Team up to explore the wild and ancient city of Memphis

Memphis Egypt is one of the places that attract many tourists each year. They are all lovers of exploring the wild and ancient features of the land of these Pharaohs.
Memphis is an Egyptian city near the Nile, about 30km south of Cairo. According to legend, the city of Memphis Egypt was the capital of Aneb-Hetch - the first region of Lower Egypt from its founding until 2200 BC. 

About Memphis Egypt

Up until the Middle Ages, Memphis at that time was only a very fortified defensive area with white walls, then this place was expanded and unified into the ancient Egyptian capital. During the reign of King Pharaon Pety I - around 2400 BC, the city was called Mennoper.

Previously, Memphis city was once the most important religious center of ancient Egypt, and it later became the political capital of the country and ceded its central role. religion for Thébes since the Middle Ages from 1785 - 2000 BC. Despite this, the city of Memphis Egypt continued to function as the largest city of Egypt, until Alexandria was established in 332 - 331 BC where it was gradually replaced and became a district. 
Today, when you visit, explore and explore the city of Memphis, you will admire the ruins of the temple of Ptah and the large statue of Pharanon Ramèses II. Around the city are relics such as the ancient tomb of Gizal, Saqqarah, .. and some other small historical sites such as Abousir, Dahchour, Abou, Roache, ..

Coordinates of the city of Memphis Egypt

Memphis Egypt is located about 30km south of Cairo, near the legendary Nile.
This city has a history of over 5000 years, although destroyed for many reasons but this place still has historical sites and tourist attractions that attract many tourists every year. 

The best time to go to Memphis Egypt

The typical climate in Egypt is sunny and hot all year round, with extremely little rainfall in the South.

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If only in terms of temperature, the period from October to April is an extremely ideal time to visit and explore the city of Memphis because the temperature is now extremely comfortable. The average temperature now is only about 20 degrees. However, this is also the peak tourist season of Egypt, so you should consider carefully to plan a thoughtful schedule to have a fun Egypt trip 

Sights in Memphis, Egypt?

Memphis Egypt has many tourist attractions for you to explore and learn about this city. Let's explore some famous tourist destinations here:

Pyramid complex of Gizah

The Gizah pyramid complex is a tourist destination located on the Gizah plateau, about 8km from the town of Gizzal. This complex consists of 3 pyramids that are tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings of Pharaon, lined up in the northeast-southwest direction.
The Gizah Pyramid (also known as the Cheops or Khufu Pyramid) was built in 2650 BC in the 4th dynasty. This is the largest pyramid of the 3 pyramids and is also one of the 7 wonders of the world 137m high, outside is a smooth coating, the steps are built from stone. Khephren Pyramid is the tomb of King Khephren of the fourth dynasty located southwest of the Pyramid of Kheops and its area is nearly the same as the pyramid of Gizah. Pyramid of Mykensnos is the tomb of King Mukensnos located in the southwest of Khephren pyramid, smaller than the size of the two pyramids with an area of ​​about 66m.
In addition, next to the pyramid complex of Gizah, there is also a statue of the sphinx - the legendary monster of ancient Egypt and Greece. The statue of the sphinx has a lion body, the head represents bravery and intelligence. This sphinx statue is 57m long, up to 20m high, carved out of monolithic stone, which is used to guard Pharaon's tomb. 

Let's set up a team to explore Memphis, Egypt(Photo: @ambatibhargavi)
When you come to the Gizah pyramid complex in Memphis Egypt , you will be amazed at this great Sphinx human statue, which is not only archaeological, historical and spiritual. Used in many world famous movies. 

