Visit colorful Nubian ancient village in Egypt

Ancient Nubian Egypt is a place where visitors can find by the colorful bubian houses. Each house is like a guest house where they provide drinks and food.

Visit the colorful Egyptian ancient Nubian village along the Nile

South of Egypt, near the west bank of the Nile is the city of Aswan with the most colorful villages like the rainbow, which is an attractive Egyptian tourist destination for many tourists. With unique architecture and lively, Anakato houses in the ancient village of Nubian Egypt become a colorful oasis attracting tourists to visit. Here are the walls decorated with colorful motifs impressive, this is a true artistic architecture in the desert.

Visit the ancient village of Nubian Egypt@paifunna

These fancy buildings are decorated with hieroglyphic texts as well as vivid images of animals and trees that make viewers seem to be hallucinating when walking in the desert.

Visitors here will enjoy a private space, few people pass because only a total of 19 rooms are located in this very peaceful resort. Besides the picturesque outdoor space, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the spacious appearance from the entire Aswan town across the river.
In addition to admiring the town of Aswan, in the ancient village of Nubian Egypt  you can also admire the Nile river under the stars, thanks to the open corridors lit by fanciful lights.
The staff can converse in English and are also traditional Nubia music and dance performers. For guests who want to enjoy a soothing and private atmosphere, the staff can arrange to perform for them individually.
The house  ancient village Nubian Egypt colorful is not only famous people Nubia. Nubian cuisine is popular throughout Egypt and is a tourist destination. If you come here you should have a good meal at Kato Dool Restaurant and drink coffee or afternoon tea at beautifully decorated AnaKato Restaurant. There is also a famous hotel for overnight.
You will be treated to traditional dishes and can be served anywhere - from the restaurant to the garden. There is also a private souvenir shop and the items are mostly small jewelry made by hand.
You can go skiing in the Sahara, fish, swim on the Nile or take a fellucca on the scenic Nile . And yet, they will be guided by indigenous artists and guides to visit Gharb Soheil village to discover for themselves the interesting and long history of Nubia region by themselves. Tourists come here to think that the quiet atmosphere, vivid ethnic colors, the simple beauty of nature and Nubia people have washed away all worries in life, helping to find a quiet moment to contemplation about yourself.

History of Nubian ancient villages

The Nubia are an ethnic group from southern Egypt and northern Sudan, who in the course of history began some settlements along the Nile. They are famous for their riding skills and impressive marksmanship with bows and arrows. They are often regarded as a strong cavalry force.
In the course of history, the Nubian people often mixed and mingled with the Egyptians during the Pharaonic era. In fact, some ancient pharaohs were Nubians and their heritage certainly still exists. Today, there are still some Nubian communities scattered across the country. Many of these ancient Egyptian Nubian villages have become very popular with tourists today.

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