Explore the ancient capital of Switzerland through fascinating travel experiences

 Many people think that modern Zurich is the capital of Switzerland, so the slower-paced Bern is quite a surprise. But if you've ever been to Switzerland you will know that this place does not lack the exciting travel experiences below!

Old city Bern retains its heritage and encapsulates longstanding Swiss traditions and history into a small, absent space of tall buildings and financial center with crowds. 


The travel experience Bern SwitzerlandSee the Capital of the Surprise of Switzerland


But where is Bern? Located 95 kilometers southwest of Zurich, it may not be right in the sights of tourists. However, Bern's position in the very heart of the country is a place to start exploring the wider Switzerland. 


The travel experience Bern Switzerland

- Walking in the old town of Bern: Old Town of Bern was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 because the center of the medieval city is very well preserved. It is also home to the first Lindt chocolate factory, bear legend and Einstein's most famous published work. Naturally, any visitor will start exploring right in the heart of the historic old city of Bern. Its island-like layout is interwoven by the curving Aare River and is best explored on foot.

- Visit Zytglogge tower : be the darling of the city - a historical highlight and one of the most loved 'meeting spots'. Bern's clock was in another world in an old, rickety, loft-like house that was obscured and had large windows that opened up to the city for a closer and more unique perspective.

Stroll the longest covered shopping passage in Europe : The curving shops in the baroque-style buildings are the highlight of this area. Walking down these streets is a  delightful Bern travel experience !

There are also underground shops with small wooden plank doors open on the streets for those who want to venture into the neat cave-like houses, including all the shops, bars and cafes.

- See streets from medieval times  and narrow alleys that offer highlights of typical Bern's classic neighborhood, including the many churches, City Hall, luxury gold foundry and parliament building inlaid with gold. Walking through the old medieval alleys at night is a Bern travel experience for you to have a different look at the history of the city.

- See the whole city of Bern from the rose garden : One of the interesting travel experiences of Bern is watching the old city overhead from the Rose Garden. An aloft lush oasis, filled with over 200 varieties of roses, this area is an idyllic setting of the city. You can also climb the 222 Bern Münster steps for a 360-degree panoramic view.

The Rosegarten restaurant is a great reason to stop and enjoy the view, as well as the Altes Tramdepot craft brewery and the foothill restaurant overlooking the old town.

- See the Bern bears - Famous symbols of the city:  When you visit Bern, you will immediately see why it is called 'The City of Bears'. The bear emblem can be found across the city on murals, flags, fountain decorations and even on the Zytglogge clock tower. It comes from the legend that a bear was the first animal to be killed by the city's founder. From there, the tradition always had a bear symbol in the city.

There is a Big Bear park on the waterfront bordering the historic old town - the first park built in history was in 1441. 


The 6000 square meter Bear Park in Bern - The tourist experiences of Bern SwitzerlandBear Park 6000 square meters in Bern


Visit Albert Einstein's house : It is an interesting fact that Albert Einstein lived in Bern when he discovered and published his Theory of Relativity. His apartment is a tourist destination Bern in the heart of the old town. Born in Germany, Einstein came to Switzerland at the age of 16 and continued to study there. He lived in Bern from 1902 to 1909, publishing 32 scientific papers, one of which was The Theory of Relativity.

Find out why Bern is the City of Water ? The capital of Switzerland is known as the city of water, with fountains on every avenue and street corner (there are dozens of fountains!). And if you take the time to observe, you will still see a small stream flowing through a small canal under the main streets of Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitgasse.

The most central point of water is the Aare River, a U-shaped river for the fast flowing locals embracing the historic center. The river in Bern is so unique that this highly regarded 'urban swimming' activity is officially on the UNESCO list of Swiss traditions.

- Go to the top of Gurten: If adventure on the Aare River is not enough of your Bern travel experiences, head to the top of Gurten - on a short tram ride outside the city center.

Containing history, culture and even small adventures to explore in a short amount of time ... there's no reason not to visit the capital Bern - this city breaks the mold of the capitals. Common European Dollars that make you really impressed!

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