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Explore the stunning stargazing spots in Turkey

Explore the stunning stargazing spots in Turkey

If you wonder what activities we can do under the night sky, the stargazing spots in Turkey will give you an unforgettable experience.  

Enjoy a travel experience in the dark

Star viewing is known as a new and alternative form of tourism, not during the day on clear blue beaches but travel under the night sky - Travel the dark sky. Turkey has many interesting destinations, not shrouded in light, where you can feel the magic of a series of stars and constellations covering the night sky. This new passion takes you away from crowded nightclubs and beaches and takes you to Turkey's outlying beaches and slopes. 

To stargazing locations in Turkey , bring some water, blankets, chairs, mats or tents to leave overnight. There are also items such as: flashlight, telescope to see the starry sky clearly. Throughout the vast space, the light of electric lights gives way to a sparkling image above, like a lively and interesting world appearing right before your eyes. 

key-place-of-the-place-many-key-turkeyPhoto: @Pinterst

There are 3 requirements to find a beautiful stargazing location: the first is that there is no electric light so you can see the night sky clearly. Second, the places as high as possible are close enough to feel like you can reach out and touch the stars. And third, the place must be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Turkey has a myriad of beautiful scenes for star-stargazing tours under the fascinating night sky.

1. Melikler Yaylası - Isparta

One of the highest hills in Turkey, considered to be the quietest and most suitable place for star viewing is in the Yayla area in the Isparta region. You can climb to the top and camp on it, the terrain is quite flat. Or you can camp at the foot of Dedegol Moutain and climb up to see the stars. Around the neighborhood is also a pretty small village called Yaka that has a gorge nearby of the same name. There are a number of trails ideal for cycling and hiking in the area that are also great.

2. Olympos - South of the city Antalya 

This is a peaceful place away from the bustle of the city center of Antalya, Olympos has its own entertainment area is the combination of the blue sea with the green of the mountains. Although this small town always attracts tourists at any time, you can visit the beach at night because it is also a star viewing spot in Turkey with many interesting experiences.
Please go to the beach before 9pm, at this time there are no lights or crowds. Only trees, ancient ruins and nature await to be discovered on the way to the beach. As soon as you step into the portal that leads you to the beach, gaze up at the sky. You will be mesmerized by the vast Milky Way covering the sky above, like a scene from a movie. 
Take a walk on the beach at night at this Turkish star-viewing spot to enjoy peace, listening to the sounds of the sea. If you come to the right occasion, you can both fully capture the eyes of the distant Milky Way, while watching the beautiful full moon. A perfect match for a night trip, if there is no moon you should bring a flashlight as the beach is quite pebble.

3. Saklıkent - Antalya

This is one of the top viewing conditions with good viewing conditions not only in Turkey but also world-class. TUBITAK's telescope is located on an observatory up to 2,550 meters high. Besides, there are also many campsites around and also very close to the residential area, so traveling is convenient. You can drive up to the stargazing spot without having to walk for too long. 

4. Palandoken - Erzurum

This mountain is 3,176 meters high, although there are no surrounding forests but its location and climate is perfect for becoming the famous stargazing spot in Turkey . You can set up a tent on the vast flat mountains or even stay in the city center 10 minutes away from the mountain so you can start enjoying the exciting nature experience. This is one of the most chilly spots in the area, so be sure to bring blankets and coats as you admire the splendor of the night sky!

5. Karagol - Bolu natural park

Karagöl is on the road to Beypazarı, 18 km south of the town of Kibriscik and also 62 km south of Bolu city center. There are wooden houses built on the lake quite nicely that can be used for dwelling. There are also areas for tourists to set up tents. The climate is cool, at any angle you can find a private corner to enjoy the scenery.

6. Goreme - Nevsehir

Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination in the Nevşehir province of Anatilian, with outstanding historical sites as well as some of the most famous ancient natural wonders. Although the main attraction in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon, few people know that Goreme is alsoa beautiful star-viewing spot in TurkeyAmong the rocks like a fairy chimney, looking up is a brilliant galaxy. 

geogerme-destination-destinationPhoto: @ echokim.l

To witness the miracles that Cappadocia brings to you, you should travel in autumn, preferably October 8-9. During these days, you can see close to 750 shooting stars per hour. This natural wonder is called the Draconids meteor shower and the best place to experience it is Turkey. However, the sky of Central Anatolia has always had its appeal, which is why you still get the chance to see the starry night sky even if you miss the October meteor festival.

7. Teke Mountain National Park - Ankara

This place is close to Beypazari, one of the tourist attractions for  Turkish Ankara and the most popular. Open space, beautiful nature, not covered by dazzling light or noisy city. Therefore, of course, this is also a place to experience stargazing, bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility. At night, come here with friends to play happily then together enjoy the magical night sky above, feeling so irresistible peace.

8. Hatila Valley National Park - Artvin

The valley along the Black Sea is surrounded by two sides of deep, deep mountains. However, at night the stars in the sky light up the tranquil space of this place. It can be cloudy and rainy, so you'll have to wait a clear day to see the stars. But in return, the atmosphere here will make you fascinated.

9. Uludag - Bursa

The Uludag is one of the largest ski spots in this country with a height of 2,543 meters. It is relatively close to Istanbul, only 90 minutes by boat and 1 hour by taxi from the port. It's the highest point of the Marmara Region, so you can spend a weekend here for daytime skiing and to enjoy great moments at night at this Turkish stargazing spot .

10. Erciyes - Kayseri

The highest mountain in Central Anat leaves with a peak of nearly 4,000 meters, tourists love coming here to admire the scenery because nothing obstructs the view around. It is also one of the best ski resorts in Turkey, with comfortable accommodation. Not only that, but the star viewing spot away from the lights of this city also impresses and becomes an attraction for visitors everywhere when visiting.
Travel to Turkey has never made you feel bored, because it has irresistible beautiful scenes. Not only during the day, but when night falls, the experience like watching stars also brings a strange attraction. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery at one of the famous star viewing spots above!

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