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Revealing notes when traveling to Turkey you should know

Revealing notes when traveling to Turkey you should know

Every trip requires preparation, useful notes when traveling to Turkey will help you get a better understanding of this country for a more convenient trip.

1. Currency issue

Money in Turkey is called the lira, when you land at an airport you can exchange your money at one of the money changers here. Banks and jewelry stores are also other places where you can exchange foreign currency. Alternatively, you can use your credit or debit card at most locations where EFTPOS payments are available. 

Using ATM withdrawals is a safer and easier option to withdraw cash in the country. However, to avoid inconveniences such as being blocked, it is possible to notify your bank in advance before withdrawing money overseas during your travel. Note that when traveling to Turkey, it is also important to remember that there is a charge for withdrawing money from an ATM overseas, so consult before withdrawing.

Luu-y-when-travel-travel-many-ky-tien-Money can be exchanged in Vietnam or at currency exchange shops in Turkey

2. Transportation to and from the airport

In this country, taxis are not the only option for you to travel away from the airport to tourist destinations and vice versa. Airport transfers are available nationwide. You absolutely can choose to use the bus service to and from some central places in the city. The price you will pay is much lower than the taxi ride, so choose to save money and experience sightseeing on the go.

3. Note when exploring cuisine

Turkish cuisine is one of the things that makes a great attraction for tourists. Usually the accommodation will include a free Turkish breakfast buffet. Examples include: tomatoes, cucumbers, a variety of cheeses, olives, breads, boiled eggs, fried sujuk, pastries filled with cheese or potatoes, yogurt, jam, fruit and omelets la. You will be hard-pressed to find bacon since this is a Muslim country.  
Simit and fresh fish sandwiches are some ideal options to try. But be careful if you want to try kokorec - a street food made from grilled lamb intestines, it can be a bit uncomfortable for people with weak stomachs. Besides, when dining at the restaurant, always check the bill to make sure you were charged correctly. And if you are satisfied with this service, you can tip but no more than 10% of the total bill.

4. Eating and drinking is very safe 

Tourists can rest assured with this country's food, street food is part of the culture so it is also very guaranteed. If you encounter a restaurant that is not clean, you can move to another place. Note that when traveling to Turkey tap water can be drunk, but if you want to be more sure you can buy bottled water available. 

5. Tipping issue

Tipping at restaurants in Turkey is usually 10 - 15% on the bill. When using other services such as taxi ride and hairdressing, if you are happy you can give the amount you have to pay, but it is not required. In high-end hotels, you should also leave the equivalent of a few dollars a day for the housekeeping staff and the concierge. The tour guide also receives the equivalent of about 10-15 USD per person per day.

6. Famous shopping places

Note shopping when Turkey most famous tourism is Istanbul, also other towns. During your stay here, you can visit the factories and shops that sell leather goods. Although the quality of some coats and clothes in these stores is priced quite high. However, if you like, you can pay the price with the sellers, including those that sell smart technology.
The top destination is the Kapali arsi market - Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The quaint market with 4,000 stores is divided into areas specializing in gold, carpet, leather, souvenirs and clothing. There are also handicrafts with a wide variety of textiles and embroidery, copper items, onyx, nacre, leather and suede products. The jewelry area, carpets and furnaces are most purchased by tourists here.
The Turkish spice market  at Eminonu near Istanbul is also the place to visit. Here, you can buy a wide range of spices everywhere. Original Iranian pine nuts, peppercorns, saffron and other precious items are sold here at extremely attractive prices. In addition, this market also sells many specialties such as cakes, candies and other souvenirs to buy as gifts for families. 

7. The problem of paying the price when buying 

One problem not everyone notices is that almost anything on the market in Turkey is bargainable. To get a good price just keep a polite smile and don't let them know how much you want the item to cost. If they find that they really want to buy, they will lower the price to negotiate. If it feels unreasonable, you can politely leave your belongings and leave. 

8. When to the mosques

The beautiful mosques in Istanbul are open to all visitors. But be aware when traveling to Turkey it is important to adhere to the cultural etiquette rules that apply to these places. Some of you should know like:
- Usually the admission ticket is free but you can donate to the maintenance of the church where you visit.
- Leave all your shoes outside before entering the church and if you wear clothes that are too open or short you can borrow a scarf there to wrap it up. 
When you are inside a mosque, you should move as slowly and as quietly as possible, not passing in front of those who are celebrating. 
- Women must wear headscarves to enter the mosque.

9. Expenses when traveling

Note when traveling in Turkey , although this is an extremely popular tourist destination, in general, cities like Istanbul are still quite affordable. 
Snacks from street vendors can usually be purchased for just a few dollars, while a meal at a restaurant with a drink is only around $ 10.
Mid-range accommodation will usually cost around USD 50 per night. 
Public transportation in cities is very affordable and won't come more than a few dollars per journey. 
Regular taxis have a base price of 1 dollar and then an extra dollar for each subsequent kilometer.

10. Pass around Istanbul

The Istanbul card is an electronic ID card for paying the fare of public transport around Istanbul. Prepaid and easy to use again, if you stay here for a long time, you should consider buying it so you do not have to spend a lot of taxi costs. The pass is valid for buses, subways, ferries, and trams . You can apply online or at one of the major hubs. The cost is about 10 TL.

11. Museum Pass: Visit the museum

If you plan to visit museums, don't forget to buy the Museum Pass yourself. This service was previously only available to residents of this country, but now foreign visitors can also purchase the Museum Pass which offers free admission to museums in your city at a price 85 TL and you can use it for five days. In Istanbul, you'll have free access to the most famous of these cathedrals - the Hagia Sophia . 
In addition, there are also places such as: Topkapı Palace Museum and Harem Apartments, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Istanbul Mosaic Museum, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Museum of History of Science and Public technology in Islam, Chora Museum, Galata Mevlevi House Museum, Yıldız Palace, Rumeli Hisar Museum and Fethiye Museum. Without paying any extra fees. The deadline starts from your first visit to the museum and allows only one pass per museum to be used. 

12. English is not popular everywhere

If you go to famous tourist destinations such as Cappadocia, Sultanahmet or resort to beaches on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas , most people will speak English as well as some languages. However, note when traveling to Turkey if you go to more remote areas, this is not a common language. To be able to communicate, you should learn some basic essential words in advance.

13. Rent a car while traveling

Having a passport and driver's license in hand, renting a self-drive car while traveling is an enjoyable experience that you should try. Choosing a vehicle with GPS, check enough paper coverage before receiving. Observe the parking rules carefully and drive carefully to avoid a heavy fine. Driving in Turkey go to the right lane, check the parking space where you will be going before you go because sometimes finding parking is a bit difficult. 

14. Some contact information

Travel to Turkey remember to bring different types of port dividers to use, especially 3-pin socket.
- You can buy a sim phone at the airport or phone shops, priced about 35 USD (~ 700,000 VND). The phone area code here is: +90.
- Call back to Vietnam, dial 0084 + province code + phone number to call, call to mobile: 0084 + Phone number.

15. Tax refund when shopping

When purchasing goods in Turkey you will pay 18% tax included. If you are not a resident of this country or stay less than 6 months, you can get tax refund for all purchases over TL 108. So remember to keep your receipt and to request your refund at the airport upon leaving.
Being a friendly and welcoming country with tourists everywhere. Hopefully with the above notes when traveling to Turkey  you will have more knowledge and preparation before arriving in this mythical country. As well as having memorable moments of relaxation and relaxation!

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