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Check out the frugal and eye-catching Turkish vegetarian dishes

Check out the frugal and eye-catching Turkish vegetarian dishes

Traveling to Europe must discover local delicacies, with a variety of cuisines, and frugal and eye-catching Turkish vegetarian dishes will be an enjoyable experience for you. 
Turkey - a crossroads between Asian and European cultures, so the cuisine is equally rich, mainly dishes around beef or lamb. However, if you are a vegetarian, here you still find for yourself countless suitable options. To avoid confusion when ordering vegetarian food, point at that item in the menu or tell the server to order Vegetarian, Etsiz (Turkish means no meat), Et Suyu (no meat broth).

1. Cig Kofte 

Previously made with minced beef and kneaded with bulgur, pepper, tomato powder, onion, garlic and a mixture of Turkish spices. But for a while it was banned and transformed into a spicy vegetarian dish, substituting bulgur for meat plus walnuts, tomatoes and bulgur, olive oil, spices, chili powder, ... You can find sold in many street corners, especially in the Central and Southeast regions.

CigKofte-Vegetarian-Vegetarian-CigKoftePhoto: @HappyCow

2. Menemen (Turkish Omelet)

This is a long-standing traditional dish of the people in this country, made by heating olive oil then for tomatoes, green peppers. Spice with black and red pepper and stir until puree. Then add the eggs or the cheese, sprinkle with herbs, chives on top to enjoy. This Turkish vegetarian dish is often served for breakfast but is also found both lunch and dinner, served with bread and delicious juice.

3. Borek Vegetarian

These are traditional pastries eaten throughout Turkey, as well as in some surrounding countries. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and make the meal very filling. This dish is also often changed in different ingredients and shapes. You can find a laminated, round and rolled borek stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, vegetables, or even fruit. The most popular vegetarian recipes use spinach cheese or feta, but if replaced with eggplant you should also try.

4. Cacik

It comes from Greece under the name Hyzzikiiki, while this Turkish vegetarian dish is another version of the yogurt, salt and cucumber blend. At restaurants, it is served as an appetizer, cacik (pronounced JA-JUK) added with a pinch of salt, olive oil, and garlic are most popular for their exceptionally delicious taste. This is a vegetarian dish presented quite beautifully, with healthy ingredients that you should choose first. 

5. Zeytinyagli Dolma 

There are 2 ways to make this vegetarian dish: stuffing ingredients into chili or rolled with grape leaves. Ingredients and recipes are easy to make, just roast the rice in a pan of olive oil with onions then add onions, salt, pepper, mint and stuff in the chili. Cover the mouth with the tomato and place in the pot of medium heat. This unique dish is full of nutrients and enriches your meals.

6. Nohut (Green Beans)

Green beans are one of the traditional agricultural and vegetarian foods in Turkey that is very familiar to vegetarians. Some restaurants and chefs will use this ingredient cooked with a little ground beef or chicken. However, if they went to a vegetarian restaurant, they would only serve beans stewed with onions, paprika and pepper, served with delicious rice. 

7. Kuru Fasulye

Kuru Fasulye is one of the favorite dishes of the people of this country, more than rice or bulgur. It is a traditional white bean dish also cooked with tomatoes, onions and olive oil. Although it is a side dish in meals, but the nutrients are very large and easy to fill, many people often consider it as the main dish to enjoy. 

8. Kebab Vegetarian

Kebab stores can be found everywhere in Turkey and almost all of it is mostly meat. However, if you are a vegetarian, you still want to try the taste of Kebab in the country where it was born. Occasionally you can find this dish with vegetarian ingredients made from grilled vegetables or patties. Although this Turkish vegetarian dish has no meat, the recipe is quite similar to the taste and taste.

9. Pide

This famous dish is made with delicious ingredients made from flour and different toppings, but without ketchup. Cheese Pide is a very popular and affordable option that many people choose. On the way to sightseeing, if you cannot find a kebab store, this is also a good option that you should try. Vegetarian Pide is better when added with vegetables, red pepper or onions sprinkled on top when grilled. 

10. Lahmacun

In Turkish cuisine Lahmacun is also called a pizza but has a thinner, crunchier base that is rolled up when enjoyed. Usually it will be made with ground meat with a characteristic spicy taste, but you can still find this cake with equally delicious vegetarian toppings. Vegetables, cilantro, tomatoes and especially lemon juice when eaten will add stimulation to your taste buds.

11. Cobalt Salatası 

The name of this dish means shepherd's salad, this is a simple, cool dish with ingredients: cucumber, tomato, onion, green pepper, parsley, with lemon sauce. and oil. Just shred the ingredients and mix with the sauce, sometimes white cheese (like feta) is added. Attractive choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians as anyone can enjoy, very fresh.

12. Nohutlu Pilav

Nohutlu Pilav is rice with garbanzo beans. The Turkish vegetarian dish is simple and delicious and can be found all over the street in luxury shopping carts, shops or restaurants. It alone can be enough for a small meal or you can eat it with any of the other stews in the aforementioned dishes. Sometimes just adding a salad can become a complete meal with all the necessary nutrients without fear of hunger.

13. Manti

Manti are traditional dumplings like dumplings, served with yogurt and a spicy Paprika sauce. Usually the ingredients will have meat, but with this dish will be replaced with spinach and cheese or onions, potatoes, radishes and spices pepper, chili, salt. The sauce is made from tomato, avocado, red pepper and mint. When the manti is done, put it on a plate, put the yogurt and a little garlic on top then pour the sauce. At first look at the opposite sweet and savory combination, but enjoying it creates a quite unique taste. 

14. Simit

Traveling to Turkey you will find it a lot of people love when coming to this country. Simit is a type of bread made in a circle shape and covered with sesame seeds. This is a tasty, cheap and tasty breakfast or snack as they are sold from trolleys all over Istanbul for just one lira (US $ 0.5). This is also considered the cheapest dish to buy and enjoy at Turkish airports.

15. Gozleme

Gozleme are olive oil flavored flat pancakes stuffed with all kinds of filling. The most common are spinach, feta, lamb or beef, seasoned, and potatoes. Then fry it until golden and crispy, then cut into triangular pieces. When eating, you can squeeze a little lemon to increase flavor, coming to Turkey you will often see lines of people lining up at the weekend market waiting to enjoy this dish. 
Travel and food are indispensable factors attached to each person's trip. Always fascinated with diverse and rich dishes, Turkish vegetarian dishes are sure to make you feel delighted. 

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