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Things to know when coming to the thousand tower capital of Egypt

Things to know when coming to the thousand tower capital of Egypt

Cairo Egypt is a tourist destination on the journey to cities in the Middle East that always contains mysteries and attractions for visitors! But when you come here, you should also note the following!
Through the ages of Pharaon to Coptic, Cairo in Egypt has always been a great city with countless interesting things that inspire visitors to discover the secrets of ancient cultures. However, you must know at least one experience in tourism ch before visiting Cairo to not encounter cases of trouble.

Note when visiting the capital Cairo Egypt

If this is your first visit to Cairo and you don't know much about the area, it is better to follow a tour guide. You can use Showaround, a website that helps you reach out to locals who can take you around the city and visit the best places. This will also save you a lot of time and effort.

Plan your time in Cairo

Cairo, like all other famous tourist cities in the world, is not a place where you can explore and feel everything in just a few short days. 
How much time will you spend in Cairo? A week or a month? Make up what you want to do to discover the secrets of ancient Egypt, learn about the thriving Muslim culture here, or maybe try some famous local food. Time management during the trip is essential. To make the most of your trip, you need to know what you want to do within the time allowed without missing out on anything interesting.

Cairo, EgyptSelect the appropriate time for the day exploring Cairo

Choose the appropriate outfit

Egypt is one of the countries with a certain tradition and belief in Islam. For women, it's not allowed to wear revealing outfits unless you go to places like bars, nightclubs, etc.In addition, to explore the city to the fullest, you may have to go. The set is quite a lot, so prepare the comfortable clothes and shoes to keep your feet in the most comfortable state. This is especially necessary when traveling in difficult terrains like deserts. Ultimately, the choice of outfit depends on the places you visit. Ask your tour guide to learn more about the customs and regulations of your destination so you can choose the best outfit.

Choose transportation

Cairo is a relatively large city for you to explore, you just need to know what means of transport to travel and suit your budget. There is a large transportation network and many public transport options to choose from such as subway and bus. There are also vehicle-searching apps that save you time and also make it safer like Uber, Careem and Nile Taxi.

Things not to be missed when visiting Cairo Egypt

Pyramids at Giza - tourist destination Egypt not to be missed

For ancient Egyptians, the new life really began after death. Therefore, the tombs of the Egyptians, especially the pharaohs and the aristocracy, were built very majestic, with many possessions and jewels carrying the dead.
Therefore, discovering the Egyptian pyramids not only attractive to explorers, archaeologists but also ... the thieves of ancient treasures inside the tomb.
And to this day, with the help of modern machinery and science, it is still impossible to solve the problem of how the ancient Egyptians could build needles. 

Khan El Khalili Market

Referring to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa is the mention of mysterious bazaar markets, which sell sophisticated handicrafts, elaborate silver crafts, or aromatic aromatic ranges. . And the Khan El Khalili market is a must visit when traveling to Cairo Egypt !
This open-air market first appeared around the 10th century AD and survived until more than a millennium later. When visiting Khan El Khalili, do not forget to visit the oldest cafe here Fishawi to enjoy tea, coffee or smoking Egyptian sisha

Cruise along the Nile

The Nile was the main source of water for Egypt, from ancient times to the present day. The river that flows through these 12 African countries is also the largest river in the world, more than the Amazon in South America.
When you have the opportunity to  travel to Egypt , you cannot miss a traditional felucca sailing along the Nile, especially in the afternoon, when the sunset falls on the water.

Al Azhar Park

Al Azhar Park is the largest green area, located right in the heart of Cairo Egypt. With 74 acres of utility, located on the top of the hill, this is an ideal place for you to stroll and watch the capital Cairo from above.
This park was founded by Agha Khan IV in 1984. Nobody expected that, a hill which was the dumping place, plus ... 30 million USD of renovation costs, Agha Khan IV gave the people of the capital Ai An extremely valuable gift!

Enjoy the unique cuisine of Egypt

This is probably an important part of your visit to Cairo, Egypt that you definitely cannot miss. While exploring the mysteries of Egyptian civilization, you should also try the dishes that have included India on the list of countries with the best cuisine in the world. From street food such as kebab steaks, si-ro gulab jamun sweet to traditional dishes like biriyani rice, curry fish head ... local food.

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