Delphi Temple - holy place of Greek mythology

Architecture is unique and has an important meaning to Greek civilization. Delphi Temple is an attractive destination for those who want to learn the ancient culture in this country.

History of the Temple of Delphi

Delphi in Greek is also read as Delphys, it has the meaning of center. The temple is the place to worship the god Apollo - the god of light and the sun, art, ... Legend has it that I wanted to find a place to set up a temple for myself. Upon reaching the mountains of Parnassus under the form of a dolphin, who killed the dragon god Python to take the area. Therefore, the deity is very sacred and honored.

This temple has a relatively ups and downs history, originally built in the 7th century BC and bold Doric architectural style. But after many fires, earthquakes and rebuilding, it has been largely destroyed today. Delphi Temple was discovered only in 1893 when there was a group of French archeology. Currently, only the remains of the foundation of the temple and towering pillars remain. 

to-tho-delphi-Artistic cultural activities are taking place at this temple

From the position of the temple overlooking the south can see the entire coastal plain and Phocis valley. Historical stories, ancient works, along with mythological stories hidden behind the appearance of the temple. All of these have made it an attractive destination not only for archaeologists, but also attracting tourists everywhere. Recognized by Unesco as an ancient world heritage site in 1987.

The meaning of the temple of Delphi to ancient Greece

In the ancient world hundreds of years ago or until today, the meaning of the Greek Temple of Delphi remains undeniable. If you are a fan of Greek mythology, it will appear everywhere, because it is considered as the conclusion of the most quintessential. Until the time of the Roman empire, the words of Apollo always influenced the great political decisions. 
Besides the sacred place with the great protector, all ancient Greek cities flocked to worship. Where predictions of major world events come true, so many powers contend for this holy land. Not only that, it is also seen as a mecca of art births, the architectural schools of ancient Greek style. 
At the beginning of construction, the Delphi temple was built with 21 pillars in both width and length, made up of meticulous stones. Through many times that seemed to be completely destroyed, only ruins remain. But this temple has always attracted tourists from everywhere to visit and learn. Both about the architecture of a great building and its mysterious history.

Unique sightseeing place in the Delphi temple

Along with the temple to worship the god Apollo, within the grounds of this unique archaeological site, there is also a majestic street in the past, an ancient theater, a stadium, ... Creating a mecca of cultural heritage. Attractive destination for scientists and tourists around the world.

The holy way

One of the reasons that the Delphi temple and its monuments are spoiled. Because there are many gilded statues, shrines containing wealth are brought to worship by believers everywhere. So it is considered as a place to store a huge treasure, bustling and vibrant atmosphere of a holy land for a while. Now gone, but always left a deep imprint.

Ancient theater

Theater works were built in the 6th century BC with mainly limestone materials. This is also a place that contains both unique architecture and culture. When it was first built it could accommodate up to 5,000 people with the structure including: the stage area, the orchestra, the rows of chairs surrounded in a semicircle, ... This work is still quite intact and often regularly serving tourists with attractive cultural and artistic activities. 

Ancient stadium

Built in the 6th century BC, with straight stone benches. Surrounded by green trees, lawns and located at the highest position in the complex of monuments in the Greek temple Delphi . This stadium was often used to organize sports and wrestling matches. In particular, it is also the place where the ancient Pythian Olympics took place nearly millennia ago. 

Some notes when visiting Delphi Temple

- If you depart to this temple from Athens, you can travel by bus or rent a car. If traveling by bus, it takes longer but can also enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. And renting a car will not take much time, but on the way you can just go to visit more places. As well as visiting the village of Arachova here to visit and buy gifts for relatives.
- The road to the Delphi Temple is quite bumpy and difficult to go. Therefore, you should prepare clothes, wear comfortable shoes as well as umbrellas, and apply sunscreen. Preparing some snacks or lunch in the middle of the ancient ruins is also a pleasant experience.

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