Take a stroll around the medieval Khan El Khalili market

Khan El Khalili Market Egypt is a famous tourist destination in Cairo with lots of interesting things.

The ancient Egyptian Khan El Khalili market in Cairo

Founded in the 14th century,  the Khan El Khalili Egypt Market is located in the old quarter of Cairo, an interesting place for visitors to come to feel the local style, take pictures or shop for souvenirs Mindfulness.

This splendid colorful market is considered the quintessence of Cairo, very crowded and locals come here to experience the feeling of medieval shopping with small lanes. You can see many areas selling different types of goods such as spices, textiles, crystal, handicrafts and jewelry.
The Mamluk-style architecture that can be seen at Khan el Khalili market gives you the feeling of going back in time especially in the evening, a mesmerizing experience that is in the evening, when hundreds of Arab style chandeliers With the light on, you will feel like you have strayed into a fairy tale.

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You can hear Arab love music streaming into the night air smelling of sheesha smoke and spicy Turkish coffee. 
Many people do not know that the famous Egyptian Khan El Khalili market originated from the imprint of the Silk Road in the 14th century and developed into a commercial complex of great importance. That's why, the people who created it, the Mamluk kings and their predecessors built many beautiful monuments around that area, many of which are still well preserved. Remnants of the glorious past can still be seen around the Khan el Khalili area and the best way to explore them is on foot.

What to buy at Khan el Khalili market?

A lot of things can be found here, instead of choosing traditional souvenirs such as key chains, later versions of ancient Egyptian gods like teas or papyrus ... you should Choose from many traditional Egyptian handicrafts that have long been the pride of this country.
Produced for centuries by generations of craftsmen, the products are of high quality and are beautiful: plaster lamps, statues and mugs. You can also choose from pearl carving wooden nacre, chessboard, hand-woven rugs, Fayyoum pottery, locally made glassware, and Arabian chandeliers.
There are many shops selling beautiful silver jewelry and you can try a traditional design like kaf Fatima, pharaonic bullet case pendants with hieroglyphic carvings. Make sure you buy from a certified store, you should require a gold / silver certification and jewelry scale before buying.
In addition, you can also buy cheaper junk items such as mosaic lights, used books, classic movie posters, spices, Egyptian perfumes and essential oils and sheesha.
Usually there is no certain price at the Khan El Khalili market in Egypt . So you need to prepare your bargaining skills. Usually many people tell you first ask for the price of the item and be mentally prepared to pay half the price then leave the pretense of not caring. Also you should visit many stores to find out the general price. 
The Egyptian travel experience recommends that you should be strict against buying faulty Egyptian handicrafts.
After a quick tour of the market, check out the iconic Al Fishawy cafe, designed to impress the Arabian style, is one of the oldest cafes in Cairo. This cafe has appeared in countless movies, travel shows, magazines and novels.
Advice for you before visiting the market: Dress appropriately with discreet clothes, preferably wearing long pants or long skirts over the knee to avoid attracting crowds, avoiding undesirable attention. 
Because Cairo's Khan El Khalili market is located in the city center, it won't be hard to follow one of the public transport routes to get there. If you want to go quickly you can simply book an Uber or take a taxi. The subway is one of the easiest ways to get to, just a few minutes away from Ataba station.
Khan El Khalili Market Egypt is a popular tourist destination, crowded and somewhat hustle, so be prepared to be able to visit all day long here.

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