Old town Lugano Switzerland - meeting place of modern and medieval culture

 The old town of Lugano, with its pedestrian streets and brightly lit shops, attracts thousands of visitors thanks to the intersection of Europe's North and South cultures.

Surrounded by towering mountains and a beautiful lake, Lugano is an important financial center of Switzerland. Its splendor and stunning views, coupled with its Mediterranean character, make Lugano a popular resort destination. The old town of Lugano is the heart of the city, with its pedestrian streets and steep streets a paradise for those who want to shop.

Walk along the old town of Lugano Switzerland

The old town center of Lugano is a walking area, it's like the jewel of this beautiful city! The neighborhood along the shores of Lake Via Nassa (taking its name from fishing gear, a very popular sport on the lake) is the most elegant street with its paved streets that give it an Italian look and make it look like into temptation to shoppers, to shops sells handmade products, branded clothing and a variety of local foods.


Piazza Ciòccaro square - Lugano old townPiazza Ciòccaro Square


Piazza Ciòccaro  is the main and most vibrant square, with the stunning Baroque Palazzo Riva; from here a steep path climbed up the Church of San Lorenzo, built in Roman times and restored in the Renaissance style. Inside is the chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie built in the 15th century to pay tribute to Our Lady for preventing plague. This square is the ideal starting point for visiting the city. A network of pedestrian alleys takes you through bright windows and luxury shops, connecting to the city's main attractions.

From an artistic point of view, the most important church is undoubtedly the Santa Maria degli Angioli , home to the works of Bernardino Luini - the beloved disciple of Leonardo da Vinci. The works include the Great Supper strongly influenced by the great Master Tuscan, and a painting of Christ, the largest mural ever created in Switzerland.

No trip is complete without shopping. The shops in the old town of Lugano help you find anything you want. The most famous streets, Via Pessina and Via Nassa have many shops. The fresh food market is also well worth a visit. Department stores and supermarkets have great stuff, while the old town's splendid palaces have upmarket boutiques for lavish shopping.

Step into Via Nassa, a shopper's paradise, and you'll find the San Carlo Borromeo Church built between 1640 and 1642.

The journey continues along the shores of the lake under the surrounding greenery, which defines the boundary between the lake and the urban housing outside the old town of Lugano.  One of the highlights is the Belvedere garden , a blossoming terrace located to the left of Santa Maria degli Angioli church, offering a short stop between nature and culture. The garden is enriched by colorful flower beds, bushes, centuries-old trees, and an interesting collection of works of art.

Continuing along the lakefront and past Via Nassa, you'll cross Piazzetta Maraini to find yourself in one of the most breathtaking and special corners of the city, Via Pessina - where the old buildings are there are businesses that sell local products. Visit Piazza Cioccaro to discover the beauty of Palazzo Riva-Ghioldi, one of Lugano's oldest buildings and still in excellent condition thanks to its renovations.

Another tour is to explore Swiss cuisine , stopping at 'grotti', simple restaurants always under the shade of old trees to enjoy traditional dishes, such as risotto with luganighe sausage, polenta, boiled meats, fish grilled in the oven or soaked in water, as well as fresh local cheese. And on your journey to the old town of Lugano , don't forget about traditional Swiss wine!

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