Greek Hydra Island - resort paradise off the Aegean Sea

Greek Hydra Island - a beautiful and peaceful resort island that any visitor wants to visit ...

The beauty of Greek Hydra Island

Owning to 6000 islands, the country of Greece is where any visitor wants to go. One of the most attractive resort islands is Hydra Island located in the Aegean Sea between Myrotoan and Argolic Bay.
Hydra Island is located in the center of Argo Saronic Bay. One of the main reasons why Hydra is such a popular Greek tourist destination is that because it is close to the capital Athens, you can get from Athens to Hydra easily in just 2 hours. 

On the Greek island of Hydra , you won't see any cars! People can walk, boat or horses to get around the island. The car ban, coupled with the island's elegant stone castles create a captivating atmosphere and make the island one of the most serene destinations in Greece.
Hydra is probably the most beautiful harbor village in Greece. Small harbor with boats surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops interspersed with stone castles that sprout up close.
Hydra Town is the capital and main harbor of Hydra Island. It's a wonderful little town, hidden in a small, natural harbor full of beautiful castles built in the 19th century by wealthy ship owners and merchants.

What's so fascinating about Hydra Island?

Hydra Island Greece is known as an island for art lovers. For those with an artist's heart, you'll find your paradise in Hydra, home to famous contemporary halls and galleries nestled alongside the island's winding streets. Hydra Island is also often chosen to host numerous contemporary art exhibitions.
To the Greek island of Hydra you should take a walk around the town with its traditional houses, stretching on two rugged hills, separated between them by narrow white paved roads and alleys. Houses with beautiful tiled roofs and light windows, doors and loggias walls add color to the brown and gray stone walls. The entire town is unaffected by any modern architecture or large hotel complex.
On the wharf are countless yachts, large and small with many different designs and colors. The water of the sea here is so clear that you can see the bottom of the cliffs, sea sand and swimming fish.
True to the Mediterranean tourist island, the beautiful Greek Hydra Island with gentle winding slopes. Here traditional architecture is highly protected and there is a law banning any new buildings from being built in other colors. The town of Hydra is a small oasis where any type of motor vehicle is prohibited, thus creating absolute peace when arriving here.
Greek Hydra Island is small but has more than 300 churches, large and small chapels, plus 6 monasteries scattered throughout the island. Visiting here you should visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, the main church on Hydra Island located in the center of the harbor just below the clock tower.
Souvenir shops and cafes are also an impressive highlight when coming to Hydra Island with elegant beauty. The main street called Odos Miaoulis stretching along a prehistoric ravine by the sea is an attractive place for you to walk on this island.
Hydra town's picturesque and traditional atmosphere blends with the delightful nightlife, making the town the most unique place close to Athens and one of the most beautiful towns of the Aegean Sea.
At Greek Hydra Island , there are 3 beaches where visitors are allowed to bathe as well as enjoy the landscape here are Vlychos, Kaminia and Agios. Each of these beaches has its own attraction like Vlychos is the cobblestone beach located in the town of Vlychos that is reached by water taxi or 40 minutes walk from the harbor.
It is a small pebble beach with clear water adding a few pubs available near the beach. If you are looking for a beach that is not too noisy and quiet, this is the ideal place.

The beauty of the Greek Hydra island@ _merievi_ Beach on the Greek island of Hydra

Do not miss the beach close to Kaminia village, only 1km from Hydra city to the west, this beach is the ideal place for family with children because it is a shallow beach, many separate safe sandy areas. Especially the picturesque marina of Kaminia that provides this village with the freshest fresh fish, you can visit some small pubs that serve fresh fish.

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