Istanbul Galata Bridge - a symbol that connects ancient and modern banks

For beautiful views take a stroll across Istanbul Turkish Galata Bridge. A place with a harbor with fishing boats, ferries, people and traffic busy.

Learn the history of the Istanbul Galata Bridge

The first Galata Bridge at the entrance of Golden Horn Bay was built in 1845 by King Abdulmecid's mother and used for 18 years. It is called Cisr-i Cedid or New Bridge to distinguish it from the previous bridge above the Golden Horn, known as the Old Bridge. The new bridge was built by Abdulmecid Han. 

The first person to cross the Galata Bridge in Istanbul was King Abdulmecid and the first person to pass below was French captain Magnan aboard his ship Cygne. During the first three days the bridge crossing was free, after which a fee called mürüriye was paid to the Ministry of the Navy. In 1863, the second wooden bridge was built by Ethem Pertev Pasha by order of King Abdulaziz to be ready for Napoleon III's visit to Istanbul.
In 1870, a contract was signed with a French company, Forges et Chantiers de la Mediteranée to build the third bridge, but war broke out between France and Germany delayed the project. Instead, another company built in 1872 and completed in 1875, 480 m long and 14 m wide. It was built at a cost of 105,000 liga of gold. 

Caau-galata-istanbulPhoto: @destiname

The fourth Galata Bridge was built in 1912 by the German company for 350,000 gold lira, this bridge is 466 m long and 25 m wide. This bridge is still familiar to many people today and was severely damaged in the fire in 1992. The Istanbul Galata Bridge that still exists today is the last version built in the late 20th century.
Few know that in 1502, it was Leonardo da Vinci who presented the first blueprints for the bridge intended to be built on this site. However, it was not used as it was thought that it couldn't be realized. Therefore, it was not until 1854 that the people here saw the bridge connecting the Old Town of Istanbul with the northern suburbs put into use. 

The bridge has special meaning

This attractive Galata Bridge is designed with 2 floors, includes six car lanes, two tram lines and pedestrian walkways. 
- Upstairs cars and trams commute, plus you will see people fishing on the crowded sea surface on the bridge.
- Downstairs is a place for tea shops, bars, restaurants, ... Here, enjoy a drink while watching the beautiful sunset sea. 
Istanbul Turkish Galata Bridge is  still in the present, connecting the old city (old Byzantium) in the south - where there is a quiet ancient space as lost in the previous centuries. With one side is the bustling New City in the North, luxury shops, bus stations and squares are always crowded. Connecting two Asian and European cultures, one side is the East Coast and the other is the West Coast.
This place has always been an image and symbol that characterize landscapes of the city. It is strange that although it is not eye-catching, the design is also not picky, but when passing here, everyone wants to walk slowly to see it. It also becomes an endless source of inspiration for many literary and artistic works. 

Attractive place to visit

From here, you can see the panorama of Istanbul city as well as the Bosporus Bay. Some people work diligently to fish to sell for money, others sell towels, people sitting in cafes immersed in music, ... Cross the bridge to visit famous works such as the Blue Mosque , Hagia Sophia, Turkish Topkapi palace , Galata tower, ...
The wharves at the foot of the bridge to the south have merchant boats where you can buy delicious freshly baked fish sandwiches (Balik ekmek). Or a sandwich from Osmanli Balikcisi a few steps downstairs of the bridge. The fish and salads at Osmanli seem much more appealing and the dining area is quite spacious and comfortable as well. Walking across the Galata Bridge is a fun way to experience the colorful life of the people of Istanbul. 
Life in this city is always busy and mixed, but at the Istanbul Galata Bridge you still find its own beauty. Spend a day just climbing up and down again, seemingly boring, but there are so many things to do. From chatting, watching the bay or swooping into the carts of grilled chestnuts, hot boiled corn. Sipping a cup of tea and waiting for the best sunset of the day, nothing can resist. 
At the southern end of the bridge, you can also visit and shop at the spice market - the famous colorful Market. Here sell traditional spices from Turkey as well as other countries around the world. If you love to cook, this destination will keep you hooked all day. Besides buying spices as gifts, you can also buy many other specialties as well as souvenirs are also sold here.

Note when visiting

Traveling to Turkey, the ideal time of day to visit the bridge is at sunset, when the city's mosques and markets are silhouetted against the crimson sky.
- Remember to bargain with the street vendor to buy snacks or souvenirs at a reasonable price. 
The journey to discover the tourist city connecting the two European and Asian banks of this flying carpet country always contains many attractions. Coming to this historic bridge is also an unforgettable journey that you can hardly ignore. 

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