sway, dance and enjoy delicious drinks special from the beautiful country of Cambodia. In addition, when you go to Pub Street,  you can also join the massage service experience. A place where you can relax and relax when you have a little fish massage your feet.

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