Turkish Butterfly Valley - 'green oasis' for peaceful relaxation

If you are looking for a perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature, away from the noise, the Turkish Butterfly Valley is a hidden gem to explore.

About the Turkish butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley - Butterfly Valley is located quite close to Oludeniz and is a super nice check-in spot for those who love exploring the vast Fethiye area. The valley is a green oasis with a white sand beach, surrounded by rocks that are steep to almost vertical up to 350m. There is a waterfall at the end of the valley that creates a small stream through the Mediterranean Sea. The impressive natural beauty of the ocean, the jungle and especially the appearance of nearly 100 unique butterfly species.

Road to butterfly valley

Due to isolation, to reach the Turkish butterfly valley you can choose two ways: walking the trail or going by boat. 
If departing from Faralya, you can take a local bus running from Kabak to Oludeniz starting at 8:30 am and ending at 8:30 pm. 
If traveling from Fethiye or anywhere else in the area, you can catch regular buses to Oludeniz almost any time of the day.
Stop by the beach will find a shuttle boat area with a sign that says ' Butterfly Valley - Shuttle boat - Kelebekler Vadisi '. Every day there will be 5 regular departures at 11am, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 18:00. To enjoy the peaceful scenery on the sea, take a big wooden boat, but if you want to try the thrills go by high-speed canoe, they glide across the sea and bring you here quickly.
From Oludeniz beach you choose the time to go, buy a ticket and board the train to go to the valley. Also don't forget the last one leaves at 6pm, if you miss you will have to call a boat (the underwater taxi) at a much more expensive cost.

Enjoy the scenery with colorful butterflies

Butterflies are a very sensitive species and can be difficult to grasp. Nowadays, more and more ships come to the valley, making them scared and hide deeper into the valley. The most butterfly time is in June every year, come here very early in the morning, before the space is noisy and you have to be quiet to see. If you have difficulty finding the butterflies you are looking for, go deep into the area next to the waterfall where they will hide the most.

the valley-fall-back-of-the-century-landPhoto: @ fethiye.me

The pristine nature preserved, along with the steep cliffs, create an ideal habitat for butterflies of all different colors. Butterfly Valley in Turkey is protected from sea breezes and sun, so it is not too hot. Besides, the brilliant flower gardens, especially the lavender, create an ideal climate that allows rare species like the Tiger Jersey Butterfly to breed here.

Waterfall climbing, swimming

In addition to butterflies with unique shapes and colors, the waterfall is also an attraction for you to come here. Flowing through the steep cliffs are 2 waterfalls white all year round. Clinging to the rope climbing through the large rocks will see the whole waterfall scene from above. For those who prefer the sea, they can lie sunbathing on the sand, snorkeling under the clear blue water or participate in sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, ...

Relax enjoy a peaceful atmosphere

Butterfly Valley is truly a secret place of hiding - where you will spend time in nature with no need for mobile devices or laptops. On the island in  the Turkish butterfly valley , electricity is scarce, mostly used for bars, shops, places to eat, ... So you will have more time around the campfire instead of glued to your eyes. 
The surroundings are very quiet, there will be no noise or hustle life in the city. Feeling relaxed, de-stress and re-energize, where you can connect with like-minded people. Those who will meet at dinner or during a firefight by the beach. In the small space of this valley, temporarily put aside your worries, have fun, explore nature and spend quiet moments by the beautiful coast.

Choose where to eat, stay

Opting for a  Turkish tour to the butterfly valley you will find a number of cafes and restaurants decorated with rustic style. The tables and chairs arranged evenly under the shade trees next to the camping area are a place for you to relax and enjoy a rustic meal in the traditional local style. Breakfast and dinner at the resting place and simple snacks can be purchased for the day. 
Food is served together on a table with benches, creating a home atmosphere. Meals are simple but delicious. Although with a small number of staff and limited food and supplies, everyone tries to prepare delicious Turkish meals that are guaranteed to satisfy you. Butterfly Valley is especially suitable for vegetarians with fresh vegetables grown on the island. But besides that, every few days there are great barbecue parties on the beach so you can grill chicken and barbecue yourself on the fire.
If you want to spend the night in Butterfly Valley, then wooden huts are a great choice for you. Although the material conditions are not as adequate as elsewhere, it is also quite clean, beautiful low house with flower trellises in front. The space is too peaceful, surrounded by trees, in front of the sea and waking up with the sound of chickens crowing as soon as the sun rises.
Sleep on top of a bungalow with soft mattresses, surrounded by steep cliffs. Or if you love the wild you can bring or rent a tent overnight on the beach. Fire at night, face up is a galaxy with glittering stars. Fresh air, no mosquitoes or insects. 

Valley-buom-tho-nhien-bai-bien-Photo: @amyhornsby

The beauty and experiences in the Turkish butterfly valley  always have a great attraction to anyone, if you come here once, this paradise will surely bring beautiful memories for your trip. .

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