Sharm El Sheikh - immerse yourself in the beautiful Red waters of Egypt

Surrounded by a clear blue sea, spectacular desert scenery, Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt has grown into one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country of pyramids!

What is attractive to Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt?

With sunshine and warm water all year round, Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt is a place where you can immerse yourself in the sun, dive into the great coral reefs and enjoy the sea whenever you need it. The climate is clean and dry all year round with temperatures ranging from 20 ° C to 25 ° C during the winter months.
More or less the degradation of the local currency, plus the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, restaurants full of delicious food and cheap hotels have turned this place into a holiday paradise for travelers, especially especially those from Europe.

Nearly three decades ago,  Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt  was just a rudimentary gem. Many tourists used to spend hours traveling in ragged cars, crossing the desert to visit the Red Sea and the tourist areas still sparse. However, from that time, many people realized the hidden beauty of this place, with beautiful lands, fresh air and beautiful coral reefs offshore.

Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt - Immerse yourself in the Beautiful Red Sea

Two decades later, this place has risen strongly, becoming an tourist destination in Egypt The sleepy desert is gone, and is replaced by a modern airport that welcomes thousands of visitors every day. The desert-dusty roads have been replaced by beacon-bright roads, caravans coming and going no longer sit in ragged cars but brand new cars with cool air-conditioning and running. Restaurants and bars are also crowded and noisy.
One of the highlights in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh is the popularity of Bedouin-style cafes with tapestries, cushions and shisha, oriental-style slippers, cushions, benches as well as exotic herbs and spices. Therefore, no matter how much Sharm el Sheikh is developed, it still makes visitors come here to enjoy something of the old civilization, making visitors fascinated with the emotions as in One Thousand and One Nights Story.
The Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh is sometimes referred to as the City of Peace, because there have been many peace conferences around the world held here.

Tourist attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh

Even if you don't want to spend your entire vacation on the beautiful Red Sea beaches, there are plenty of reasons to come here. Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt gives you a taste of true Egyptian life and culture , and acts as a base to visit some of the historic sites surrounding it. Its crystal clear water and unique marine life have also turned into one of the best diving spots in the world.
Al Mustafa Mosque: is one of the most beautiful architecturally checked mosques, an attractive tourist destination in Egypt that should be included in your journey even though not religious.
Sharm Old Town: The recently developed Sharm City's old town is home to many locals, and it will give you a true insight into Egyptian culture. Its Old Market is very popular with the ability to bargain, because goods here are often cheaper than in tourist centers like Naama Bay. The beach here is quite small, but still worth a visit.
Naama Bay:  its long sandy beach is a favorite place for swimmers and sunbathers. Naama Bay is bustling thanks to many busy restaurants and shops. Come here to try Bungee jumping or take part in coastal horseback riding sessions.
Nabq Bay: If you prefer to be quieter, spend a day at Nabq Bay about 20 minutes by taxi from Naama Bay. This place has Ras Um Sid which is a great place to snorkel. It is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and boasts an impressive cliff.
Sharm El-Maya: If you are interested in scuba diving, Sharm El-Maya should be your destination. Located near the Old Town area of Sharm City , there are several diving centers that will show you the best seas in Sharm City. However, when choosing this sport, make sure that the school has been accredited by a professional diving association.
Tiran Island: This beautiful island in Aqaba Bay between Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, boasts beautiful coral reefs and lagoons, making it the perfect paradise for people. To get there, you can catch a boat from the south of Naama Bay.
In addition, the nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh is considered very modern and developed, so please spend time for interesting activities here!

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