Lost in the permafrost world at Zermatt glacier palace Switzerland

 Sparkling ice crystals and ice sculptures dazzle visitors when visiting Zermatt glacier palace.

At an altitude of 3820 m, you feel like entering the world of snow, ice and mountain peaks. In the west you see the Matterhorn , the most famous mountain in Switzerland, and in the east Breithorn with the majestic Monte Rosa mountain behind it. On the vast glacier between the Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn is the  tallest Zermatt glacier palace in the world, offering an amazing view of the amazing world of ice and snow!


The world of glorious snow and ice - the Swiss Zermatt glacier palaceThe world of ice and snow is brilliant


Introduction of the Zermatt glacier palace

The Zermatt Glacier Palace (also known as the Matterhorn glacier palace )  is 3883 meters above sea level. An enchanting place will take you into the fascinating world of eternal ice. Surrounded by meticulously crafted ice sculptures and centuries-old ice, it's as if you have entered a magical fairytale.

The glacier palace was not immediately visible in the wide ice field between the Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn - you'll see it 15 meters below the surface. The only way to get in was by elevator and the journey down to this place was a breathtaking experience.

A lift goes 15 meters into glacial paradise, where glittering ice crystals and ice sculptures create a world of their own. They are periodically replaced with new creations from different artists. An ice tunnel continues across the glacier to an ice chute. Soft and smooth seats are provided on the bench to make the icy adventure cozy and comfortable.

The atmosphere inside the palace is nothing but icy, with soothing lighting effects and relaxing music. You will be amazed at the naturally formed ice shapes and the new pieces sculpted by artists each year. Wander through the ice tunnels, pause for a while at one of the reception areas and enjoy the enchanting view that sparkles all around you.

There are many beautiful photo spots where you can take great souvenir photos. The average tour time is about 30 to 45 minutes. You should wear warm clothes and boots to keep your body warm.

Matterhorn glacier paradise restaurant

At  Zermatt glacier palace , do not forget to drop by Matterhorn restaurant. You can easily envision a beautiful view through the panoramic window while enjoying your meal: the crème de la crème of the Swiss Alpine peaks is centered around the Klein Matterhorn. Here the restaurant stands alongside the world's tallest mountain station.

The building was renovated in 2013. It has seats for 60 people and complies with the highest environmental standards. The menu offers international dishes along with Swiss specialties .

Whether you prefer to enjoy breakfast in the mountains, homemade dinners, Valais specialties on a pan, burgers, pasta or your choice of daily desserts and dishes - the menu of the glacier paradise restaurant The Matterhorn has something for you. Rub! The restaurant's kitchen is visible from the outside and you can watch your food carefully crafted from the freshest ingredients. In particular, this restaurant offers children's meals in the "pasta" and "fried foods" category half the price.

If you want to buy some local souvenirs first, you'll find a selection in the adjacent Peak store.

Also around Europe's tallest mountain-top station, there are wonderful experiences waiting for you. For example you can visit the highest observatory in the Alps, with 360º panoramas of 38 four thousand meter high mountain peaks and 14 glaciers in three countries.

Besides, you can also try a helicopter flight to the top of the majestic Matterhor mountain and this will be an unforgettable experience on a trip to Zermatt glacier palace.

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