Enjoy a romantic vacation on the Greek island of Milos

The sunny summer days are coming, along with a trip to the Greek island of Milos to enjoy a romantic relaxing vacation by a unique paradise beach.

Impressive views of the Greek island of Milos

Next to a luxurious Santorini is the equally beautiful Milos Island. The scene here is full of art with romantic corners that anyone who comes once will forever remember. Located in the southwestern part of Greece, this island is one of the rare places that possess a multitude of beautiful beaches with unique and attractive shapes. 

Not only that, on the arid hillsides, there is a glimpse of the villages with outstanding white colors. The rocks undulating in the clear blue sea, next to the creamy white sand stretches endlessly of beautiful coves. The beauty of Greek Milos Island under the splendid shimmering sun, like bringing you to the colorful fairyland.
Not only beautiful nature, but for those who love history, this is also a great destination for couples. Because in this place in 1820 people found a very famous statue of the goddess Milo - Aphrodite. Since then, this island has been likened to a strong witness to the love story of ancient Greek goddesses. Find Milos to relax, rest in a peaceful setting and explore amazing wild beauty.

Exciting experience in the Greek island of Milos paradise

Although it has a modest area and is not as famous as other places. But coming to Milos Island in Greece, there will be countless experiences immersing in nature for you to explore delightfully. Immerse yourself in the beautiful beaches, wander the lovely villages and boutiques. Discovering castles, unique architecture or enjoying typical cuisine all bring an unforgettable impression.

Visit the Sarakiniko Moon Beach

The beach impresses tourists thanks to the pristine white rocky outcrops that are covered with volcanic dust. The sea water here is emerald green as if it can reach the bottom. Coming to this beach on Milos Island, you will think you are walking in a completely different world. Therefore, it is compared to the new moon beach.
Stop by in Sarakiniko will have countless interesting experiences when coming to the Greek island of Milos . You can walk around to explore and admire all the unique structures of the cliffs, sowing from the cliffs into the cool water, swimming. Or in the afternoon, brilliant rays of sunlight shining down on the white and blue background of this beach create light trails that create an impressive scene.

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Explore the beach in the Papafragas cave

The beach at the bottom of the cave made up of these giant rocks is the most impressive destination in Milos. The two sides of rough cliffs form small caves, where seawater flows in to form a separate beach that when viewed from above, looks like an oasis. With its rugged terrain, the cave used to be a pirate refuge, today is an interesting destination for archaeologists.
Not only that, Papafragas is also loved by tourists to  Milos Island in Greece because of its beautiful natural scenery. In addition to visiting, visitors also come to admire the sparkling crystal beach, sunbathe and struggle in the cool water. The special feature of the sea water here is that in each different season or depending on the time of day they will have a very interesting color change.

Visiting Tsigrado beach

Indeed, every beach on this island takes visitors from surprise to surprise. Tsigrado is no exception, when you come here you will think that you have discovered a new land full of hidden secrets. Picturesque beach with clear sea water, everything visible on the bottom. To reach this place you have to cross a canyon and a small staircase leading downwards.

Hidden behind ugly rocks is a beautiful crystal beach. The mirror-like water hidden behind the bay is an ideal place to relax and rest. The space here is quiet and quiet with few people coming so everything seems intact. Like you are looking for a refuge to get away from the noisy smoke outside when you reach the Greek island of Milos .

Boat ride to explore the caves of Kleftiko

This place is one of the pirate shelters on Milos Island many centuries ago as well known. Each layer of caves in succession forms a mysterious system, the blue sea is so beautiful that there are no words to describe. Don't forget to embark on a cave exploration journey into the deepest place to discover the mysterious beauty and listen to vivid stories about pirates.

Visit the fairy-tale villages

Located on a high hill facing the ocean, the beautiful town of Plaka is the most beautiful sunset spot on the Greek island of Milos . Not inferior to Santorini, the houses and roads here are also covered in pure white. Adorned to that is the flowered flowers meticulously decorated from the balcony to the fence, the path brilliantly under the golden sunlight of the sea.
Here, you can sit and enjoy coffee at classic style shops or to the central square, church, old castle. Just visit, admire the scenery and enjoy the sunset. This town is always peaceful, walking along the paved streets, you will find shops selling a full range of handmade items from Greek clothes, jewelry, souvenirs , ... spoiled for choice. .

Besides Palaka, do not forget to spend time wandering the old Pollonia fishing village on Milos Island in Greece . It is also the main characteristic white, but when reflected on the blue background of the ocean, this place becomes more magical. Each lovely house, boats anchored in the bay create a peaceful scene. Finding a peaceful place to roam, this place will surely hold you back.

Enjoy quintessential cuisine

Tourists to Milos Island all appreciate the food here is very delicious and quite easy to eat, so you can choose any restaurant to enjoy the typical cuisine of this place. An interesting suggestion is that you can stop by a coastal seafood restaurant with fresh food and enjoy a cool cocktail. While eating, chatting while admiring the panoramic view of the blue bay below.

How to go to the Greek island of Milos?

- Means of transport to Milos: for those who go from other cities or islands such as Athens, Santorini, ... can come here by plane or take ferries, which is also very convenient. There are many flights to choose from and only take about 30 minutes by plane from Athens, then take a taxi or take a bus to this location.
- Moving and traveling on the island of Milos Greece also has many diverse options. Choose public transport such as buses to save costs, taxis here are less so so you do not miss the itinerary you should book in advance. Or if you want to experience and explore every place on the island as you like, you should rent a self-drive car. On the way can actively visit more places.

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