Zurich Swiss cuisine and dining experiences cannot be missed

 With traditional dishes from all 26 states in the country as well as specialties in Zurich cuisine, you will have a lot to explore during your Swiss tour.

Rarely on the list of gourmet getaways, Zürich often describes itself as Switzerland's financial center. But the city is rapidly overtaking that reputation and becoming a destination for foodies with the launch of different types of cuisines from the country's top culinary talents.

Much of this is thanks to FOOD ZÜRICH - an annual festival where over 150 culinary events and seminars are held across the city from May to June. The 11-day festival attracts locals as well as visitors, they all vied for tickets to events held everywhere from tunnels and hidden museums to the city's best castles and restaurants.


Discover Zurich cuisine through interesting destinationsDiscover the culinary city of Zurich through interesting destinations


While the festival showcases the emergence of the city of Zurich as an internationally influential "cook stove", a host of next-generation chefs, farmers and producers are busy opening The new restaurants mimic Swiss cuisine , making Zürich a very deserving position on the European culinary map.


Culinary festival of Zurich

Previously when you came to Zurich, you struggled to find good quality restaurants at affordable prices. Eating Zurich is an expensive business. The price for a main course is around 30-40 CHF, so bills per person can easily go up to £ 50 or more. Prices have not changed, but the quality and variety of restaurants and dining scene in Zurich today are booming.

The Zurich culinary variety is showcased at FOOD ZURICH, a culinary festival that takes place for 11 days from May to June. The festival celebrates Zurich as a culinary hotspot with over 150 events spanning all over the city. These events range from tasting menus to food showcases in unusual locations (museums, castles, homes and even tunnels), from cooking workshops to tasting sessions to try on; from fine dining to Swiss street food ...

Speaking of street food, you will be impressed by the variety of stalls and trucks at Zurich's vibrant and bustling Street Food Festival. The month-long festival hosts more than 80 street food vendors cooking under two large circus tents on the grounds of an old stadium. It's simple, fun, delicious and I will absolutely love it! There are many dishes to choose from here!

If you happen to be in Zurich during this festival, you should visit. These food vans can be found around the city at other events throughout the year; Many of them also have permanent traditional restaurants in the city!

Culinary tours of Zurich

Whenever you visit a new city, you can join a guided food tour to learn more about local cuisine and traditional dishes. You can spend half a day eating your way in the trendy Zurich West district with the Zurich Food Tour - Zurich culinary tour . The tours are organized by Visit Zurich's official tourist board.

For CHF 85 (£ 65) you can sample food and drinks from six different places. You can start with a Middle Eastern sandwich at NENI and end with a vegan ice cream made by a social enterprise, passing through a craft brewery and a Belgian-style pub.

The culinary tour aims to showcase the skills of independent producers and restaurant owners as well as the various current culinary influences in Zurich. It's a great way to learn more about the history of the city. In Zurich West industrial factories have moved, leaving space for designer shops, market halls, breweries and restaurants.

Delicious food in Zurich

Cheese Fondue: It goes without saying that cheese sauce is a must for any visit to Switzerland.

Rösti is an ethnic food and has a tradition from agriculture. Potatoes are fried in oil so they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sometimes you can add bacon or even apples to taste.

Raclette is a dish with a melted cheese sauce accompanied with pickled potatoes, onions, gherkins and fruit.

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes is a quintessential dish from Zurich cuisine , consisting of slices of veal cooked with mushrooms, cream, onions and wine. It is usually served with rösti, rice or noodles.

Bircher muesli is Zurich's favorite cereal and fruit breakfast

Bündnerfleisch: In Eastern Switzerland, meat, usually beef, is processed and dried in Alpine air for 10 to 15 weeks. According to the tradition of the state of Graubünden, this delicacy is present all over the country and you will find it in butcher shops all over Zurich.

Zuger Kirschtorte: Perfect for those who like sweetness, the Zuger Kirschtorte is a cake layered with meringue and buttercream cream. For added sweetness, it is mixed with cherry brandy.

On a frozen frozen day, nothing is better than a delicious hot pot. Zürcher Eintopf is a hearty blend of pork, onions, cabbage, potatoes and carrots cooked in white wine.

Another good dish to warm your body in winter is Bündner Gerstensuppe , a Swiss barley soup.


Where to eat in Zurich?

Chocolat Dieter Meier

Along the banks of the Limmat River and down a cobbled street near Zürich's old town, grab your Swiss chocolate at Chocolat Dieter Meier. Here, the chocolate is cold extracted, which means the individual ingredients of the cocoa bean are separated, creating a new way to enjoy seven flavor variations of chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers will find this shop particularly appealing, as it produces a variety of 90% non-bitter cocoa beans.


Chocolat Dieter Meier - Discover Zurich Swiss cuisineChocolat Dieter Meier

Zunfthaus Zur Waag

It's hard to miss Zunfthaus Zur Waag, home to the iconic baby blue linen and wool weaver's guild overlooking Münsterhof, one of Zürich's picturesque Lindenhof squares. At this Zurich culinary 's main restaurant , chef Alain Koenig elevates traditional Swiss cuisine such as the famous Zurich-style veal served with rösti, crispy fries to perfection with butter. .

Markthalle at Im Viadukt

In the revitalized Im Viadukt - a railroad converted into a strip of more than 30 concept stores in the stone arch of the viaduct - is Markthalle, a restaurant opened in 2010 in the Zürich industrial park. -West. In these check out small Swiss producers like Kick Cheese for mountain fresh milk, Kaeser Schloss for whiskey and gin, and Berg und Tal for mustard produced in historic and molasses factories.  Don't miss your chance to dine at the Markthalle Restaurant with fleur de sel, an authentic and delicious Swiss dish that rarely appears on the menus of the city's most famous restaurants.


Coffee shops and sweets

Confiserie Sprüngli is a premium Swiss confectionery manufacturer founded in 1836 and known worldwide for its Luxemburgerli chocolate and macaron.

Schwarzenbach has been selling coffee, tea and chocolate for over 100 years and you can watch it from the street while the coffee is being roasted. Teuscher has several branches in the old town and is famous for its chocolate stalls.

Conditorei Cafe Schober has been around in Niederdorf since the mid-19th century. They serve delicious pastries and coffee in the charming vintage tea rooms.

John Baker is a wonderful bakery with two stores in Stadelhofen and Helvetiaplatz. Perfect place for an afternoon break with coffee and pastries.

Visiting Zurich city will give you the chance to experience the city's thriving culinary and coffee scene, so spend a few days just exploring this beautiful city!

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