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Pocket 11 extremely useful Egyptian travel experience

Pocket 11 extremely useful Egyptian travel experience

Have you ever been to Egypt? If not, read more useful travel tips and useful Egyptian travel experiences to help you plan a perfect trip!

1. Consider safety

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Should I visit Egypt? I feel it is unreasonable if I fully assert that Egypt is safe just because we have no problems.
Look, no nation is completely unaffected by bad and radical elements. However, I personally believe that safety and security is a matter that must be taken seriously before coming to Egypt. There are also precautions you can and should take (such as booking a hotel with spacious security or booking an Egypt tour with an experienced travel agency) when traveling to Egypt. . However, violent crimes against tourists are considered quite low and uncommon - you just need to be aware of the criminals (keep your belongings when you are in public), your trip will be Very interesting.

So you should still visit Egypt. Only if you understand the intricacies of traveling to Egypt and are fully prepared. In my opinion, Egypt is not a place where you can go without a plan. Despite security checks and road barriers at most major tourist destinations across Egypt, based on travel experience, I encourage you to follow Egypt-related news before your trip. 

2. Phishing rampant

Traveling to Egypt left me with a very contradictory feeling: on the one hand, it brought a space of thousands of years of history and culture. On the other hand, island fire is very popular here. There are plenty of ways to get scammed and the best Egyptian travel experience is to say no to every invitation like a camel ride, take free photos and always ask your guide if you're not sure. 

3. Tips

Because the basic wage of the people here is quite low, the problem of tips is almost mandatory in Egypt. You can get offers as simple as bringing your luggage for 3 meters to the door and you'll have to pay tip for them. About 5-10 LE (Egyptian currency) for cleaning staff, 10-20 LE for luggage porters and other hotel staff, 80-150 LE per day for your travel driver, US $ 15-20 per day for your tour guide - these are just basic figures that I track for my Egypt trip.

4. Traveling in Ramadan

Egypt is a Muslim country and they have a month of Ramadan. What I've seen this month is that the business here is better than the rest, especially the tourism industry. Opening hours for churches and amenity may vary in many places and you should avoid eating and drinking in public places, but tourist attractions are still open and your trip may be affected by Ramadan festivals. . Also, most locations will not serve alcohol during Ramadan.

5. Avoid traveling to Egypt during the summer month

According to the Egyptian travel experience , people should avoid traveling to Egypt during the summer from May to August. Because the temperatures are quite uncomfortable and most of the places to visit are shady. I recommend visiting Egypt when the weather is mild from September to April next year.

6. Be prepared for extra fees

There are many additional fees you need to keep in mind such as separate tickets for the Royal Mummy exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, photography permits in the Kings Valley, passenger ships at Hatshepsut Temple and on burial sites stored in the Great Pyramid.
To budget for Egypt, I recommend using an additional 30-40% or more to cover the cost of photography and entry, meals, drinks, gratuities and tips and Egypt's entry visa. 

7. Courtesy


bo-tui-velvet-experience-travel-lich-anyone-cap-hu-ich-6Formal clothes

Although it is true that Egypt is a Muslim country and you should plan to dress in history (both men and women should cover their shoulders and legs), there are practically no specific dress codes at the sites. The main attraction and you will see people walking around with tank tops and shorts. However, when visiting sacred areas, you should prepare an outfit that covers most of the whole body. I also recommend that you bring lots of sunscreen and a hat to avoid serious sunburn.

8. Egyptian police are everywhere

Egyptian security and military personnel are everywhere and it is not uncommon to see heavy weapons at tourist sites in Egypt . When entering any tourist area, you also need to scan the bag and go through metal detectors.


9. Visa on arrival in Egypt

You can easily buy a visa on arrival for US $ 25 from the counter of the National Bank of Egypt before immigration if you are one of the visa-free citizens in Egypt.
The visa is valid for 30 days and you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return date. If you are traveling to Egypt as a group or a private tour, the tour organizer will also note this for you.


10. Do not drink tap water

This is one of the first things your tour guide will tell you about traveling around Egypt. Tap water in Egypt is not safe to drink, and you should also brush your teeth with filtered water or mineral water. Hotels and travel companies offer bottled water to their guests, or you can boil water first to brush your teeth or refill your water bottle.

11. Book a tour with a reputable company

We often prefer to travel alone rather than through travel agencies / agencies (and certainly, you can try to plan your own Egypt trip), but our own tours in Egypt completed with knowledgeable Egyptian guides and experienced drivers navigating the chaotic traffic here.
In Egypt travel experience , booking a private tour in Egypt is one of the best travel decisions we can make, because Egypt is not an easy destination to visit. Visit by any means.

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