Tourist Gruyeres - one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Switzerland

 Located in the heart of Switzerland, the medieval town of Gruyeres offers a delightful cultural and culinary journey!

The picturesque town of Gruyeres has a medieval charm. The pedestrian town welcomes you to a gentle walk with boulders and fountains. Gruyères has small shops and quaint homes, which makes the visiting experience even more intimate for visitors. The town gave a name to the region La Gruyère and its delicious cheese - Gruyère AOP.


The town of GruyeresGruyeres Tourism


Much of the town, including the houses and streets, retains its original character. If you haven't traveled to this picturesque Swiss town yet then you should spend 2-3 days exploring it!

Cultural and historical town of Gruyeres Switzerland

A town dating back to the medieval times, Gruyeres has intact areas from the Middle Ages. Surrounded by the gentle slopes of Pre-alps and overlooking a lush valley, Gruyeres is an idyllic and perfect place like a picture. Strolling along the main road is like walking in a fairytale town. Charmingly neat and well-kept houses, balcony flowers look like strips of color on a fabric background. 

Visit the 13th-century Gruyères castle filled with artifacts and treasures surveying the history of the town and its inhabitants. The walk in the castle offers breathtaking views. From the terrace created on the ramparts, you can immerse yourself in idyllic landscapes and charming French gardens, with lovely manicured lawns and flower beds.

Inside, Gruyeres Castle boasts stunning frescoes, stunning medieval stained-glass windows and a centuries-old collection of memorabilia.

There is a Tibetan Museum - A surprising feature in the small town of Gruyères with its fascinating collection of over 300 items, including Buddhist statues dating from the 6th century to the century. This is also a place to keep a variety of sculptures, drawings, paintings, religious and ritual items of significance to Buddhism.

Interesting travel experiences at Gruyeres

Despite the fact that Gruyères is a comfortable small town with meager nightlife, you get a great view of the town during the day. While you are planning your trip to the town of Gruyeres, you can visit and participate in exciting travel experiences here!

Stroll in the old town:  Everything in Gruyeres is picturesque and beautiful, and not a single detail seems out of place. Old wrought iron signs, elegant architecture of houses with balconies, windows, doors and terraces decorations. If you just admire the scenery in this old town you will come across loads of interesting details.

Go skiing: The town of Gruyères may lack the flashiness of the more lavish Alpine resorts like St. John's. Moritz and Zermatt, but it's great for skiing with the nearby village of Moléson having more than 30 kilometers of slopes available to beginner and intermediate skiers.

Visit Giger Museum and recall the hit Alien movie: Do you remember Alien - the sci-fi (and horror) hit in the late 1970s? It is the work of Swiss artist HR Giger, who designed the Alien creature, which earned him an Oscar in 1980. Giger's brush art, depicting dark creatures the human part and the mechanical part became iconic in the 1980s. 

The beauty of the town of Gruyeres is not just an interesting village. The breathtaking alpine landscape can be seen through the "under Gruyères" trail that is suitable for anyone, especially families with children. Also the Charmey-Gruyères trail is a swim you will see artificial Monsalvens lake. Immerse yourself in pristine Jogne Gorge, cross wooden bridges and explore ever-changing enchanting landscapes. 

Food in Gruyeres

Gruyeres is known as the cheese capital of Switzerland! It is perhaps best known for the cheese that has almost the same name (it doesn't have an 's'). The slightly hard, granular Gruyère is one of the most famous Swiss cheeses, used in classic dishes like raclette and sauces. This delicious cheese is definitely a must try when coming to this town especially for cheese lovers.


Enjoy a cheese fondue in the town of Gruyeres - the town of GruyeresEnjoy a cheese fondue in the town of Gruyeres


Since Gruyères is so popular around the world, you'll want to enjoy its true taste right here. You should try the village's specialty dish, called Moitie-Moitie, which is a dish made with cheese and another locally sourced dish called Vacherin from the Friborg region.

Although Gruyère is usually a lot of attention, this town is also famous for its meringue served with double cream (whipped up using similar whipping or topping cream), which are famous for their crunch. It is especially celebrated during the annual harvest ceremony - La Bénichon.

The town of Gruyeres is home to the Cailler chocolate factory. One of Switzerland's most popular chocolate salons, it offers chocolate interactive tours from town. At Maison Callier, you can learn all about the handcraft of chocolate making, as well as try out some of their best samples.

Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, the town of Gruyeres  retains what it was originally. A rural town whose economy is still largely based on livestock production and the production of milk and cheese. As soon as you get out of the main street, you will hear the soothing sound of oxcans grazing peacefully in the grasslands ...

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