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Check out 8 delicious and famous Turkish traditional drinks

Check out 8 delicious and famous Turkish traditional drinks

Turkish traditional drinks are also considered an important cultural part of this country. Here are some popular and popular drinks you should definitely try!

The coffee 

There is a Turkish proverb that says: " coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" . Coffee in this country has the smooth, rich foam and the mild bitterness of ground beans prepared in the oldest method. Housed in a cup with a thin mouth and covered with foam keeps the coffee hot longer as you sip it.

The strong bitterness of coffee here is not enjoyed by all foreigners. But this traditional Turkish drink has become an indispensable culture in everyday life, especially after meals. A glass of cold water is always served with you to rinse your mouth after drinking. It is seen as a symbol of friendship and hospitality so when you are given a cup of coffee do not hesitate to accept it. 

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Turkish Tea

Turkish tea in this mythical country has a history of 5000 years, has become the center of most social activities. The world's top per capita tea consumer and it's an indispensable part of Turkish culture from past to present. Come to the Rize area, located in the east of the Black Sea, where the most cultivated, especially the delicious black tea. 
The tea leaves go through a number of harvesting processes and are then brewed to perfection. This traditional Turkish drink is also elaborately prepared with a 2-story kettle. Drink with glass or metal glass with wide mouth, elaborate decorative patterns. Sipping tea with cakes or sweets, becoming a difficult habit of many different ages. This is also a kind of hospitality drink that the people of this country use to welcome guests every time they come home. 


One of the most famous and popular Turkish drinks is Raki. A colorless, alcoholic beverage that is always served with water and usually with ice. Most people blend in water and ice to turn it into a smoother, opaque white drink hence its nickname is lion's milk. Raki made from the processing of anise and grapes, produced since 1944, is the most widely sold brand name and other products include Tekirdag and Izmir. 
On the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, locals love to drink Raki slowly while enjoying a hearty meal. Enjoy this traditional Turkish drink with kebab, meze or fresh seafood or fish. You will see many people enjoying a drink or two after working at sunset with friends, listening to music and chatting all night. If you do decide to give it a try, sip it slowly as it has a 40% alcohol content.

Ayran (dairy)

Made from yogurt, water, and salt, pre-packaged, sold throughout Turkey. But at the cafes in the village you will be served the homemade version with a large topping. If you love yogurt, you'll love the freshness and flavor of the buttermilk. This healthy drink is a favorite among locals and tourists at any time and tastes better when it is cold. 
New to enjoy is a bit difficult to drink, but comes with kebab bread, or Turkish street food is delicious. This drink is also used by the people to reduce seasickness, hangover or stomach pain. It is one of the many gifts that the Turks have given the world. Therefore, you should enjoy it, it will definitely become your favorite dish. 


Boza is a fermented beverage, made from bulgur, rice, sugar, yeast, water and it is rich in carbs. It has a sweet and tangled taste that everyone finds addictive. This is a traditional Turkish drink that is widely used to warm the body in autumn and winter. But it's also a great summer drink when served cold. Furthermore, it is recommended for new mothers as it increases milk quite a lot. It will be flawed if you haven't tasted it yet. 
On a cold evening in Turkey, when you hear the voice of a boza hawker you will feel like you are in a time machine traveling to the Ottoman Empire. This delicious drink is soft and smooth like a pudding with a sweet and sour flavor. It may feel strange to try it the first time, but then you get addicted easily.
This famous traditional Turkish drink  originating from ancient Anatolia, is known for its excellent health properties, low blood pressure and high content of potassium, this warm drink is often served with green beans. roast. Although it has been followed a traditional recipe, it is not difficult to do.
There are several very well known boza producers in Turkey and most notably Vefa. Or you can visit the local store in Eskisehir called Karakeni Bozacisi with boza flavor which is also delicious. Small store but always crowded in winter. There are no chairs or tables in this store, people just drop by and grab a drink from the counter. They don't even need to order, the vendors prepare the glasses in advance so that customers can easily grab a glass and enjoy their drink.
Traditionally, boza is served in a glass with cinnamon powder and grilled green beans on top. Favorite dessert in Turkish cuisine , you can drink or eat with a spoon like yogurt to taste all the best. Sometimes people also like to decorate the boza with mint stalks or fruit like pomegranate or persimmon is quite unique and delicious.

Salgam Suyu (pickled radish juice)

Pickled radish juice is a delightfully appealing beverage that is very popular in the Cukurova region (South Central) of Turkey. Places like Mersin, Adana and Hatay are among the earliest known sites of origin. These radishes are mixed with water and salt to create a simple pickle dish. The red color is due to the use of black carrots, a popular beverage to accompany meat dishes.


Before the appearance of fruit juices in our country, cold drinks called sherbets were very popular. In ancient times, this traditional Turkish drink was heavily used for women giving birth, at traditional Muslim engagements or promises between a man and a woman before really engaged. There are different types of sherbet: honey sherbet, rose water sherbet, sugar sherbet, tanrı serbeti, nardenk serbeti.
Sirkencubin is made from honey and vinegar, is taken to quench thirst and as an effective medicine. Today, the sherbet culture has been replaced by commercially available fruit juice, but in some parts of Anatilian villages sherbets are still used. It is made from a variety of herbs, including licorice root, which makes for a nutritious drink. 

Tea Linden

Another equally popular hot drink is linden tea, a traditional Turkish drink with an irresistible floral aroma. It has a diuretic, sweating, and calming effect on the breasts. For this reason, linden recently started being offered at workplaces. Workers whose health reasons do not like to drink black tea all day can choose linden tea instead.
Not only traditional dishes, drinks also contribute to creating a unique culture. Should be encouraged, protected and promoted. Don't forget to enjoy and feel their unique taste when you have a chance to travel to Turkey !

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