Turkish Antakya Museum Hotel: unique ruin architecture

Modern and classy, ​​also located right on the ancient ruins of the Antakya museum hotel will bring you a new and attractive resort experience.

Antakya Museum hotel architecture impressive

Archaeological relics in Turkey always contain extremely important meanings. Structures that were once built to last, built to impress, built with style and grandeur, are now surrounded by nature. Hotels were built to serve tourists, but how to still protect the ruins is a difficult problem. 

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But the Antakya Museum hotel  in the southeastern part of the country does it. By combining the charm of ancient ruins with the charms of a modern and classy hotel. This started when the owner of a new 200-room resort in the center of Antakya discovered the ruins of the old city. Turn it into one of the most astonishing discoveries of the 21st century.
Archaeological excavations reveal five layers of heritage including: 13 civilizations, 30,000 antiques and the largest single-floor mosaic world dating back to the 4th century . The building was then raised to make room for a large open-air national archaeological park. Creating a unique experience for tourists when staying at a hotel, as looking down is a panoramic view right below your feet with impressive design. 
Located on the foundations of the ancient city of Antioch, with views of the world's first cave church. Turkish Antakya Hotel Museum has been designed by famous company Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA). The striking architectural style contrasts the modern features with rooms linked by paths and stairs overlooking the archaeological site. The steps and gardens under the tree canopy add to the experience of staying here.
From the Superior to the Suites, the rooms are warm with neutral décor, copper accents, and warm wooden floors. All have views of the ancient mosaic below and the surrounding Habibi Neccar mountains. There are also local cultural references in the form of designs inspired by mosaic wall decorations, private marble bathrooms, and woven Antakyan tea trays. 
Elsewhere, at the Antakya Museum hotel there is a house in Nas Konut with 4 bedrooms. Longer stay is possible with private elevator access, sun terrace, wall garden, meeting room and kitchen. The highlight of this hotel is that you are discovered deeper into the 2,300 years of ancient history, visitors will have a wonderful experience staying in the ruins without going any further. 
The 17,132m² National Archaeological Park has been opened as part of the state and the Necmi Asfuroğlu Archaeological Museum (NAAM), named after the owner of this hotel. With important findings such as:
- The world's largest single floor mosaics, covering an area of ​​1,050 square meters and show a stream that tells stories of terrible earthquakes and swift-flowing rivers. 
- The world's first marble sculpture by Eros, all in a 70cm-high and long-dated block, led to the extremely rare second-century Pegasus mosaic discovery 160 shades of natural plant dyed stone.
- City walls from thousands of centuries.

Attractive facilities at Antakya

Restaurants and bars

Antakya museum hotel owns 5 restaurants and bars. Open all day coffee shop, poolside space for shishas and garden snacks, a rooftop bar, and a restaurant overlooking the excavation area serving local specialties. Each one is a local style, blending ancient and modern techniques suitable for the Hatay area, recently designated as the Creative Food City of UNESCO.

Spa & Fitness 

Inspired by mosaic paintings by Apollo and Muses as well as the ancient Roman bathroom found in the archaeological site. Balans Spa & Fitness is the largest and largest rooftop rooftop wellness center of 3,300 square meters in the city. Include:
There is gym for classes such as Pilates. 
- An outdoor infinity pool, a children's pool. 
- An indoor swimming pool with hot tub and Vitamin Bar. 
- The rooftop bathroom has a shared and dedicated area for women.
- Spa also includes 6 treatment rooms. VIP Spa Suite with two massage beds, hammam, sofa, jacuzzi and garden.

Event venue

Not only that at the Antakya Museum hotel , there is also a space that creates an idyllic setting for weddings and rooftop events. Featuring a ballroom and four rooftop meeting rooms also offering top-notch technology amenities, reach and breakout area. The hotel can also arrange guided tours to some of the area's most famous historical, religious and cultural sites.

The Antakya hotel is of great significance

Antakya Hotel is both a hotel and a museum , set on the foundations of ancient Antioch in the center of busy Antakya. It boasts more than 23 centuries of history and is home to the largest single floor mosaic in the world, dating back to the 4th century. It is the world's first modern hotel on a heritage site. is ancient and it was awarded the 'Honorary Award for Architectural Design' by the 2020 Educational Design award. 
According to the press release, when the construction of the new hotel started, they didn't know what they would find and how it would forever change the area. Later on, the building was raised to make room for a vast open-air national archaeological park, with a view of the world's first cave church - St Pierre. With what brings and the award won will contribute to the introduction and promotion of educational ideas, best practice in architecture, design that attract Turkish tourists to huge.

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