Saqqarah mausoleum and pyramid of Djoser

Saqqarah is an ancient tomb area of Memphis city , this is a complex of relics stretching to 7km, covering an area of ​​over 16ha. Also known as the "cemetery of the ancient Egyptians," Saqqara includes many pyramids and the most famous of which is the pharaoh's pyramid pyramid of Pharaon Djoser, which is also where the first pyramid towers The first in Egyptian history was built. 
The pyramid of Djoser is the tomb of King Djoser - the Egyptian Pharaon founded in the third dynasty, this pyramid was built by the sage Imhotep in the style of 6 steps and is considered the oldest pyramid of Ai Update. The construction of the pyramid follows the height of architecture in order to mark the burial place of Pharaon kings. In addition, around this pyramid of Djoser there are some other structures used in the funeral of the deceased and surrounded by the rectangular symbol, and surrounding the pyramid of the Pharaohs, there is also a part.
On the south side of the pyramid of Djoser is the pyramid of Ounas - the tomb of King Ounas of the extremely famous V-dynasty, inside the pyramid is the remains of funeral documents saved, engraved on the stone face. Around the Saqqarah tomb and Djoser pyramid in Memphis, there are many small pyramids built during the reigns of King Pharaon IV, V VI, ...
The special thing in Saqqarah tomb area is that in the northeast of Djoser pyramid, Xerapeum monument - the admiration of God Apis - symbolized by a bull was raised near Pota temple. When this bull died, people would mummify the cow and bury it in the Xerapeum relic and choose another cow of similar fur color instead. 

Giant statue of Pharaon Ramses II

Located in the ruins of ancient Memphis, the 10m-long giant statue of Pharaon Ramses II carved from limestone was discovered near the Ptahah temple of Italian archaeologists in 1820. In addition, a huge visitor statue of Ramses II was also found close to its original shape and it was one of the central monuments in Ramses Square in the Cairo Museum until 2006.
The Pharaon Ramses II is considered to be the greatest, famous and powerful Pharaon in Egypt during the reign of 1279 - 1213 BC. This King gained the fame and affection of the ancient Egyptians due to so many glorious victories as they regained the two lands of Nubia and Canaan from the invaders.
In addition to the famous tourist destinations in the city of Memphis , Egypt , you also discover other leading religious works here. The ancient Egyptians all believed in gods, they worshiped the Sun God because his light spread everywhere and brought good crops, life for everyone. The Egyptians also believed that, after death, the soul would be free from corpses and immortality. Those who live righteous, innocent, good, the soul will be going to heaven, whereas if your soul is evil, or doing evil, you will be exiled to hell. Therefore, in ancient Egypt, from the Pharaohs to the common people, from the rich to the poor, they were in the most solemn and most devoted time of the gods. So, when you go to explore Memphis then you will learn and discover the unique culture of the people here. 

What to eat when you go to Memphis?

Coming to Memphis Egypt , visitors will enjoy the specialties in Egypt . When it comes to tthuwcj, the Egyptians know how to use the food around them to create extremely beautiful and delicious dishes. Egyptian cuisine gives visitors all tastes sour, spicy, salty, sweet, vegetarian, ... maybe the dishes in this ancient country are not as diverse as those of the Middle East, as all over the world, but it makes the sea simple and delicious, giving a different flavor.
Some dishes that you can enjoy when visiting Memphis are such as:
Hamam Mahshi: A dish made from small pigeons, these birds are made clean, stuffed with rice or green wheat, then fried. This is a very delicious dish, if you come here, remember to enjoy.
Another dish that you should enjoy is Dawood Basha meatballs made from ground lamb, parsley and onion, then rounded like small balls. Using tomato sauce to cook and this dish is decorated with roasted pine nuts, served with rice is wonderful. 
In addition, in Egypt there are countless beaches, accompanied by extremely rich and fresh sea seafood caught every day. You can enjoy the extremely delicious seafood dishes prepared as diverse as fried, grilled, cooked with earthenware, ... The popular fish here is Balti - the fish with Silver gray, long, flat body. In addition, mullet, squid, shrimp are also foods that people often process. 
When you visit Memphis, you will have the opportunity to enjoy hibiscus tea - a famous drink in this country. This purple-colored tea is made when using dried red hibiscus flowers, boiled up, then cooled, when drinking a little sugar to dissolve. Tea tastes sour, sweet, eye-catching colors, supplemented with many vitamins c and minerals. Coming to this beautiful country and enjoying the taste of hibiscus tea is nothing more interesting. 

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