Skydiving in Turkey: Disclosure notes and beautiful viewing spot

Parachuting in Turkey is an interesting activity that you should not miss to be able to see the ruins, sea views or valleys, ... in a new perspective.

What is skydiving and where did it come from?

Parachuting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world, where you conquer the height with the wonderful scenery of the nature below creating an indescribable impression. The jumper freely falls and parachutes at a certain height. Although it may seem intimidating to hear the idea of ​​free-fall in the sky at first, skydiving is a safe and fun option for any age group to try.

Parachuting is a sport that has been around since the end of Tk18. The main idea of ​​skydiving is free fall until a certain height from an airplane or a mountain. Fly for about 30 to 180 seconds and then slowly drift through the air until you safely land on the ground with a parachute. Since 1797, the sport has undergone a long line of incredible technological advancement and has gained worldwide appeal, especially skydiving in Turkey . 

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Things to note before parachuting

Parachuting may seem thrilling or even intimidating at first, but overcoming that fear will be the biggest step towards getting your first skydiving experience done. The skydive will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will do most of the work so don't worry. Some explanations of the misunderstandings, as well as the following notes, will help you feel more secure before starting.

Parachuting can not breathe?

One of the most common misconceptions about skydiving is that you won't be able to breathe. This is completely wrong and you can fully breathe while skydiving even at extremely high speeds like 300 kmh. 

Parachuting safe?

Experience skydiving in Turkey or any other place, might initially be thought of as dangerous. But it is one of the safest extreme sports with a much lower death rate than car accident rates in the United States.

Essentials for parachuting

Get familiar with the gear you'll be using, before you actually skydive. Most gear will be given to you in skydiving centers and bring your own comfortable jumpsuit to wear.
Whatever : is a device that will keep you floating in the air. Although there are different sizes, the first experience usually goes with a larger and slower type to minimize the impact of landing. All paratroopers jump with two parachutes, one main and one reserve, as a safety measure. 
Skydiving AAD: is an automatic triggering device that can automatically extract your parachute if you or your instructor cannot extract yourself in a bad case. This device monitors your altitude and speed, which is then activated at a certain altitude, ensuring that you land safely while parachuting in Turkey .
Goggles and helmets: goggles are essential for your eyes when you are parachuting. The goggles cover your eyes from the wind and are great for a clear view while you are in free fall around 200 km / h. Helmets are also great as it protects your head, especially while exiting the plane and during landing.
Breakfast: it is important to have a healthy breakfast and moderate before your parachute. An empty stomach will increase your stress, can bring snacks to the skydive.
Wear the right equipment: wearing loose clothing that both hinders and makes you colder when you get up. It is best to wear the jumpsuit and fully equip the equipment provided for you. 
Bring a camera: skydiving is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences you can try. Although skydiving centers often offer recording services, you can also bring your own camera to capture impressive moments with this experience while traveling to Turkey .
Get a good night's sleep: you need to get adequate rest before starting this impressive activity. A good night's sleep will lower your stress levels, raise your mood and attention for skydiving. 

Proper skydiving time

In fact, you can skydive at any time of the year, except in bad weather. Winter can be a bit more difficult because of its higher altitude, much colder than ground temperature. There are beautiful scenes at any time of the year, but whether or not it is possible depends on the location. The best time to skydive during the day is usually in the morning. Then the sun is not too strong for you to enjoy a more comprehensive view.   

Beautiful skydiving location in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with many skydiving spots accompanying amazing natural or historical landscapes. These spots are located in many parts of the country and they all promise affordable adventures for nature lovers who want to try the sport.


Although Istanbul is mostly known for its unique historical sites and cultural heritage, the city also has great spots for skydiving. The Ormanli village in the Cirthca district of the European side of the city and the Sile district in Anatilian are the ideal destinations for skydiving in Turkey . While buying your flight ticket to Istanbul, don't forget to plan your skydiving adventure. 


Ephesus is an ancient Greek city that still retains many unique beauty. Built in the 10th century BC and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey. In Ephesus, you can have a unique skydiving experience for viewing from a height of kilometers. Ephesus in the beautiful city of Izmir makes coming here not only a perfect seaside vacation, but also an adventure for both history and extreme sports lovers.


The city of Antalya is located on the southern coast of Turkey, a favorite destination for international tourists. The Side and Kas counties are home to great parachuting centers in Antalya. Because Antalya is a major international tourist attraction, here also enjoy the romantic scenery with entertainment services and beautiful check-in location.


Fethiye is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey with millions of international tourists every year. Fethiye is also a great skydiving destination thanks to the clear sky and sea with dreamy butterfly valley. The places to check-in and participate in exciting sports, including the popular parachuting type. 


Kayseri is located in the center and is one of the places in Turkey parachuting scenic  highlights. The city is built on the foothills of Erciyes and offers breathtaking views, especially during winter. Enjoy winter holidays with skiing and don't forget to try skydiving in Erciyes. Will definitely bring you new joy in your trip. 
Dubbed as one of the places with unique beauty from nature to ancient ruins. So do not hesitate to experience skydiving in this famous mythical country to both challenge yourself and enjoy the beautiful scenery from above.

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