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Check in all the beautiful villages in Turkey, irresistible

Check in all the beautiful villages in Turkey, irresistible

Big-city travel feels bustling, but don't forget to visit beautiful Turkish villages to discover the beauty and different lifestyles.
While life in Turkey seems to revolve around major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir , the villages still have their own distinct essence. There are more than 30,000 located in the coasts of the Black Sea, Aegean, Mediterranean regions to the remote mountains of the Kackar Mountains. Visit villages to love old houses, learn about regional cuisine and learn about Turkish culture and traditions. 

1. Goynuk

This village dates back to ancient Phrygian and Roman times. Therefore, coming here you will see the Ottoman houses, the most famous of which is the Müderrisoğlu Konağı mansion. Because Goynuk is surrounded by mountains, caves or lakes that are green all year round. So this is a great place for those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax.
The people-the-beautiful-place-of-you-Goynuk-Photo: @kesifnoktam

2. Faralya

Perched on the cliffs surrounding the Turkish Butterfly valley is a small village called Faralya. Its beauty cannot be compared to the valley below, but it is also quite a relaxing and scenic destination. The landscape is cool in the countryside with the bungalows, and is also a favorite destination for trekking. 
This is a calm, clean destination with great Mediterranean views. Anyone looking to buy real estate in Fethiye will make a huge profit if they choose the village of Faralya. Because of its remote location and lack of space to build, it will not turn into busy urban centers, but always maintain its inherent tranquility. Come to Faralya to explore the traditional Turkish lifestyle, such as protecting nature, joining some yoga, spa or wellness centers, ...

3. Villages in Cappadocia

One can spend a week exploring the villages of Cappadocia in the central Anatilian region. Cappadocia is already the second most popular tourist destination and places like Goreme are very popular, in which beautiful Turkish villages with small beautiful spaces bring great curiosity to tourists. Typically as:
Ortahisar - a traditional town, a place with beautiful sunrise views and houses carved from tufa rocks. 
Faraway Mustafa Pasha is home to the ancient Christian church. 
Uchisar - a luxury luxury destination for five-star hotels, is home to the castle and is the highest point of view in Cappadocia. 
Urgup - village with busy lifestyle, is home to some of the best wine growers of this region.

4. Assos

Assos -  top beautiful villages in Turkey nestled on the Aegean coast and is a settlement of ancient Greeks, known for its rich history. Although the site's name has been officially changed to Behramkale, many people still call it by its old name Assos. This is where Aristotle opened an academy, a school of logical thinking. And this is where you can find the Temple of Athena and other majestic archaeological sites.

6. Kaleköy

Kaleköy literally means Village of Castle, the reason it got this name because Byzantine Castle was located right on the top of the hill. From this castle, you will have a panoramic view of the city below, the Mediterranean coast and the neighboring island of Kekova. Not only that, but tourists love coming here because Kaleköy is one of the most popular yacht destinations in Turkey.

7. Safranbolu

This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site is known as an important stopover for the East-West commercial railway. There is also the İzzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque and the Ottoman architectural buildings. After learning about the culture in the old town or the Safranbolu market, do not forget to visit the restaurant in these beautiful Turkish villages for drinks and food like an authentic Ottoman party.

8. Akyaka

Akyaka is a coastal town located in southwestern Turkey, on the edge of the Datca peninsula along the Aegean Sea. This is a town famous for its well-preserved natural beauty. Besides, it is known for its long-standing traditional fishing. This place is very attractive to foreign tourists because of modern architecture combined with former Ula style. The houses here have flowery double staircases and gardens with wooden balconies with overhanging roofs.

9. Alaçatı

The village of Alacati in Turkey is located in the Cesme peninsula. Despite its small size, in recent years it has become famous for its narrow streets, stone houses, lush vineyards, and classic hotels and restaurants. This is a great place for tourists who want to enjoy short trips with great cuisine. 
The liberal and laid-back Aegean lifestyle has made it one of Izmir's most popular destinations. Besides, it is also the best sea surf spot in Turkey. On summer evenings, nothing is more wonderful than immersing in the atmosphere of BBQ parties with vibrant music by the beach, enjoying memorable vacations. 

10. Sirince Wine Village

Among the beautiful villages in Turkey , Sirince is most famous in the Aegean for producing local wines using fruit from the surrounding gardens. Today, sold all over Turkey, remember to sample wine at one of the village's many shops. The landscape is picturesque, with a local woman selling handicrafts as souvenirs. The architecture here is also quite ancient, the folds bring the feeling of a true ancient Greek village. 

11. Simena

Exploring the villages by sea is a very enjoyable experience. One of them is Simena, also known as Kalekoy, a favorite stop for Turkish yachts. Located near the ruins of Kekova city, its beautiful Byzantine castle offers a wonderful peninsula vistas that cannot be compared to other places in this country.
Although it is a famous resort destination for luxury yachts of the discerning people. However, this village still retains its own characteristics that are difficult to mix with. Discover beautiful villages in Turkey , when you come here you will enjoy traditional ice cream locally produced, including some quite unique flavors that you have never heard of.

12. Rustic Gumusluk

Referring to the Bodrum peninsula to any Turks, they will immediately mention the vibrant nightlife, outstanding sailing reputation and the ideal entertainment destination for tourists. It includes the main town center and smaller coastal resorts. Considered as an international destination, attracting tourists everywhere to enjoy the different space. 
Known for its striking Rabbit Island, among the beautiful villages in Turkey it has a rustic charm that anyone admires is captivated. Simple life, unaffected by the world, has prompted many foreigners to buy mansions in Gumusluk. Enjoying tranquil days by the beach, in the evening enjoying fresh fish and seafood, once you arrive you will find Gumusluk's charms become truly 'addictive'.

13. Cirali

If you want to find a peaceful place temporarily away from everything, be peaceful and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in this land. Located in Antalya, there is a beautiful beach in common with Olympus, a tourist destination loved by backpackers. With the mountains looming behind, this is a quiet paradise. It's a place to watch the Chimaera blaze, or enjoy mountain biking trips, Mediterranean sea baskets, outdoor BBQ and beautiful flora and fauna.
Possessing a beautiful natural landscape with separate attractions. Not only mosques, busy neighborhoods, but also beautiful ancient villages are always a destination that creates endless inspiration. Travel to Turkey with check in all of the above places to explore the legendary country in your own way. 

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