Can't resist the attraction of Korean tourist destinations

 North Korea is the most mysterious country in the world because it is always closed to the outside media, so the Korean tourist destinations always spark endless curiosity of many people. If you are also among them, you should definitely follow the article below.

1. Capital of Pyongyang

Pyongyang is the first destination that you must definitely visit when traveling to North Korea , because this is not only the largest city but also the most beautiful and modern in Korea up to now. 

Located along the banks of the romantic Dai Dong River, all year round, the city of Pyongyang attracts tourists by its unique architectural skyscrapers with prominent colors such as red, blue, white, ... Like a giant art museum.


Pyongyang city - a famous Korean tourist destinationThe buildings are painted in quite impressive colors (Photo @joephiliph)


Traveling to Pyongyang, in addition to visiting modern Western restaurants and cafes, visitors can also visit many famous Korean tourist destinations such  as:

Kim Nhat Thanh Square: The 16th largest square in the world, located in the heart of the capital, was built to commemorate the great leader who publicly gave birth to the country of Korea. This place also regularly takes place major events or important parades, so the people here are very respectful.

Arc de Triomphe : Not only Paris, France, even in the capital Pyongyang, there is an equally impressive Arc de Triomphe with a height of 60m and a width of 50m, including 4 arches, each gate is 27m high and equipped with beautiful rhododendron motifs around it. Inside, more than 10 rooms are designed with modern balustrades, podiums and elevators for visitors to see the beauty of the city.


Arc de Triomphe - an attractive Korean tourist destinationThe massive Arc de Triomphe (Photo @ david.klatt.737)


This is not only the tallest Arc de Triomphe in the world but also has a special meaning of commemorating the sacrifices of the soldiers who participated in the war against Japan from 1925 to 1945, so you definitely cannot give up. Through this North Korean symbol on my trip.

Subject Tower - Juche Tower : Located right next to Kim Nhat Thanh Square, with a cylindrical structure tapering upward, a fire above the head is burning and at the base of the tower are 3 statues of 3 objects is the pot, sickle, pen - symbolizing the Labor Party - the pride of the Korean political system.


Tower subject - a prominent Korean tourist destinationTower of imposing subjects (Photo @magical_travel_journal)


Reunification Arch : An extremely impressive work of Pyongyang - a famous tourist destination in North Korea , bearing the image of two mothers of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in traditional costumes leaning forward holds a sphere with a map of the Korean peninsula with the desire to unify the country.


Unified archway - a unique Korean tourist destinationUnique Reunification Arch Gate (Photo @camikiwi)


From all the above we can see, the capital Pyongyang deserves to be the most desirable North Korean tourist destination .


2. City of Wonsan

As a coastal city on the road to Mount Kumgang, with a peaceful, fresh and nature-friendly atmosphere, Wonsan is the next North Korean destination that you cannot miss. This place is famous for beautiful masterpieces like paintings that the Creator offers such as:

Ullim Falls : Located in a lush tropical forest, surrounded by green canopy, the white waterfall falls straight down from the high cliffs like a soft silk ribbon of a fairy she forgot under the world. The special thing is that no matter how strongly the water above flows, the surface of the lake below is still green, calm, without a ripple, overwhelming everyone who witnesses.


ullim waterfall - a beautiful Korean tourist destinationWaterfall of Ullim (Photo @rororomanito)


Kuryong Waterfall : Is a strange waterfall with 9 streams at the same time pouring down the foot of the mountain, forming a deep swamp like no bottom. Legend has it that in the past, there were 9 dragons residing here, so the lagoon was also known with a very different name, Cuu Long Lagoon.

Diamond Mountain : Located at an altitude of 1,638 m, with towering rocky mountains, stacked on top of each other, whenever the sun shines on it shines like diamond, making everyone surprised. Besides, this mountain is not only a great trekking place but also gives inspiration for many famous works of art because of the fairy-tale beauty of green, yellow, red, orange ... together. 


Diamond mountain - a fresh Korean tourist destinationDreaming Diamond Mountain (Photo @_. 00.20)


Sijung Lake : With a clear lake like a giant mirror reflecting everything, surrounded by majestic green mountains, combined with fresh and peaceful air, Sijung Lake is the place Korean tourist destination ideal for you to take a picnic back to nature.


Lake sijung - a peaceful Korean tourist destinationPeaceful Sijung Lake (Photo @uanenchina)


Songdowon Beach : Granted by nature with a clear blue sea, smooth golden sand, and invested in many tourist services with interesting games, this place is favorably dubbed "paradise" the summer of Korea.

3. Chilbo mountains

Located in the North of Korea, the Chilbo mountains with unspoiled scenery will be a great Korean tourist destination for those who love to experience and love nature.

Coming here, not only can you immerse yourself in the beautiful and cool natural scenery, but also experience many interesting activities, as well as explore the unique cultural features of the natives on the mountain. Especially since this place was once a resort by the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, it attracts more and more domestic and foreign tourists to visit.


chilbo mountain - a poetic Korean tourist destinationLyrical Chilbo Region (Photo @hinayin)


4. Haeju region

Located in the western part of Korea, although the information and images are not popularly appeared in the mass media, the Haeju region is still an attractive destination for North Korea because of its luxurious resorts between nature and beautiful landscapes such as Suyangsan waterfall, Sokdamgugok resort, Suyangsan fortress, Haeju Dharani memorial and Sohyon academy ...


Haeju region - a peaceful Korean tourist destinationHaeju is like a quiet picture (Photo @antondiscoverstheglobe)


5. The Kaesong region

Once the capital of the prosperous ancient kingdom of Koryo 500 years ago, the Kaesong region with the Koryo museum holds many valuable artifacts dating back to the 11th century, sure to be a Korean tourist destination fascinated  with enthusiasts of antiquities and old architecture.


6. Dieu Huong Mountain - Myohyang

Like many other mountains, coming to Myohyang Mountain, visitors will enjoy the beautiful nature and the fresh and tranquil atmosphere that dispel the troubles and worries of the pressurized and messy life. Especially in the mountain there is always a strong aroma, so it has been given a very called "Dieu Huong" - a wonderful scent.


Miraculous mountain - an impressive Korean tourist destinationFragrant Mount Dieu (Photo @_anna_kuzmich_)


In addition, this impressive Korean tourist spot is also home to Pho Hien (Pohyon) - a 1,000-year-old Korean Buddhist temple. Although it has been built for a long time, undergone many fierce wars and the devastation of time, the temple still retains its features in its original architecture, and then was approved by the Korean government. Tien recognized as the national treasure bearing number 144.


Pho Hien pagoda - an ancient Korean tourist destinationAncient Pho Hien Temple (Photo @ yan.zhang_)


When the famous tourist destinations in the world are getting crowded, the unknown land suddenly has a strange attraction, which is also the reason why Korean tourist destinations are HOT in so recently. So, what are you waiting for without asking your friends to book a trip right there to visit it!


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