Enjoy the beauty of the paradise Navagio Bay

Clear blue beach, smooth white sand and mysterious shipwreck. Although isolated, but Navagio Bay has never stopped attracting tourists.

History and time to visit the most beautiful Navagio Bay

Initially discovered on the island of Zakynthos, this bay was called Agios Georgios by the people. Later also known as other names such as: Shipwreck or Smugglers Cove and today Navagio - in Greek means shipwreck. Based on the story of a smuggling ship called MV Panagiotis that went to the waters here, it sunk and then the wreck was washed into the sand.
It has a surprisingly surreal beauty with a wild beauty. Since the appearance of the ship's wreck lay on the smooth white sand, after many years it has remained intact on it. Made Navagio Bay even more impressive, becoming the top destination of Greece. Attracting not only the attention of locals but also tourists everywhere. 
Because it is located in the waters of the Mediterranean region with a characteristic cool climate. The weather is quite ideal, winter is not too cold and summer is not too hot like other places. Therefore, if you come to this bay at any time of the year, you will find it very crowded. Can arrange reasonable time to visit all the time that you find suitable.

The enchanting beauty of paradise Navagio bay

People consider Greek Navagio Bay and the beach here to be one of the top destinations not only in this mythical country. Its popularity and beauty also resound around the world. And if you can once see the scenery here, everyone must say that heaven is real. Everything has reached the perfect household that is difficult for words to describe. 
It is nestled and surrounded by tall limestone mountains. The nature endowed this place with smooth white sand like cream, clear blue sea water as if it could be seen at the bottom. Unable to ride, not to walk, to reach this bay is only one way by train, which makes it even more mysterious. But in return, the peaceful and cool space of this place has great attraction.
Besides immersing in the blue sea and discovering check in with the giant wreck. Then to Navagio Bay, visitors can also visit the Blue cave right next to the sea under limestone mountains. The dome-shaped structure formed after the geological activity of Greece created beautiful vivid scenes. That is why this place becomes one of the subjects for beautiful photography.
Sky and cloud water colors blend with the vast and vast ocean. Whether it's a blue sea, white sand or an old ship wreck. They seem to exist in this bay to make everything perfect. Without going through any editing tools, just shooting at a certain angle, Navagio also makes the viewer feel unbelievably surprised.

Vinh-navagio-11The bay is the setting that appears in Descendants of the Sun

If you are a fan of Korean films, you must have seen this place through the images of the super product "Descendants of the Sun". Although they are only short shots, the beach and the shipwreck have caused a great impression and attention. With the appearance of the two main actors, the scene here becomes even more romantic.

Visiting Navagio Bay to experience exciting activities

Immersed in the blue sea, sunbathing

Under the serene sun of the Mediterranean sea, spend a day in Greek Navagio Bay to delight in walking on the sand. Lie in the sun to relax or immerse yourself in the cool water that surrounds the skin, extremely refreshing. The beach is gentle and not cloudy, the waves gently pat, so it is quite safe for water activities.

Ride to the top of the rocky mountain

This is an activity that is both considered to be a test of courage but also an enjoyable experience for you. Take a car to climb to the top of the limestone mountain, look down from this height or zoom out to enjoy another view of Navagio equally beautiful. If you go at sunset, you can also see the crimson scenery on the horizon like dyeing the ocean.

Climb the mountain 

For young people who love adventure, climbing is also an interesting experience, so try when you have the opportunity to visit Navagio Bay . The steep limestone mountains challenge the climbers to be really skillful to reach the top. Although the difference in height from the sea is not too great, it also requires concentration and brings a sense of satisfaction when reaching the top of the mountain.

Windsurfing, skydiving

These are indispensable experiences for people who are passionate about sea sports. If windsurfing needs dexterity and firm handles to be able to stand, parachuting needs the same courage as climbing mountains. Feeling playful and gazing at Navagio at any coordinates are the best frames that appear before the eyes of the viewer. 

Notes when visiting Navagio Bay

Because you are isolated, before coming here to visit you should prepare all necessary tools and supplies for yourself. Especially remember to wear sunscreen because although the sea water here is quite cool, the skin still needs protection when playing for long hours in the sun. Bring water to drink as it can be difficult to get enough water for many people.
The wreck of a shipwreck on the sand in Navagio Bay is quite interesting, but remember you should only take pictures outside, not step inside because some leftover substance of the old engine is quite toxic. Not only that, the rusted details can also injure you when you are not careful and insidious. And to get here you take a boat down the south from the center of Zakynthos is Porto Vromi.
The ancient country of a thousand years hides so many interesting things and Navagio is one of the important vestiges that you should not forget to visit during your Greek travel . Check in together and bring back unforgettable memories at this wonderful bay.

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