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Turkish street foods that are loved by tourists

Turkish street foods that are loved by tourists

As one of the countries with a rich culinary background, Turkish street food is also rated as unique and attractive.

1. Cake - Simit

This is one of the deliciously delicious cakes especially loved by the Turkish people. The scent emanating from these donuts makes both people and tourists passing by to look back. Simit is a round bread topped with sesame seeds. It can be eaten alone with some cheese and sipped in the same cup of tea, many enjoy it with a glass of buttermilk (Ayran) in the afternoon, which is also suitable for vegetarians. In Istanbul, many people often come to sit in the Bosphorus to enjoy and feed the gulls.

2. Doner kebab

Doner kebab is a Turkish street food known all over the world. Meat is usually marinated with fresh herbs and spices roasted next to the oven. Originally, the meat used in Doner was just lamb, but today in Istanbul, many places have a combination of lamb and beef, or sometimes just with beef. Thin slices of grilled meat sandwiched with bread with some vegetables like: tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber and one or two sauces. In the past, they are usually served and left alone with bread on a plate.

mon-sugar-pho-to-donerPhoto: @station_berlin

3. Tantuni bread

Originally from Mersin, this super delicious snack can be found everywhere in Turkey. Tantuni is made from a unique combination of minced meat with parsley, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. All rolled into a thin tortilla. Perfect for filling your tummy fast, many people love to eat it with a spicy radish drink and pickles. At Billurcu Sokak in Taksim - Istanbul you can find this dish with the best taste.

4. Baked Potatoes - Kumpir

If you are a potato lover you will not be able to miss this unique Turkish street food . The baked potatoes after being cooked will be cut in half and butter in, beaten evenly, followed by sausages, pickles, sweet corn, olives, ... There are dozens of attractive toppings to add to your taste. You can choose, if not, come back next time. An irresistible delicious potato food that everyone has to love.

5. Fish sandwich

This is also one of the most popular street food here. The fascinating aroma of a fresh loaf of bread with hot grilled fish, green vegetables and fresh onions makes it hard for anyone to resist. The taste is also delicious but the price is cheap. You can stop by any of the restaurants below Galata Bridge to enjoy these delicious sandwiches.

6. Turkish Pizza - Lahmacun

Lahmacun is known as a popular Turkish street food . In Istanbul, while walking on the bustling streets you will see people on the street holding lahmacun in hand while chatting happily. This dish is very simple processing consisting of dough mixed with a mixture of chili, onion, minced meat, then put in the oven for a few minutes to eat. To enhance the flavor people also add parsley and some lemon juice, then roll it up and enjoy with a cold glass of Ayran.

7. Pide cake

Oval bread with different toppings, Pide is also one of the favorite street food everywhere in Turkey. From city to town, along the coast, there is a silhouette of Pide everywhere with cheese, ground meat and vegetables then roasted. This is considered one of the famous breads that tourists love when coming to this country.

8. Grilled chestnuts

This Turkish street food  is most seen walking around every corner in winter. Roasted chestnuts, fragrant, aromatic and hot are placed on the grills. When winter comes in most cities you can find a chestnut vendor in every corner. Together with grilled corn, these dishes become indispensable sipping gifts, warm the stomach on cold days.

9. Stuffed mussels - Stuffed Mussels

This dish is found most in coastal areas, is prepared mainly from black mussel meat. Mussels stuffed with a special rice, chopped onion, grapes, salt, spices and lemon. It may be a bit embarrassing to try it at first because people squeeze a lot of lemons, but they will be addicted to the delicious taste that is hard to resist. If you ask the locals you will be recommended this dish to enjoy. 

10. Rice with chicken

Traveling to Turkey if you are in a hurry and looking for a delicious dish, a plate of rice with chicken will be a great choice. This idyllic dish is prepared in classical style from past to present, with only rice and boiled chicken shredded to top. Sometimes people also eat it with green beans and cannot forget a glass of buttermilk (Ayran) with a plate of pickles to not get bored.

11. Kokorec

Among the top traditional Turkish street food , it is also present in many other countries especially in Greece. In order for people not to waste any part of the animal, the nomads came up with a way to clean the guts of sheep, wrap them around a skewer and bake on charcoal. Kokorec is cut into small pieces and mixed with thyme, oregano, salt, pepper, and sometimes even fresh tomatoes and parsley. This is a delicious side dish or sandwich with bread that you should try.

12. Borek cake

Borek in  Turkish cuisine can be considered a savory cake. It comes in several types and shapes, but it's essentially the same way. Each filling such as: spinach, cheese, lentils, mashed potatoes with herbs and spices, shredded chicken, ground beef or even sauteed leek rolled in layers of phyllo powder. Unique food associated with the childhood of many people in this country. 

13. Bulgur biscuits

Bulgur kneaded with onion, garlic and various spices to make a delicious delicacy. It is an unforgettable dish on the Turkish street, it can be eaten without it or sandwiched on a thin tortilla sandwich with vegetables. Especially when served with lemon and pomegranate, buttermilk (Ayran) also creates a better taste. This vegetarian dish is popular and sold everywhere. 

14. Almond iced

It is one of the best Turkish street snacks to quench your thirst, especially in the hot summer weather. Fresh almonds are boiled or soaked in hot water, then peeled and placed on an ice tray. It is served in the most common bars and restaurants on the street, while you are walking in the evening.

15. Radish juice

Appeared in Ottoman cuisine from the 15th century and became one of the famous traditional street flavors today. Delicious, rich radish juice is sold in cups with chopped pickles. It tastes salty and sour, but this unique flavor will get you addicted quickly. This drink is sold everywhere, especially the trolleys in traditional markets.
Always proud to be a place with a rich and diverse culinary culture, right from Turkish street food , there are so many diverse options for you. Do not hesitate to explore in your very own travel to Asia - Europe so as not to miss the delicious and unique flavors.

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