Unique salt lake in Siwa Egypt for those who cannot swim

The salt lake in Egypt has a depth of up to 4 meters but you cannot sink in it because the water here has a salt concentration of more than 95%
How to Cairo 600 km to the northwest, Siwa is a territory almost the most isolated of Egypt. Here, the economy depends heavily on the cultivation of two dates and olive specialties.
Siwa surprises visitors with the natural salt lake. The high concentration of salt increases Acsimet thrust, allowing the body to float freely without spending any effort. Apply a layer of sunscreen, you will be relaxed, immersed in the cool water, relax face to face heaven and earth.

Discover the magical beauty of salt lakes in Egypt

One of the most beautiful oases in Egypt, Siwa is located in the western desert where visitors flock here to hot spring baths, beautiful landscapes and unique desert activities. It is a place where you can walk among the palm trees while looking at the salt lakes. When passing by these lakes, you will think they are beaches due to the crystal blue however, in fact they are lakes but not ordinary lakes as you think.
The Siwa Oasis is surrounded bysalt lakes in Egyptthat no one really cared about until it was realized that people could make money selling salt. Until recently more and more salt lakes in Egypt were dug for salt, creating round pools that you could swim in it in a special way. A bit special is that you have to walk gently on the salt crystals and carefully enter the water without scratching your feet. Once in the blue water, it is seemingly impossible to sink. Because the water is extremely salty, it floats as easily as it does in the Dead Sea.
The people of Siwis have traditionally used this salt in building houses and shaping their tools and especially salt lamps, which are thought to generate healing power by the heat of the light source.

Siwa will host the annual Tourism Festival on November 5, as well as the Dates Festival on November 22. Meanwhile, don't miss the interesting experience in salt lakes in Egypt.
At Al-Tibtah Mountain you can enjoy the natural beauty and swim in clear, safe water, as well as natural medical treatment for eyes, skin and sinus diseases.
Lake Zeitoun, the largest salt lake in the Siwa Oasis oasis over 12,000 hectares on the edge of the wilderness. At first glance, this place seems to be an illusion of the crystal clear waters of any paradise beach. The combination of low annual rainfall and high evaporation rate in the oasis leads to lakes with unique water parameters and characterized by high salinity.
The salt lake in Egypt  is considered to have healing properties for sinuses, skin and eyes, in addition to its relaxing experience due to its location, which has allowed the oasis to be promoted as a medical and leisure destination. .
Along with Lake Zeitoun, another important salt lake in the oasis is Lake Maraqi, also known as Lake Siwa or Fatnas, to the west of the oasis covers an area of ​​5,300 hectares and has the highest salt concentration. Aghormy Lake, between Zeitoun and Maraqi, covers 8,100 hectares and is used by local companies for health treatment.
Tourism in the salt lake in Egypt , still at an early stage, has recently produced goods such as health-care products and beauty from salt to attract tourism. As a result, more and more tourists come here to reach about 10,000 Egyptians and about 500 foreigners every year.

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