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'Get around' this summer in Malaysia's top entertainment paradise

'Get around' this summer in Malaysia's top entertainment paradise

Each famous amusement park in Malaysia has its own charms and charms, always promising to bring visitors the most enjoyable and wonderful experience.
Malaysia has always been considered the center of the top theme parks in Asia. Each famous amusement park in Malaysia has its own charms and charms, always promising to bring visitors the most enjoyable and wonderful experience.

Sunway Lagoon

One of the famous amusement parks in Malaysia must first mention is Sunway Lagoon. This park is located in the southwestern area of ​​the capital Kuala Lumpur. It is built on a vast land of 88 acres, with 6 different theme areas such as water park, amusement park, wildlife park, adventure park, horror park.

Famous theme parks in MalaysiaSunway Lagoon Malaysia

Recently, Sunway Lagoon officially opened Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and became the first Nickelodeon theme park in Asia. Coming to this park, you will be delighted to have fun under the cool water, experience exciting and attractive adventure activities.


Legoland Malaysia

Talking about the famous amusement parks in Malaysia certainly can not mention Legoland in the city of Johor Bahru. It was officially opened on September 15, 2012 and becomes the 6th park of the toy giant Lego worldwide.
Legoland Malaysia is located on an area of ​​about 30 hectares, invested and built with a huge budget. With all 80 different games, suitable for all ages, Legoland is always on the list of must-visit destinations in Malaysia for families.   


Genting Hightlands Theme Park

Genting Hightlands Theme Park is also considered one of the famous amusement parks in Malaysia that if you have the opportunity to come to this country you should explore. It was built on Genting Highlands. Although it was born half a century ago, it is still considered one of the best indoor parks in the world.
Coming to Genting Hightlands Theme Park , you will find yourself turning back in time to become such mischievous, innocent, carefree children. The most special area in this park is the haunted house, which will give visitors a heart-warming, thrilling but extremely interesting experience. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in famous games such as Busy Bugs, Mini Trains, Rio Float, Circus Ride, ...  

Lost World Tambun

For many years, Lost World Tambun has always been on the list of parks attracting the most tourists in Malaysia . With a large area, this park is covered with dense forests, majestic limestone mountains dating back more than 400 million years and completely natural hot springs.
Lost World Tambun is divided into many different areas such as: water park, amusement park, Lupe's Adventure park, Haunted Chambers horror park, Tiger Valley wildlife park, tin valley experience area , Swan Lake, Animal Care Center ... Come here, you will be engaged in exciting adventures and experience many interesting entertainment activities.

Amusement Park A'Famosa

One of the most famous theme parks in Malaysia that cannot be ignored is A'Famosa. It has an extremely large area, with great water slides, giving visitors a memorable experience in life. After fully exploring the fascinating adventure games here, you can lie down and relax on the smooth white sand of A'Famosa.

Melaka Wonderland

Melaka Wonderland, although just opened not long ago, has immediately become one of the most attractive amusement parks in Malaysia , attracting a lot of tourists every day.
Melaka Wonderland has an area of ​​up to 360 hectares, with 16 different themed areas such as adventure island, thrilling game area, water park, Tornado Chaser, ...  
Above is a list of famous amusement parks in Malaysia that we would recommend. Hope to help you get the most wonderful and memorable experiences in your upcoming trip.

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