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Where should you go when shopping in Cairo Egypt?

Where should you go when shopping in Cairo Egypt?

Learn some traditional markets when you want to go shopping in Cairo Egypt.
In Muslim countries, especially in North Africa and the Middle East, traditional markets are called souk or suq. In the large capital of Egypt - Cairo, you can find some such markets to choose for yourself a souvenir or simply want to enjoy a dish. The markets often sell many spices, colorful mystical charm. You will meet the locals and integrate into their daily lives. Remember to always bring cash with you because you rarely learn how to use the card. Here are 5 traditional markets that will suggest you the best shopping in Cairo !

1. Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili is one of the oldest markets in Egypt and the Middle East. It is located in the Muslim area of ​​central Cairo and dates back to 1382. If you want to learn more about Islamic history in Cairo and Egypt, this market is a must-visit when traveling to Cairo. 
As you stroll through the market, you will come across historic Islamic buildings and discover more about the history of Islam in Cairo. The market is also famous for silverware and is one of the best places to shop for anything from glassware, antiques, crafts, shishas and other special Egyptian souvenirs. .
The market can be easily found in the historic center of Islamic Islam and is the most famous shopping spot in Cairo !

2. El Azbakeya's wall (book paradise)

This is the most famous second-hand book of Egypt. Go to El Azbakeya Wall to buy used, rare and used books from the 1800s at over 130 stalls. The market area can be found near the Azbakeya garden. The market has a wide range of books, such as travel, historical books and literary masterpieces (on any topic), where you can find interesting specials such as alphabet posters in Arabic. It can be said that this is a paradise for book lovers!
To come here, go to the Azbakeya garden, the market outside the El Abakeya wall.

Where should you go when shopping in Cairo Egypt?Old book market in Cairo

3. Souq El Gom'aa (Friday Market)

Souq El Gom'aa is a market not for tourists, but where you can find anything needed in the life of the Egyptians. All of the items here are sold at affordable prices, not too much of a challenge but you should be careful with the bags, because this market is famous for being super busy and an ideal place for pickpockets may be around you

4. Wekalet El Balah

Established in the 19th century, Wekalet El Balah is one of the most famous markets selling medium quality imported second-hand clothes and second hand goods. Shoppers can also find affordable fabric, shoes, bags and furniture. Goods can be local or imported from countries like China and Turkey.
The market originated when merchants from Upper Egypt (from Aswan) arrived in Cairo carrying goods. This specialty market is known by the locals as a risky shopping experience because of the chaos, sure you will have to bargain for a good price but it also attracts visitors because of the abundant number of of the stalls.

5. Mohamid Ali Street

Named after the modern Egyptian founder, Mohamed Ali, this road was built in the 1860s and was built in a European style. Mohamid Ali Street is an oriental arts center in Cairo and home to professional belly dance dancers. Currently, this is one of the best places to produce, sell and repair musical instruments.
This shopping place in Cairo is located right on Mohamid Ali road, very easy to find when you come to this city.

Where should you go when shopping in Cairo Egypt?Mohamid Ali Street

Some shopping experience in Cairo

Here is a list of Egyptian souvenirs worth buying:
- Frankincense: Oud (also known as woody frankincense) and Bokhor incense.
- Statue of a replica of Bastet - Egyptian goddess and guardian.
- Jewelry depicting the Scarab beetle, representing creation and resurrection.
- Khayameya handmade textile products (cushion covers, running boards, etc.).
- Decorative wooden jewelry box.
- Metal craft items such as jewelry and utensils.
- Delicacies such as baklava or semsemia.
- Painting by papyrus.
- Musical instruments such as Nai, Duff or Darbuka.
- Kohl cosmetics.
- Kilim rugs (buy them because they are very beautiful).
When shopping at street markets in Egypt , it is important to be ready for the tourist overload. If you particularly like a product you can negotiate the price if you want the best price and the best quality. In addition, to make sure you buy a good item, go around and decide whether you should buy or not because you know somewhere in the market you can see a better product. Also, be sure of the authenticity of locally produced products. Also you need to learn a question to answer when the seller offers it as "la, shukran" (not thank you in Arabic).

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