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Visit the ancient Acropolis and explore ancient Greek civilization

Visit the ancient Acropolis and explore ancient Greek civilization

Possessing superficial architecture, the Acropolis has cultural features and important historical stories of ancient Greece that resonate in the world.

Ancient city history Acropolis

In ancient times, ancient Greece often had many wars, so this country built for itself a lot of defensive cities, also known as the Acropolis. And in spite of so many, over time they are both destroyed and lost. Only a monumental structure and fortifications remain in Athens. Therefore, people took the name Acropolis to give this citadel.

Located 150 meters from Athens, built in the 5th century BC, this is a place for people to show gratitude and worship to the guardian goddess Athena Parthenos. This citadel is famous all over the world for its significance and importance to archeologists. Because the Acropolis is like a great legacy of humanity that the ancient Greek empire left behind. 
Possessing architecture, culture and historical stories associated with different periods. From there, visitors can learn about and imagine the ups and downs of a civilization at that time. With fascinating stories in every corner of the city, visit firsthand the breathtaking architectures, smart defense works of Athens as well as ancient Greece.

The special architecture of the Acropolis

From the very beginning when it was completed, the ancient Greek Acropolis was famous for its supernatural architecture and large scale. Main Doric architectural style is created by many architects and sculptors, with a height of up to nearly 80 meters. Spread over 4 East, West, South, North, including related works such as gate, temple area,… are equally famous.
Especially the Statue of Athena is located right in the central square - where important events take place, you can also see from afar. The construction site on the hill of this castle is layered according to different levels, only the top part is flat. It was shown that it took a lot of work to get the material to its destination.

Famous destinations in the old Acropolis

Although at the same time, there were many other ancient buildings or monuments built in the city of Athens. However, the presence and existence of the ancient Greek Acropolis and its interior items still have its own special appeal and charm. Not only with Greek people but also worldwide tourists.

Propylaea Gate

The entrance to the old castle is named after the Greek literal meaning. Since ancient times, the sacred temple areas have been built by the people of this country surrounded by massive high walls. Because they think that, when anyone walks through this gate, it is like being removed from the dust, entering the sacred place with a nihilistic soul without worldly entanglement.
Constructed from 3 different types of stone, especially the central building is made entirely of white and gray marble. The arched gate here is also designed quite nicely, stretching out to the South and the North. The intricate carvings with massive stone pillars stand tall, making it the most prominent part of the entire Acropolis citadel .

The Parthenon

For the architectural history of ancient Greece in particular as well as the world in general, this is considered to be the most flawless work. The temple has a total of 65 legless columns, spreading evenly from the inside to the outside, above is the roof made up of fragrant Cypress trees. There are 3 main areas: the front hall, the worship area in the middle and the room for valuables. 

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From the columns, walls to the ceiling or the roof of the temple, they are hand-carved, extremely sophisticated and full of high artistry. The corners of the Parthenon in the Acropolis are all covered with reliefs depicting the struggle of ancient Athenians with hostile forces. It can be mentioned as: the war of Troy, the war of my pleasure Lafrithes, ...
The most prominent of this temple is the large statue of goddess Athena, designed by architect Phidias himself. The parts are inlaid with ivory and made of solid gold. Up to now, although it was destroyed, its image and value are still preserved until the next generation. It is recognized by history and shows the importance of this castle.

Athena Nike Temple 

Belonging to the famous architectural complex of the ancient Greek citadel , the name of this temple is named after the victorious god Athena Nike. Although the size is not large and the design is quite simple, its importance is not inferior to other projects. This temple is also entirely made of marble, in gentle Ionic style and is located southwest of the castle.
The highlight of the temple is the pillars made entirely of monolithic rock and decorated by reliefs. They describe in detail the goddess's life from birth to adulthood, going to war with a lively look. In particular, there is a statue of the goddess of victory Athena, or the secret cellar of ancient Greeks hiding countless ancient statues. 

Erechtheion Temple

Located on the north side of the old Acropolis , the temple was completed in 406 BC. It is considered as a masterpiece of ancient Greek architecture with 3 completely separate parts and located on different terrains. Erechtheion Temple worships two famous gods Poseidon and Athena, attracting a large number of tourists every year. 
The journey back to the legendary land, discovering the century works during the Greek tour has always had a special meaning. Don't miss your visit to this world-famous castle!

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