What is winter in Zermatt but white snow?

 Winter in Zermatt in addition to skiing, there are also interesting things: majestic scenery, warm food, igloo for overnight ...

When you talk about the best places in Switzerland you will hear the same locations over and over: Areas of Jungfrau , Lucerne and Zermatt. Especially Zermatt is definitely one of the most beautiful places not only in Switzerland.

Zermatt is one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland. There is a beautiful town center, filled with quaint wooden houses, dotted with lovely bakeries, upscale restaurants and loads of ski clothing shops. Then there are towering mountains, including The Matterhorn - one of the most recognizable peaks in the world.


Zermatt Swiss town - Winter in ZermattZermatt town in Switzerland


There are plenty of great things to do in Zermatt in winter for those who do not ski including visiting the town's relaxing spas, hiking to take pictures of stunning views, and touring landmarks. 

With 200 kilometers of trails, plus ski opportunities from Italy to Switzerland, it's easy to see why Zermatt is one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe.

Walking around Zermatt in winter

The town of Zermatt has no cars and is therefore the perfect place to walk around. You can walk up some of the small hills and enjoy astonishing views of the Matterhorn and the traditional 16th century bungalows with snow-covered roofs, which look charming.

Zermatt is reasonably priced so besides the ski clothing stores you'll find a number of trendy clothing stores. There are also plenty of stunning cafes serving everything from hot coffee and hot chocolate to apple pie latte!

During winter in Zermatt , you can walk around town and discover a great viewpoint a little walk from the main streets. It is interesting to see the sparkling lights starting to turn on at night.

Even if you are not as active as the morning skiers, relaxing and relaxing in the spa is completely enjoyable. Many hotels have spas, pools, hot tubs and saunas, and there is something so relaxing about looking out over the cold snow from the comfort of a warm bubbling jacuzzi!

Winter tourism activities in Zermatt

Winter in Zermatt   is exciting but if you want to fully experience this place, there are a number of tourist activities in Zermatt below ready to wait!


Walk on the world's longest suspension bridge in Zermatt

One of the best things to do in Zermatt in winter is to walk the longest suspension bridge in the world. The 494m long bridge, called Charles Kuonen or Europabrücke (European Bridge) suspension bridge, hangs 85m above the Grabengufer ravine. It takes only 10 minutes to cross and offers stunning views of the Matterhorn along with other peaks - Weisshorn and Bernese Alps.

Take the train to Gornergrat

The train from Zermatt to Gornergrat is considered one of the most beautiful sightseeing trains in the world. The ride takes around thirty minutes, stopping at several locations along the way and you can enjoy some of the amazing views of the Matterhorn illuminated by the sun. 


Go to Gornergrat to explore winter in Zermatt SwitzerlandThe train is from Zermatt to Gornergrat


The last stop is Gornergrat at an altitude of 3,100m. There, you can panoramic views, tour a hotel or warm up with a cup of coffee in the cafe. The view is astonishing and this is definitely a trip in Zermatt in winter everyone should experience.


Enjoy the warm mountain delicacies

Switzerland is famous for its cheeses - and the state of Valais (where Zermatt is located) is home to some incredibly delicious cheeses like Raclette or Fondue. For the Swiss, there is nothing better than having one of these cheeses to eat after a long winter day exploring the landscape. 

From the rich cheesy sauce to the raclette ... the restaurant experience is one of the favorites on a winter snow ride  in Zermatt.

The restaurants in the ski resorts are super cozy with alpine décor, fur carpets, and lots of candles. Once you've tasted alcohol and beer, you'll forget that the temperature is negative. In Zermatt, visit the Du Pont restaurant, a cozy, value-for-money eatery with a menu of delicious cheese options! 

Visit the Matterhorn glacier paradise

One of the best attractions in Zermatt for those who don't like skiing is the Matterhorn glacier paradise. At 3,883m, it is Europe's tallest alpine station and offers incredible panoramic views of not only the iconic mountain but also the surrounding ski slopes.

Also part of the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the Glacier Palace . Take the elevator down the inside of the glacier and you'll see a magical passageway carved across the ice and filled with ice sculptures.


Sleep in Igloo

There's one thing to do in Zermatt in winter that you can't find at any other time of the year: Sleep in Igloo. During the winter in Zermatt , they build an igloo village so you can stay overnight. Sound cold? But it's not like that. It was basically like a luxury hotel inside an igloo built of snow. If you like adventure then this is definitely a great choice for you!


It's probably the obvious choice and why most Swiss come to visit Zermatt: It's the perfect place for skiing and snowboarding. While the price is pretty high, the deal you get is also great and winter is the perfect time to try it! If you travel to Zermatt for a few days, just try skiing there, you'll see some magical views over the Matterhorn while slipping down the slopes.


Skiing to see the Matterhorn Peak - Winter exploration in Zermatt SwitzerlandSkiing to see the Matterhorn peak


Zermatt is a perfect place for skiing - Winter Discovery in Zermatt SwitzerlandZermatt is a perfect spot for skiing

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