Come to the village of Findeln known as the culinary paradise of the Zermatt region

 The small village of Findeln in Zermatt includes lovely bungalows and mountain gourmet trifecta.

The idyllic beautiful Zermatt nestled in a valley in the Swiss Alps, where the view to the Matterhorn is the mountain that dominates the horizon, making for one of the most unique alpine landscapes in Europe otherwise all over the world. Hiking trails, cycling trails, relaxing wellness oases and other great activities are limitless. In which the village of Findeln is a place close to Zermatt famous for its wonderful real kettles!


Zermatt Switzerland - the village of FindelnZermatt Switzerland


At Sunnegga in Zermatt, you can take a four-seater cable car that takes you to the beautiful village of Findeln perched on a hill. The village was built in 1954, before that the entire area was used to grow rye, grain and graze. The slopes of Findeln overlooking the majestic mountains and ancient little houses are something you should not miss.

The villagers are not here all year round. Most of the summer months, they come here and work with the barns to produce milk, cheese and grow grain. Then the product is sent to the town of Zermatt. While you're here, don't forget to visit the old barns and ranches that still exist alongside the 17th-century chapel in a picturesque mountain setting and lush summer meadows all around. 

You can spend the whole day just walking around the village and admiring the scenery. Today, Findeln attracts a lot of visitors both summer and winter for its excellent mountain cuisine. So a trip to the village of Findeln is easily among the best day trips from Zermatt you can make! 

The village of Findeln - the destination for gourmet

The restaurants on the mountains at Findeln are world famous, accessible by foot or directly from the ski slopes. Many old houses are now vacation homes. Authentic Walser houses, barns, and shops built out of pine wood illuminated by the sun are idyllic spectacles to photograph. Findeln's buildings are scattered on the sunny slopes of between 2,000 and 2,200 meters.

It was not long since the strenuous farming work prevailed during the summer days of the residents of the Fineln Zermatt neighborhood . Every year, in the early summer, the people of Zermatt pull their cattle out of the valley floor. Milk is made into cheese, or brought to the village everyday. Until the end of World War II, the mountain farmers continued to grow rye, grain and weed hay. On Sunday, people go to the chapel to attend mass. Today, “Maiens√§ss” settlements like the Findeln form an important part of the natural and cultural heritage of the state of Valais.

The village of Findeln is located at an altitude of 2,020 meters above sea level. This small village above Zermatt is not only known for its picturesque bungalows and the perfect view of the Matterhorn mountain top but also for top dining! There are many restaurants in the village that offer a sumptuous meal with a beautiful view that you should experience when you come here.

The quaint village of Findeln is a culinary paradise with restaurants Chez Vrony, Findlerhof and Enzian, all worth stopping by for lunch. The fresh gourmet menu, superb mountain views and an excellent reputation mean depending on the season, time of day and the size of the meal. According to the travel experience of many people, you should book in advance to enjoy the best.

Walking is the most enjoyable way to explore this place. Of course, if you don't have time to hike down, you can take the mountain rail back to Zermatt. But if you still have a little bit of energy left, it's a 3.5km hike from Zermatt. And one of the favorite things that might make you visit Findeln, the small village below Sunnegga, is to come across the Valais Blacknose sheep which is a friendly and comfortable breed.

Some Findeln travel experiences for you:

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